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7/20 “Rock of Jericho” with Frank Bello‏ recap

1.NOTE FROM JEFF:For those that only wanna read the Frank Bello segments, they’re #s 13, 15, 17 & 19. Anyhow Jericho starts the show at 5:07 PM by saying welcome to the show, then introduces himself & says it’s true that the show’s ending 8/24: to where he’s got 6 more shows. He says Anthrax’s Frank Bello: will be on, says that Derek Sherinian from Dream Theater [DT] & Black Country Communion [BCC] will be on next week & says he’ll play some old school DT from the CD “Falling Into Infinity”: with the 1-2 punch. He says it’s “New Millennium” to where this is the 6th last show, says to crank it up & says here we go.

2.Plays Dream Theater’s “New Millennium”
& “You Not Me”.

3.Jericho says “You Not Me” is also from
“Falling Into Infidity” to where it’s a much
“malined” DT CD, says that fans thought DT
sold out to where if you hear it, it’s a commercial CD & says “You Not Me” was co-written by Desmond Child who wrote with Kiss, Aerosmith & any band that had hits in the 80s. He says Desmond wrote songs on it to where he wrote “You Not Me” with DT, asks if it’s very strange bed fellows & says another strange bed fellow’s
Frank to where he’ll be on later. He says it’ll
be a huge show to where he’ll talk about
Great White & then takes a break.

After the break Jericho says welcome back to the show to where it’s on XM 242, says he was reading UK’s Classic Rock magazine
to where if you’re a rock & roll fan like he is, you need to check the magazine out. He
says there’s a story on Great White that’s
talking about their rise & fall to where how
crazy singer Jack Russell was, says it talked
about 1 point to almost being a legit headlining band & says they flirted with it to where it never occured. He says it spoke
about the horrible station fire that killed 101 people 10 years ago to where it tainted
their name forever, says they did have great
rock songs & calls them a very good, bluesy
type of a band. He says a favorite song from
the CD “Hooked”: is “Desert Moon” & then plays the song.

4.Plays Great White’s “Desert Moon”, Black
Sabbath’s “Live Forever” & Fozzy’s “Shine

5.Jericho says “Live Forever” is from “13”: which’s the #1
Billboard charting CD, asks if you can imagine Sabbath in 2013 charting #1 on
Billboard & calls it huge to where he loves it. He wishes Fozzy would chart #1 on Billboard but says “Sin & Bones”: did chart #1 on
Billboard’s Heat Seekers chart, says that since Sabbath’s #1 on Billboard’s main chart so Fozzy’s #1 on their Heat Seekers
chart & calls Fozzy “Black Sabbath Jr.”. He
says he’ll see Sabbath next week in Tampa [7/29]: to where
he’s super excited & says “hello” in a creepy

Jericho says Ozzy’s ready to rock to where he loves his voice on the CD, says he always
did love his voice & says he loves your voices whenever you make requests on . He says
wanted to hear Skid Row’s “Kings Of Demolition”, says it’s from their EP called
“Kings Of Demolition” [NOTE FROM JEFF:It’s
called “United World Rebellion:Chapter 1”]: & calls it cool. He
says Skid Row’s opinion’s that they shouldn’t be making CDs anymore but just
EPs, says with their “new singers” that’s been with them for 20 years & feels it’s really 15 years with Johnny Solinger.

Jericho asks if you like Skid Row without
Sebastian Bach, says he hopes so because that’s what you’ll be getting & says there
won’t be a Skid Row/Bach reunion anytime
soon. He says it don’t matter & then plays
the song.

