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Madusa not happy with Rolling Stone Magazine

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  1. cas says:

    i was hoping she said illuminati

  2. Shane says:

    Maybe it’s those Build a Bears Alex Jones is always telling me about

  3. Fisha695 says:

    So I guess she isn’t aware that one of the best selling & award winning issues of Rolling Stone was one that featured Charles Manson on the cover and an interview with him on the inside.

  4. ~J* says:

    Did she toss it in the trash can, why is this woman still making headlines??

  5. Nick A says:

    J, it’s a wrestling news site. Madusa was a wrestler. What is hard to understand there?

    You act like this article popped up on ABC News or something.

  6. ~J* says:

    nick go find something to do besides play comment nazi.

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