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Report: Dixie Carter gives the boys a pep talk

photo credit: Lee South/Impact Wrestling

photo credit: Lee South/Impact Wrestling

Dixie Carter addressed the TNA talent before the Destination X show in Louisville with a pep talk claiming that everything was fine in the company, and that there have been many misunderstandings, reports Dave Meltzer. Apparently the reasoning for the recent departures were to make the promotion a stronger company.

In light of Bruce Prichard’s departure from TNA, no one has been been publicly named the head of creative, but it appears for the time being, Eric Bischoff has assumed the role.

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  1. lll says:


  2. Agent Cooper says:

    Oh good. I’m sure Bischoff is going to right the ship. He has such a great history of that.

  3. Shane says:

    Well you gotta do damage control right? I don’t buy it but I see the purpose.

  4. Mark Sgayfabian says:

    So… hows that whole Ace’s and 8’s thing working out for you?

  5. JON says:

    TNA’S biggest mistake was letting dixie carter run the promotion…she has no wrestling experience HUGE mistake was hiring hulk hogan…why do you think WCW belly up? because hulk hogan didn’t want to give up his spot…The powers that be in TNA will never give talent like TOMMY MERCER their just due…TOMMY MERCER should have been a major player in TNA.. where is he now? same goes for GUNNER!… They finally to some degree acknowledged PHIL SHATTERS talent,but he deserves far better than being a tag team disrespect to CHRIS SABIN!…Having BUBBA RAY as TNA WORLD CHAMPION was laughable… great tag team wrestler,but come on certainly not a world singles championship wrestler… Brooke Hogan! wtf! no talent whatsoever! she’s in TNA because of who her daddy is…start hiring talent who deserve it! TNA GUT CHECK! What is the point of this? so far the only talent they’ve kept from gut check is rockstar spud…would you build the x division around him? nope!…TNA will be but a memory by years end unless the powers that be start hiring better talent and pushing them in the right direction,not releasing them before they even get a chance… get rid of the hogans! hulk had his time in the limelite…time to give other much more deserving talent a chance…. as far as WORLD CHAMPION CHRIS SABIN goes,he has tremendous talent but unfortunately for him 2 things will happen… he will be the captain of a ship that sinks or like always TNA won’t allow his star to shine…..

  6. jim says:

    They would be better off repackaging the whole brand. Cut everyone who is bringing in monster money and start fresh with a bunch of people who will wrestle for pennies

  7. ~J* says:

    Yes because not paying the talent is certainly making the company much stronger, Dixie Carter is TNA rasslin!!!!!!

  8. Evan says:

    I’d rather bischoff than pritchard any day. The aces and eights storyline has run it’s course. I cringed when I heard they were bringing back the mafia. The only stable that was worse was ‘immortal’ just awful. if dixie is smart, while she’s at it she should release abyss, zema, wes brisco, sam shaw, mr anderson, henandez, and velvet sky. that would help the financial woes.

    in reply to JON’s comment… Hogan really wasn’t the death of WCW. He actually contributed to the company’s most successful angle. If anything Bret Hart was the death of the company seeing as he wrestled for a little under two years (with time off) and made 2.5 million (more than hogan)
    before being injured at the hands of goldberg. no disrespect to bret. he was one of the greatest of all time.

  9. JON says:

    what i meant by saying hogan contributed to the deat of WCW was that he was never willing to put over younger talent… he always wanted to be the main focus…TNA needs to bring in more independent talent and stick with them….i’m sure i’m not the only one who believes that TNA is trying to be too much like the WWE…

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