6.Plays Skid Row’s “Kings Of Demolition” &
Edguy’s “Return To The Tribe”

7.Jericho again plugs his Twitter for requests to where he mentions metalexpress, then corrects himself & says & says
metal express is the name of a heavy train.
He says metalempress wanted to hear
“Return To The Tribe” to where Edguy’s a
Helloween influenced band from Hamburg,
Germany, says their singer Tobias Sammet
who’s the mastermind behind Avantasia &
says they’ll be playing at Europe’s Bloodstock in 3 weeks. He says Anthrax &
Fozzy will tour together in 3 weeks in Europe, again says Frank will be on later &
takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show to where who’s a great
fan of the show, wanted to hear Rush’s
“Clockwork Angels” & says they’re now
touring: for their
CD “Clockwork Angels”: to where they’re playing it in it’s entirety. He says lots of fans like this but other don’t, says you can’t always expect to hear just hits & says when bands either write or record new
CDs, they want to play them while showing off. He says they want fans to be exposed to
new stuff, calls Rush’s new stuff very quality
& then plays the song.

8.Plays Rush’s “Clockwork Angels” & Black Sabbath’s “Computer God”.

9.Jericho says wanted to hear “Computer God”, then tries pronouncing the CD name by mumbling to
where he says it’s that [mumbling] title if
you’re from Sweden & says here in America,
it’s “Dehumanizer”: . He says Ronnie
James Dio joined Sabbath on 3 separate situations in the early 80s, 90s & 2010s till Ronnie died, says there’s an amazing photo
on Jericho’s Instagram: that
he posted of Ozzy & Ronnie talking to each
other in either ’81 or ’82 & says to Google it
to find it: .

Jericho says it’ll blow your minds with the
amount of metal involved, says that Ronnie’s sorrowly missed to where he’ll never be forgotten & says what won’t be
forgotten is his “Jericho’s iPod” segment to
where he does the jingle. He says you won’t
forget it on the 6th last episode, asks on why the show’s ending & says since Sirius XM’s Sixx Sense channel: is being cancelled, so is his show. He then says [in a
Canadian accent] “I got caught in the rock &
roll shuffle, eh?”, again does the jingle & says he’ll play Mother Love Bone’s “Captain
Hi-Top” to where it’s the “love commander”
& says it’s got Andrew Wood.

Jericho says if you saw the Pearl Jam documentary “20”: you’ll see how
important Andrew was in the early years,
says if Andrew didn’t die there may’ve never been a Pearl Jam & says Andrew was a rock star off the bat. He calls Mother Love
Bone has 1 of his favorite debut CD’s of all time [“Apple”]: & then plays the song.

10.Plays Mother Love Bone’s “Captain Hi-Top”, Harlequin’s “Sweet Things In Life” & King Diamond’s “Arrival”.

11.Jericho says King Diamond will also be on Bloodstock in about 3 weeks, says he
loves King Diamond’s concept CDs with drummer Mikkey Dee & says Mikkey drums
for Motorhead to where Lemmy calls Mikkey the best drummer worldwide. He says he ain’t sure about that but calls Mikkey a great drummer, says that Harlequin’s from Canada to where there’ve
been many bands from that period of Canadian history & says he & Brent Fitz may
put together Coverboy with Slash’s Todd Kerns & 5 Finger Death Punch’s Jason Hook so they can play some Canadian rock favorites like that. He says another favorite
who’s not Canadian but from Newcastle, UK
which’s Raven to where he’ll talk about their documentary & takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show to where he again introduces himself, says that John Gallagher
who is Raven’s singer & a ROJ alumni put
together the documentary “Rock Until You Drop” & says it’s not like the Anvil movie [“Anvil”]: , but it’s more of a documentary. He says Raven
had a big 80s run but like other bands they
stepped away a bit of what made them
popular, says they got polished to where they had a bit of a fall & says they’re still playing & recording music today. He says
any band that’s been around for over 30 years will be an interesting story & says you
can find this on Amazon: .

Jericho says to buy it until you try it, then plugs the CD “All For 1”: to where it’s got
“Break The Chain” & then plays the song.

