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NFL rookie wants a career in WWE after football

Brennan Williams (6-foot-6 and 318 pounds), a rookie offensive lineman with the Houston Texans (89th pick in this year’s draft coming from North Carolina), did an interview this week with NESN, saying he absolutely wants to be a WWE wrestler when his NFL career is over.

The story noted that Williams has been in contact with Jim Ross and Booker T.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. MC Live says:

    Well by WWE standards, if he finishes in the next ten years, he’ll have a contract and a world title push waiting. I mean, I think as soon as WWE reads the headline “NFL rookie wants a WWE career after football” they immediately said “He’s a football player who will have absolutely no experience or knowledge of how to be a wrestler? GIVE HIM A MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT THAT SOMEBODY ELSE DESERVES WAY MORE!” (yes, I did that in all caps, it’s a scream)

  2. Travis says:

    Worked out well for Mark Henry.

  3. Scott II says:

    Well, if he ends up going that route, and is willing to learn how to be a good entertainer and wrestler, I am all for it, and wish him the best of luckk when he comes to that road.

  4. Shane says:

    Jeez, it’s not TNA. The wwe doesn’t even do stuff like that anymore. If anything they push guys with wrestling backgrounds more even if they don’t deserve, ala Curtis Axel. This dude is some no name in the NFL drafted in the 3rd round. If he ends up in the WWE, he’ll go through developmental like everyone else. And if he’s not up to snuff they’ll release him. His NFL career doesn’t mean much in the WWE

  5. Think About It says:

    Worked well for:
    Brian Pillman
    Ahmed Johnson
    Lex Luger
    Wahoo McDaniel
    Big Cat Ernie Ladd

  6. Teddy says:

    Actually, if you read the full article, it says he a pretty serious wrestling fan. He watches NjPW and AAA and his favorite wrestler is the Great Muta. If any football player has an appreciation and a will to learn the art, it’s him.

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