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Brie Bella apologizes for nip slip on Raw

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  1. Scott II says:

    Humidity?!? Looked to me things seemed a little chilly in there ;)

  2. What? says:

    If you need tape to keep your outfit where it’s supposed to be, perhaps it’s not the best outfit for live TV?

  3. Genghis Khali says:

    No apology needed. :D

  4. chris says:

    That’s two “wardrobe malfunctions” in a month. Who’s next?

  5. ~J* says:

    missed it since i didnt watch raw, saw a screen cap and was surprised it wasn’t the bella with the tig ol bitties.

  6. cas says:

    seriously sweet nip too! that left tit does not fear the beard

  7. Boogeyman says:

    Where’s a link?!?

  8. Jau says:

    Now the WWE fans/kids will have nightmares for months!

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