12.Plays Raven’s “Break The Chain” & “Stay

13.Jericho asks on what “Stay Hard” means,
says it means “stay hard, stay wet & stay hungry” which’re rules to live by & says he
loves it. He says the CD cover had some girl
with long nails ripping a naked guys skin off
to where underneath it, it’s made of metal as it says “Raven, Stay Hard” underneath it & says that was a cover you can only get away with in the 80s. He says Frank’s coming up next who’s a bassist & takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show, says on the phone to where after many weeks, months & years of
trying to get him on the show due to being
super busy & says it’s Anthrax’s bassist who’s a swell guy which’s Frank Bello. He asks Frank [in a funny voice] on how he’s doing, Frank response in the same funny voice by asking what’s going on & both laugh to where Frank says Jericho knew he
was gonna start it like this. Jericho says both had the best time when both were at
Australia’s Soundwave in February by seeing who can do the best Paul Stanley impression & says his version has more yelling with a lisp while Frank’s got a Scooby Doo voice to it.

Frank says in a couple of weeks as they were playing together, just imagine on the
stupidity that’ll come out from their mouths
from it & says it’s nonsense, but it’s fun.
Jericho says it’s great having Frank on to
where both made jokes back & forth on how it has been hard getting Frank, says
that Anthrax has been busy for a while &
asks on how has it been going since
“Worship Music”:
came out. Frank says since Jericho has been
on lots of their tours to where it has been 2
years, says it has been great touring to where they haven’t done that since the 80s
& says it’s great, but more harder when having kids.

Frank says it’s also hard being away from
families but there’s a new energy out there
which’s great, says there’s a new fan base as well as their normal fan base & calls it a
nice thing to see. Jericho asks if it’s due to
the amazing reviews of “Worship Music”,
Frank says they connected on it to where he
thanks God for it & says they’re still fans of
this to where they live & breathe like everyone else. He says he’s glad it connected to where it was the plan, says it’s
what they wanted to do to where it has been 8 years without a CD & says with “The
Big 4” with Metallica giving Anthrax the olive branch while having them in their they
owe a big dept to Metallica.

Frank says he credits Metallica to this day to where he thanks them, Jericho calls that a great point to where Anthrax had turmoil
for many years & says they were almost down & out in Beverly Hills. He says there wasn’t any talk about Anthrax but they were still there, says when The Big 4 occured it was perfect timing for them & asks on how did it come about. He asks if
they heard rumors & what led to The Big 4
shows, Frank says he got a call from their agent to where it might happen & says there was lots of “mights” then. He says their response was yes because they knew they had a CD & says thankfully it worked out nicely.

Frank says it was released 1 day before or
after a show in Yankee Stadium, says he don’t remember but says at that point it worked out well & says it was a big boom of
a release date. He says for themselves it has
been nonstop, says you have to put the goods out because you have to write songs
& says they killed themselves with the songs. Jericho says the original Big 4 occured in the summer of 2010 or 2011 to
where they came out, says they were ready
to where they killed it & says Joey [Belladonna] returned to the band. He asks
all that had to do with The Big 4 because they were thinking on bringing John [Bush]
back but weren’t sure.

Jericho says if there was any doubt on getting Joey back it was washed away by
their shows on The Big 4, says they destroyed it to where they were ready & says they were given the olive branch, but
the band was ready & prepared to where
they went out & killed it. Frank says thanks
for seeing this to where it’s funny because
sometimes he’s a fan of life, says things like
this occur to where for some reason everything hit on all cylinders & says it was
primed & ready. He says Joey returned to
where it was a feeling & says he loves John’s version of Anthrax to where he’s a fan of both versions but says that was a different band.

Frank says with Joey it’s a different band to
where he says he loves both bands, but with
“Worship” it took them to a new height &
says there’s a new younger fan base that
joined their fan base. He says he did a recent clinic on a Monday night in New York’s Guitar Center, says there was 13 or 14 year old kids coming to the clinics to where they’re at all their shows & calls it a
new generation to where they’re from their
dads or brothers. He says there’s no radio play so they just hear it, says maybe it’s The Big 4 or all of the above & calls it a good feeling now. Jericho calls it interesting
because he spoke to Phil Campbell: , Biff Byford: & Adrian Smith: that were all on
the show.

