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Chris Sabin defeated Bully Ray to become the new TNA Champion on Thursday night ib the Destination X show on Spike TV from Louisville, KY, Click here for Atlee Greene’s recap.

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  1. Drew says:


  2. ~J* says:

    cool hope they pay him!!!

  3. WhatIDo says:

    Anyone else view this as a mistake?

  4. Thatoneguy says:

    Holy s**t.

  5. Josh Dionio says:

    With this win, Chris Sabin is the 6th ever TNA Triple Crown behind AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Abyss, and Austin Aries.

  6. Paul says:

    I like Sabin a lot and he’s an excellent worker. I just don’t see him as a world champion, main event guy, not like Aries…Maybe he will prove me wrong.

  7. Shane says:

    I think Sabin is awesome but I don’t understand this booking in the slightest. He’s never been treated like a main event talent and even in the last few weeks hasn’t been booked as a threat. It’s like their just swerving for no reason. It seems like they’re using this Option C nonsense like its MITB but its not the same and can’t be booked the same. It also waters down Aries winning last year imo

  8. Josh Dionio says:

    Well they made it a big deal last year that whoever has the belt at Destination X can cash it in for a Heavyweight title shot. I would have enjoyed Kaz, Daniels or a few other guys getting the belt but I’m glad an guy that’s been with TNA a long time got it.

  9. fairfax says:

    I think they want to accomplish a few things with Sabin winning the World strap. First with the financial woes of the company, putting the title on a guy like Sabin goes a long way for locker room morale. With all the recent talent cuts it sends a message that ANYONE can break into the main event and that TNA will remain loyal to its tenured talent. They might be forced to restructure some existing contracts but talent who agrees to such restructuring will be rewarded. I think it also is a way to try to elevate new main event talent. When Bobby Roode challenged Kurt for the World title it was his first real true main event push. And the following night, Storm, who had also never worked a main event went over Angle for the title. TNA actually booked that better than anything in the past ten years. They used the title to get Storm amd Roode over as ME’rs. And then the same can be said about A Double. So I think theyre hoping that this can help establish Sabin as a true blue player at the top of the card. And everyone loves an underdog. With all the negativity going on about TNA this is a positive. I however dont believe that he will have a long run. Just my take.

  10. Shockmaster Suplex says:

    Congrats to Sabin, wondering how this is gonna play out storyline wise?

  11. steve says:

    I think they leave it on him until BFG, where the payoff comes and AJ wins.

  12. Jeff B says:

    I agree with fairfax. As long as TNA don’t turn Sabin into their version of Rey Misterio, I think he’ll do ok although I would be surprised if Sabin was champion going into Bound For Glory. I would expect someone from A&8 to be champion by then because the 3 likely winners of the BFGS are Magnus (MEM), Samoa Joe (MEM) and AJ Styles (who declined A&8).

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