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Daily Discussion: Your ring name, finisher

daily discussion

Today’s topic: Recently we asked you to pick your dream tag team partner. Today, your back in the squared circle. Give yourself a ring name and come up with a finishing maneuver.

Yesterday’s discussion – Matt Morgan

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29 Responses

  1. MC Live says:

    My ring and is my name here. MC Live. And my finisher is the knock out knee. It’s basically a Codebreaker, but facing the other way. It’s a one handed bulldog onto a knee

  2. Guled says:

    mine would be Mantal, a person that messes with people’s minds & sometimes steal their finishers.
    his only special maneuver is a modifed valley driver.

  3. Derpernator says:

    John Blanderson
    – Chin Lock
    – Black Trunks
    – Short Haircut
    – No mic skills

    WWE creative would cream their pants.

  4. Paul says:

    Jericho-like heel – Precious Paul Allen with the Pin-getter (wristlock into inverted bulldog/ddt, think Ambrose’s finisher)

    Brawler type – Rake Driscoll with the Hotseat (cobra clutch into camel clutch backbreaker)

  5. pekae says:

    Promiser and finisher Golden Promise

  6. MrFury559 says:

    I’ve done backyard and collegiate, but I love me an overhead wrist lock.
    Name: Mr Fury /Masked Heel alter ego “El Gordo Milagre”
    Finisher: Face to Face- Lifting Overhead Wrist Lock to Ura-Nage Slam , or Overhead Wrist Lock Camel clutch.

  7. Legend_Killer says:

    Jeff Bandicoot. My finisher would be the Bandit Cut (a powerbomb converted into a X-Factor)

  8. Gazz says:

    If I had to pic, I’d go by one of these 3

    Name: Stone Cold Spike Justice, Finisher: Stone Cold Stunner – This character being a follower/doppleganger of Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Name: Anthony (AJ) Walker, Finisher: Pumphandle Tombstone, Powerbomb

    Name: Gaz(z), Finisher: Gaz(z)mission – This character basically being a follwer/doppleganger of Taz(z)

  9. Simba says:

    Simon ‘The Si-borg’ Whitehall. My finisher would be a cobraclutch spun around into a reverse STO, also known as the ‘Simon Cutter’ (a play on Diamond Cutter).

  10. trevh says:

    ok i’m would be my initials, t.p.s.h because I know it all and say it all
    I would be a know it all heel
    and my move would be the brain buster

  11. RHBD says:

    Name: Onion Cabrerra
    Finisher: Tears from the Knife (Flipping Jacknife Powerbomb)

  12. Ant says:

    Apokalypse. A dark sinister type, absolutely vicious and devestating. Theme tune would be Bang Bang Goodbye by Aganoize and my finisher is the Widow’s Revenge (a top rope Widow’s Peak).

  13. KB says:

    Ring Name: Scott Royal

    Finisher: The Headliner
    Firemans carry into flipping neck breaker across knee.

  14. Tyler says:

    My ring name: craig Trenton.
    Finishing move: package pile driver pin

  15. cas says:

    people say I look like Maven, so I’d package myself as his son- Jr. Maven. he was a teacher but he educated me wrong. I’d dress preppy but my persona would be a cross between goldust and edge. I don’t have a finisher because I wouldn’t win a match. once i do win, it would be a victory roll w/tight pull. once i’m over it will be a low blow/guillotine chokehold

  16. ~J* says:

    ConTroll is my name, my finisher is the Trollercoaster I fling my opponent to the ropes and simply walk out on the match. You’re welcome.

  17. Joey says:

    John Cena, finisher would be the Attitude Adjustment. I’d be unstoppable.

  18. Cutting Edge says:

    I used to do the whole e-fed thing years ago, so, as you can imagine, I had to deal with giving myself, as well as others, names to use and things like that. I always went by Cutting Edge. When WWE gave Edge a talk show segment called “The Cutting Edge”, I was truly upset. I’ve grown up and out of it, though. My finisher was called the Undercutter. It was a mix between an Unprettier and the Edgecution. It starts off as an Unprettier hold, then a lift, spin, and facebuster.

  19. Josh Dionio says:

    I’d probably use my real name just to screw with the announcers and cut promos on them for messing it up. Finisher would be dragon sleeper into my knee then continuing the hold, but wrapping my legs around their body. It’d be called the Artillery Strike after my former profession in the Army.

  20. Shockmaster Suplex says:

    Villano CDXX -Finishers:

    1.) “The Nugg Drop” (Flashing Elbow)

    2.) “High On The Turnbuckle Imploding 420° Bong Splash” (a slight variation of the Imploding 450° Splash)

    3.) “Couchlock” (Cross-armed Surfboard)

  21. Jam Jar says:

    Dwightman ‘The Hell Raiser’ Conroy. An office clerk with a bad, bloody attitude. Finishing Move: 10 Mongolian chop in a row followed by another 10 Mongolian chops in a row, which I’ve named ‘The Chopping Board’. (Oh and I’m also a chef, so that’s why that’s clever)

  22. havok says:

    Matty Havok….and my finisher would be where my opponent was seated i would graevine their body, put their head under my left arm, and with both of my hands pull up on one of their arms behind them

  23. DBRude says:

    I could never come up with a good name for myself. I liked DB Rude for a while, but that sounds kind of indy. Anyway, my finishers would be “The Rude Awakening” (Hangman’s neckbreaker, executed like a Stunner), and a Dragon Sleeper Camel Clutch. I’m not really into super flashy moves.

  24. Asterik says:

    Ring Name: Asterik Cade
    Finishers: Indian Death Lock, Dropzone (Delayed Suplex into a dropping neckbreaker), and The Orion Trip (Northern Lights Suplex positioned pumphandle clasped turned over reverse angle slam).

  25. Joan B. in S. C. says:

    I am so very impressed by the work that has been done on answers. I bow to all of you.

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