Jericho says all 3 said the same thing to where as big as their bands are with the
original fan base, there’s many kids coming
to the shows too & feels they either hear it
from their parents or just know what bands
are good. He says it must be gratifying too
when seeing 12 or 13 year olds enjoying
Anthrax as much as Frank did on some bands when he was that age, says he did the same himself when he was that age when he got into Anthrax for the 1st time &
Frank says it re-energizes you. He says they
knew they were returning to what they had
on their fan base to where they hoped fans
would like & says when the new thing started, he says Jericho tours with them to
where they see it everywhere.

Frank says thank God it’s worldwide, calls it
lucky to where they’re very fortunate & says
he feels blessed to where it’s hard work on
the other side. He says luck’s involved too,
says with the hard work of touring for 2 years you need to put time in it & says you
won’t get there any other way to where
Jericho agrees. He asks on the 1st The Big 4
gig while getting together with the other
bands [Megadeth, Metallica & Slayer] that he grew up with, says it must’ve been the
coolest high school reunion ever & Frank says the night before the 1st show was the
best vibe ever for them. He says all the shows were amazing & talks on why Metallica’s the best worldwide.

Frank says Metallica was smart to where
James [Hetfield] had the idea of having the
bands without agents, managers or any of
their people there, says it was just the 4
bands to where it was like a reunion & says
there was talking, bonding to where this is
what made it set off well. He says after that
they knew it was something special to where it was gonna work, says you’d feel it
in the room & says he sounds like he’s kissing off to Metallica, but felt they didn’t have to do this. He says it’s why he respects
them, Jericho calls it interesting to where
Soundwave was a big Australian tour & says
there were 60 bands during a 2 week period.

Jericho says the 1st night on the tour it was
the same to where Metallica gives a party for all bands, again says there’s 60 bands to
where it ain’t a small party & says everyone
mingled whether it was the biggest of the big or the smallest of the small. He says everyone treated each other the same to
where he felt it was classy on the fact they
did this for everyone, says he sees that the
bigger the band has the cooler of the guys
& calls the bands in the middle that’re the
dicks sometimes. Frank agrees to whatever
he has done in his career which has been 30
years & says if he saw any kind of dick in a band with a rock star attitude he won’t go near them.

Frank says if any dick comes to him & says
“how’re you doing dude?” he’ll walk away from them, says that life’s short with that &
Jericho says everyone’s the same because they love playing music. He says it’s hard being away from home to where all you’ve
got on the road are the guys you hang, have laughs with & even do Paul Stanley impressions till 4 AM. He says that’s what keeps them going, Frank says that’s what they do & tells those that don’t know them,
it’s where he & Jericho get together knowing that it’s gonna be a good time. He says it’s to forget about your problems for a while & having a goof & says it’s the idea to where it’s the reliable guys.

Frank says it’s like “I’m looking forward to our tour” because he knows it’s gonna be a party kind of tour, says he knows he won’t be home to where he’ll enjoy with the others & says it’s all good to where Jericho
agrees. He says there’s lots of great songs on “Worship Music” to where Anthrax plays
them live in 2 years, asks on what’s his favorites to play live & Frank says it’s “In The End”. He called it “tasty” to where the
songs, riffs & bass lines led themselves to fun riffs, says they went back & forth with it
to where it was great & says in all the years of doing this, he likes hearing others that say “can you try this” to where he likes hearing from other bands.

Frank says they want something on bass to
where he’ll try it so he can help the song,
says it’s something to help the vocals no matter what & Jericho plays “In The End”.

14.Plays Anthrax’s “In The End”.

15.NOTE FROM JEFF:For some reason most of the interview was not played, so I had to hear the replay & at 1:39 PM during the replay, Jericho calls “In The End” a great tune to where it’s an epic style of the song & knows that Charlie [Benante] mentioned that Frank wrote that for a Dimebag tribute in many ways with the lyrics. He says
he likes helping out to those that ask him to trying something, asks if there was something he was asked to try on bass for that tune & Frank says in the chorus, you don’t wanna be busy in a chorus in any time. He says he likes filling it up with a
“tasty” bass line that either follows a vocal or do something that the vocal will follow.

