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Daily Discussion: Your ring name, finisher

daily discussion

Today’s topic: Recently we asked you to pick your dream tag team partner. Today, your back in the squared circle. Give yourself a ring name and come up with a finishing maneuver.

Yesterday’s discussion – Matt Morgan

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29 Responses

  1. Jermaine says:

    The Lost Angel DeAngelo Williams, Finisher “Fall From Grace” Double Moonsault

  2. paul the package says:

    Paul the package finsher package delivery aka the stunner

  3. oudk says:

    Name: Rufio Mendoza
    Finisher: Bangarang (Cross-arm Chicken wing clutch)

  4. skrat says:

    name would be Saad (pronounced like sod), old school Kane-esque character dark brooding very little talking or none at all, and finisher(s) would be WSS(why so sad?) which is basically the burning hammer/inverted death valley driver, and the Saad-o-mizer (sodomizer) which is a torture rack/angle slam lift twisting into a spine buster maybe with a sit-out, or just whipping them down Alabama slam style

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