Frank says that comes up a lot for some
reason, says there’re times he’ll come up with a melody that’s from the bass to where
it’s used for a vocal line & says it happens
sometimes to where he’ll do it on guitar too. He says after all these years he sees that it’s about the song, Jericho agrees to
whatever’s best for the song & says while
seeing Frank on stage, the 1 thing he loves
on the fact that Fozzy had the opportunity
to play with Anthrax a lot in the last few years while seeing them live. He says when
Scott [Ian] was on the shelf to where he had
Andreas [Kisser] replace him, Frank too control to where he’s everywhere stomping
& jumping with a great stage presence.

Jericho says the bass parts are amazing to
where Frank always had this, asks on some
of his favorites when he started playing &
asks what made him wanna be a bassist. He
says when he himself wanted to do bass it
was when guitarist got chicks while bassist
got nothing, says he still wanted to play bass & Frank says it’s still that way. He says
he & Charlie grew up together to where they’re related, says they jammed with Cheap Trick, Kiss, Rush & others & says what
he found while jamming with Charlie, is playing bass parts on his guitar. He says he & Charlie’s friend, “Mike Nickelary” told Frank “dude you’re playing bass parts” & says he knew because he heard that verse.

Frank called it a natural vibe to where he was advised to try bass, says when he started it became an addiction & Jericho asks on who was his bassist heroes. Frank says he mentions this at clinics all the time
to where it’s Geddy [Lee], Steve [Perry] &
Geezer [Butler], calls them his main boys &
says he’s a fanatic of bassists in general to
where those 3 are the ones he grew up with. He calls them father figures due to not
having a dad, says he looked up to them to
where they were the ones on stage playing
bass & says stagewise, Paul Stanley’s a great performer. He says with the energy it’s something that he loves which made him wanna play.

Jericho says it’s what he loves while seeing
Frank on stage to where Fozzy’s got that same vibe, says they don’t have fire & bombs but they’re the show & says it’s the way it should be which’re human beings of
the show. He says it’s great having giant dragons flying from the ceiling but if you
don’t have the cash to spend, it’s fun seeing
Frank go back & forth while jumping up & down & says it provides lots of entertainment for the show itself. Frank says this ain’t a kiss up for both of them but
says in both things you do in life, it’s where
you’re great at it to where it’s the gift of having fans stare at you & says it’s not in a
weird way.

Frank says his wife would love this, then says Jericho’s got a natural gift to where fans wanna look at him on stage & calls it
great no matter where you are to where it’s
good. Jericho says when performing it’s show business, says he was impressed on
what Frank had & says he throws out every
Anthrax CD they’ve done to where it’s got a
certain bass tone from the start. He asks if
it’s something that’s worked on to get or if
it’s lucky due to being plugged into the amp which gives him the sound he got when recording with Megaforce in ’86. Frank says he’s a die hard bass sound lover
to where that sounds ridiculous & Jericho says he agrees.

Frank mentions Cheap Trick & Geezer to
where there’s a mix of sounds that he loves
in a piano type vibe, says if you hear a 12 or
8 string bass it’s where it sounds like a piano bass & says if you hear Cheap Trick or
Kings X’s Doug Pinnick, all 3 of them talk about it in length to where he again says it’s piano like. He says he has searched this
sound forever but has never got it, says he
got close to it on what he hears in his head & says he loves the fact that he hasn’t found
it to where he’s still chasing it. He says he’s
still got the itch to where he has to find, says he wants to continue getting to that point & calls it a total addiction. Jericho says
it’s similiar to Steve Harris’ tone on what
Frank’s got.

Jericho makes sounds of the type of vibe he’s talking about, Frank says there’s some
Steve there & says he has tried Steve’s bass
at a sound check on 1 of the main shows. He
says Lemmy’s loud to where he tried his bass, says that Lemmy’s the loudest on stage & Jericho says you’d hear that in a mix to where it has always been Maiden’s thing with Steve’s mix. Frank says Steve rules to where it’s his guys, says with Lemmy he was a fan boy from the side of the stage for Motorhead during a sound check & says Lemmy gets tired of looking at
him to where he puts the bass on him. He says it was a “Back To The Future” segment
with Michael J. Fox: .

Frank says he was blown away from that,
Jericho says Lemmy blew Frank into the speaker & Frank called it incredible to where Lemmy’s the best. He calls these guys
his heroes to where he loves bass more then ever, says he ain’t kidding & Jericho
says 1 of his heroes is Cliff Burton. He asks on how was it being a contemporary of his
& how he felt on Cliff’s bass playing, Frank
calls Cliff 1 of the most innovative bassist for him ever especially in his genre & says
Cliff was more then a bassist to where he
took bass parts & made songs & stories out of them. He says that’s what he loves about
bass lines to where Cliff told stories with his bass lines.

Frank says God rest Cliff’s soul to when Anthrax & Metallica toured together, Cliff was a great dude to where he talked bass &
other stuff & says he had a talent that not too many have. He says Cliff’s way was different to where it’s great, says he hasn’t
seen anyone like Cliff & Jericho agrees especially when talking about ’85. He says it’s something he laughs about to where nowadays, heavy music’s heavy music. He
says when Anthrax started in ’84 or ’85 there wasn’t anyone playing music that fast, says that Cliff’s bass lines for 30 years with nobody to have that style & calls it more unique to where it was long ago. He asks on who was playing bass then like that
to where he says nobody.

Frank says to think on how great Cliff was
with his solos, says that Cliff got some distortion to where he did an amazing bass
solo nightly on every tour & says Cliff went
out to kick ass with the bass solo. He says it’s something he looks forward at every
Metallica show to where it’s 1 of those things that make you go “wow, here it comes”, says it was that time to where Cliff
always blew him away & says he knows he
can’t curse on the show, but felt that Cliff was rocking. He says Cliff made him feel good to where he had his own thing going & Jericho says even if you weren’t a bassist you’d still appreciate the talent he had on stage with solos.

Jericho plugs Anthrax’s “Anthems”: which was a covers EP to where he thought was a great
idea, says there was interesting bands & mentions Boston, Journey & Cheap Trick. He
asks on what was the mindset of the bands
that Frank chose on the EP, Frank says it was to show fans where Anthrax came from
& says Jericho hung out with them enough
to where God willing if they do a sound check, they won’t play Anthrax songs. He says they’ll play other songs, says what
specifically for Joey to where he always wanted to do a Journey song & feels Joey
can kick butt on it. He says he never thought that Anthrax would do a Boston song.

Frank says he loves them to where they did
it, says he’s proud of it & Jericho calls all the
songs great. He says it’s funny because he was listening with Rich [Ward] to where if
that cat from Journey ever leaves, they better watch out because Neal Schon may steal Joey from Frank. He called it super close to Steve Perry to where it was great,
Frank agrees to where Joey’s a Perry fan &
says 1 time Anthrax did a show to where he
don’t recall on who they played with. He says Perry was backstage at a show to where he later met him, tells Steve he has to wait for a second because Joey never met
him before & when he brought Joey in the
back, he told him not to say anything.

Frank says he wanted to surprise him, says
when he met Steve he was like “aw man” to
where Joey’s eyes went up & says it was a big thing for him meeting Steve to where it
was great seeing it. Jericho agrees to where
he again says it’s funny because the songs
from Boston & Journey are great, says 1 that he likes is “Big Eyes” to where it’s a
great Cheap Trick song & says it’s not 1 that
he’d pick as a song to cover. He says Anthrax picked an amazing tune to where he played it in his car, says his 6 year old daughters sang along with it to where it’s
super catchy & Frank says he loves Cheap Trick forever. He says they did an older 1 but forgot the name of it.

Jericho asks if it was for Tom Peterson, Frank says yes to where it was on a “B” side
& tells a story on how Tom busted Frank’s balls. He says it started when asking Tom on
starting with bass, asks Tom if he did it right to where he showed Tom how he did it & says that Tom said “no, you’re not doing it right at all”. He says Tom corrected
him, then calls Frank later after he recorded
the song & asks Frank “dude, you really didn’t do it that way, right?”. He says Tom purposely showed him the wrong way, says it was on the wrong string to where it sounded almost like it & Jericho calls it a metal version to where you can do it that way.

Frank agrees to where it’s his version, Jericho almost calls the song “Big Guns” to
where it should be a Skid Row song & says if they did a Skid Row cover, there’d be some issues to where he then plays “Big Eyes” now.

16.Plays Anthrax’s “Big Eyes”.

17.Jericho says the tone on “Big Eyes” is
amazing to where it’s a good song, asks if
the EP was released just for fun & Frank says yes. He says since it has been 2 years since their last CD they continue touring,
asks on why not release something for fans
to enjoy & Jericho agrees. He says here they
are 2 years with “Worship Music” to where
they’re still touring: , asks on when the tour ends & Frank says they’re doing a European tour that’s 10 days or something
like that. He says it’s a month long to where
he’s in “moving hell” now, says it’s why he
has been crazy lately & says his bank decided he should close 10 days ago.

Frank calls it ridiculous to where he told them he had to go on tour, says that the bank didn’t care & says long story short, he
& his wife are in “moving hell” to where she’ll be happy with him next week when he
leaves her with all of the moving. He says it’ll be great, Jericho says Frank will hear about it while touring when she says “the
plumbing isn’t working” & says it’s when Frank will say “I’m in Manheim, what am I
supposed to do?, I’m in Unick, I can’t help you if there’s a cockroach in the bathtub”.
Frank says he’ll be in Romania with no internet to where it’s like “honey, I got your
email 3 days later because there’s no internet, sorry”.

Frank then says “I wrote the check, don’t worry”, Jericho says it won’t matter & says
since Frank’s moving & touring, he asks if
the tour ends after this or does it continue.
Frank says yes to where they’ll play with Maiden, calls that the last show which’ll be
9/13 in [San Bernardino] California & calls it
a good way to end it to where he’s happy about it. Jericho says it ain’t bad, asks Frank
if he started writing new stuff for another CD & Frank says yes to where everyone’s got their stuff. He says all will get together & will bang it out, says the good thing about it’s that when knowing you’re in a band to where you feel the edge & says it’s
saying that it’s time for something new to
where you feel it.

Frank says he’s looking forward to where
everyone’s got their tapes & other stuff in
their computers, says that he, Scott & Charlie got their stuff to where they’ll have
fun & Jericho asks on what’s the plan with the guitar position. He asks if Jon [Donais] will be a permanent player, Frank says he
feels good about Jon to where he fits like a
glove & says Jon jumped in. He says the good thing’s that when Jon jumped in, it’s
when Scott got sick on a couple of shows to
where Jon played rhythm & lead & says Jon
played as a 4 piece. He says Jon was thrown
in to where he played it, calls it crazy to where he took the test & says he was excited for him to where he’s a great dude.

Jericho says that Anthrax has had a crazy couple of years as far as lineups, sicknesses,
deaths & births, says with all the crazy stuff
that has occured is where Joey’s the only 1
that has played on every show on the tour & Frank agrees. He says Frank’s grandma died to when he & Charlie had to go home
& take care of business, says that Joey has
been on more shows then the others due to
issues & Jericho says that “the show must go on” to where they’ve played as a 4 piece
a couple of times. He says there has been different replacements to where it’s cool that they have a good roster of friends that
come in to step in & says they pick up the slack to when they need help.

Frank says you don’t wanna cancel shows
when fans spend money for tickets to where they’ve looked forward to the shows
for a long time, says the last thing you’d wanna do’s screw them over & says to not
do that, the show must continue to where
it’s show business. Jericho says it’s cool that
they’re finishing with Maiden to where they’re laughing about Kiss, asks on how was it to tour with his heroes & asks on how was it touring with Kiss in ’87. He says
since Frank grew up in New York he’s sure
that Kiss’ 1 of his favorites, Frank agrees &
says he did his Paul Stanley impression next
to Paul’s dressing room. He says when he did the impression, everyone thought it was

Frank calls it 1 of those great times on tour
to where it was great, says they’d be at a Kiss sound check to where Gene [Simmons]
picked up a guitar & says Gene showed them what Beatles songs inspired him to write Kiss songs. Jericho asks if it was ripping them songs, then Frank does a Gene impression by saying “well as you know, ripping off is very illegal, I don’t like using that word” & Frank says it wasn’t like
that at all. Jericho called it influencing, Frank agrees to where Gene’s a die hard
Beatle fan, called it a great time & calls Kiss
great. Jericho says he recalls reading on where Gene said “Deuce” the riff was something from “Bitch” from the Stones.

Jericho then makes the sounds from it, calls
it the same notes but different dynamics &
Frank says the way Kiss put them on how it
worked for them, is what everyone does anyway. He says it was cooling seeing the stem of the song, says it made sense & Jericho says it was to hear the secrets revealed. He says Anthrax has a historic history with many great songs, asks on what song they like playing live to where it
gets a great response no matter where they’re at & Frank said something like
“according to ‘Mosh’ cause it starts with bass”. Jericho calls it lone justice, Frank calls
it crazy to where he loves playing social &
mentions “Madhouse”.

Frank says “Madhouse” gets a reaction to
where it’s a simple song that’s got 3 or 4
chords, says it gets a fan reaction every time to where you don’t need any lyrics &
says you don’t need to sing any parts. Jericho calls it a classic, says it’s from
“Spreading The Disease”: & then plays the song.

18.Plays Anthrax’s “Madhouse”.

19.Jericho says the 1 thing he likes about the setlist’s that they play lots of new stuff
& the classics, says there’s a couple of gems
like “Madusa”, “Be All End All” & says sometimes they throw in some rare songs.
Frank says when having their catalog you have to stay a fan, says when being in their
band they’ve got this catalog & says while
being a fan, you’d wonder “what would people wanna see”. He says to throw a curb
ball & have fun with it, Jericho agrees to
where he appreciates it & says he’s looking
forward to throw curb balls with Frank in a
few weeks while touring. He says he finally got Frank on the show to where it’ll be the
highest rated show ever.

Frank says he’s glad they did it to where he’s proud of him, tells Jericho he’s doing a
great job & Jericho thanks him to where it
has been lots of fun. He says it’s a blast talking to him, says he’s looking forward to
hang while taking some bus rides together in a few weeks & Frank says both will be drunk with vodka. Jericho again thanks Frank to where he’ll talk to him soon, Frank
tells him to be good & Jericho takes another break.

After the break Jericho again thanks Frank for being on the show to where he’s a cool
guy, says you can see that Frank’s got lots of stuff occuring to where he’s always personable & friendly & says Fozzy’s excited
to tour with Anthrax & Saxon this summer.
He plugs & for tour dates [or just go on both tour links]: & , says to come say hi & [in a Irish like accent] says “come on down, come on down & say hello, hello”.
He says 1 of Saxon’s best CDs which’s 1 of his favorites’ “Crusader”: .

Jericho says it was the only Christmas present he asked for in ’84 to where his mom gave it to him, says that Saxon still plays “Crusader” to where you’ll hear it in
September & calls it an epic tune to where
he says “last song” 3 times. He again says this is the show’s 6th last episode & then plays the song.

20.Plays Saxon’s “Crusader”.

21.Jericho calls “Crusader” a great tune to
where you’ll feel the battle, says he loves
Saxon to where he talks on battles & thanks
fans for listening. He again plugs his Twitter
for requests, again thanks Frank & again says Derek Sherinian who’s 1 of the greatest keyboard players of all time will be
on next week. He says Derek’s from BCC, Billy Idol, DT, Kiss & Alice Cooper, says you name a band that’s got keyboards to where
Derek has played with them & says Derek will be on the show’s 5th last episode to where he’ll milk it till it’s done. He says he’ll
see you next week to where you’ll stay hard, wet & hungry & says God bless to where he’ll see you soon. He says thanks & good night & the show ends [during the replay] at 2:14 PM.

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