7/13 “Rock of Jericho” with Mike Portnoy recap

Jul 17, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

From Jeff Sheridan:

1.NOTE FROM JEFF:For those that only wanna read the Mike Portnoy segments, they’re #s 13, 15, 17 & 19. Anyhow Jericho starts the show at 5:03 PM by saying welcome to the show, says that Winery Dogs’ Mike Portnoy: http://twitter.com/mikeportnoy will be on & says returning to the show’s 1 of his best
friends in rock & roll [R&R] to where he’s 1 of the greatest drummers to this age & any age. He says Mike will talk about Winery Dogs that has Billy Sheehan & Richie Kotzen, says another ROJ alumni Black Veil Brides’ [BVB] Andy Biersack: http://tinyurl.com/p8637zd is headlining the Warp tour & says to check them out: www.vanswarpedtour.com .

Jericho plugs the CD “Wretched & Devine”: http://tinyurl.com/k4dh57u to where the 1-2 punch has “I Am Bulletproof”, says it’s his show to where he cranks it up & says “here
we go”.

2.Plays Black Veil Brides’ “I Am Bulletproof” & “New Years Day”.

3.Jericho says “New Years Day” is also from
“Wretched & Devine” to where he did a great 1-2 punch that kicked off the show,
again says BVB’s headlining the Warp tour
to where they’re doing a great job & says
they’re getting ready to do a US tour in the
Fall: www.blackveilbrides.net with Bullet For
My Valentine [BFMV]. He says he’ll be playing BFMV later to where the show has
started, says to stick around because he’s
got more to play & then takes another break.

After the break Jericho says welcome back to the show to where he introduces himself,
says he welcomes you on XM 242 & says if
you’re listening on www.sixxsense.com or www.iheartradio.com is where he calls it an
amazing tool on what kids are hearing to today. He says on iHeart you can hear any
radio program in the US, says he hopes you’ll always wanna hear his show & says
BFMV’s touring like a mo-fo while plugging
their CD “Temper Temper”: http://tinyurl.com/prjvvya . He says they’re
touring in UK’s big time arenas to where they’re huge in England, Ireland, Scotland,
Wales, etc. He says their new tour’s called
“Rule Britannia” tour: http://tinyurl.com/or3d9aq .

Jericho calls it cool to where it sounds familiar, says it’s from a theme song to where he thought it was “Pomp & Circumstance” & says the song sounds like a
UK theme to where he makes sounds from it. He says maybe it’s nothing like it but asks
you to pretend that it is, says the tour’s got BFMV, Asking Alexandria [AA] & The Young Guns & says he’s not familiar with AA. He says it reminds him of Adelitas Way to where lots of bands have the “A’s” in it, says
there’s a band called Morphus to where it
fits together for him & says he’ll play some
AA now. He thought they were American but they’re from the UK as well as The Young Guns [TYG]

Jericho says The Young Guns have toured
with BFMV & Halestorm in the US early this
year, says that “Breathless” is from their CD [“Reckless & Relentless”]: http://tinyurl.com/qe34lzq & then plays the song.

4.Plays Asking Alexandria’s “Breathless”,
The Young Guns’ “Bones” & Bullet For My
Valentine’s “Dead To The World”.

5.Jericho says “Dead To The World” was
written by himself & Matt Tuck, says 1 day
Matt called him to where he had problems
trying to think of a song melody & a lyric, asked Jericho for help & told Matt yes. He
says as Matt sent it to him he asked on how
much time he had, says that Matt told him
5 hours & says he wrote the song while driving on the road. He says he sang the melody line into his iPhone voicemail attachment to where the song was created,
says you’ll hope to hear this at “Rule Britannia” to where he’ll make big royalities
from it & calls TYG a hot new UK band. He
says there was a Young Guns from Canada
25 years ago which was a glam band.

Jericho says they’re probably not the same
band but they have the same name, then plugs http://twitter.com/rockofjerichoxm
for your requests & says
http://twitter.com/donalbert17 who’s a long time fan to where he thanks him, wanted to hear Halestorm. He says Halestorm also toured with BFMV, says that
BFMV’s toured with everyone except Fozzy
& asks “what the hell? what the hell guys?”.
He says donalbert17 wanted to hear any
Halestorm song so he picks “You Call Me A Bitch Like It’s A Bad Thing”, calls it an amazing song title to where it’s got Lzzy Hale who’s got great female empowerment
lyrics & then plays the song.

6.Plays Halestorm’s “You Call Me A Bitch Like It’s A Bad Thing” & Ozzy Osbourne’s
“Secret Loser”.

7.Jericho says “Secret Loser” is from
“Ultimate Sin”: http://tinyurl.com/nrvp7vx to where he always loved the song, says it’s
got a great riff & lyric & says
http://twitter.com/edjacksony2jfan wanted to hear it to where he’s another long time
fan of the show. He says edjacksony2jfan sends 20 to 30 requests weekly, tells those
that send requests once in a while that they’re slacking compared to edjacksony2jfan & tells them to get their heads out of their requests arses & send him some requests. He says “13”: http://tinyurl.com/pz9pbh7 is #1 on the charts which’s their new CD & says it’s their
1st #1 ever.

Jericho says it shows that metal’s alive & well to where he hopes after Sabbath finishes touring, whether it takes 1 or 2 years to where Ozzy will do another solo CD
& hopes he returns with Zakk Wylde. He asks on how many solo CDs can Ozzy do, tells Ozzy to return with Zakk & again plugs
his Twitter for requests. He says he’ll play
some Airbourne & ROJ alumni [Jason] Bonham: http://tinyurl.com/nqk46an to where he again takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show to where he again says it’s
XM 242, says he’s on the line with you & hopes you’re enjoying your day & your maximum rockisity that you’re hearing now.
He says http://twitter.com/metalempress
who’s another long time fan wanted to hear Airbourne that’s from “Black Dog Barking”: http://tinyurl.com/oqllc8w , says
that Classic Rock magazine called the CD title’s a candidate for being 1 of the worst
titles of the year & calls it 1 of the best because he likes it. He says Airbourne no frills R&R like AC/DC that crosses with
Motorhead, asks if that’s a good example &
says he’ll play “Firepower” now.

8.Plays Airbourne’s “Firepower” & Bonham’s “Await For You”.

9.Jericho says
http://twitter.com/nickthestone who’s not to be confused with “Nick The Dick” [played
by Brett Baxter Clark] in “Bachelor Party”: http://tinyurl.com/o9cqy9v to where he goes “yeah boy” & says nickthestone wanted to hear “Await For You”. He says nickthestone was reminded of the tune when he had Jason on the show a few weeks ago, calls Jason a great guest to where he spoke about Zeppelin, his dad &
says Jason cried at 1 point when talking about his dad. He says Jason loved Zeppelin’s legacy & thought it was cool when Jason said Robert Plant told him there’d be no more Zeppelin gigs due to
missing Jason’s dad.

Jericho calls it cool because it don’t sound
like Robert wanted to do Allison Krauss folk
tunes or he can’t sing, says it’s due to missing Jason’s dad, John Bonham playing
drums & says he appreciated that to where
he thanked Robert for his honesty. He thanks Jason for telling the story, says that
Bonham’s touring now: http://tinyurl.com/n25pxva with the Led
Zeppelin Experience & Heart & calls it a great gig. He plugs the CD “Disregard Of Time Keeping”: http://tinyurl.com/p67wrxf
to where it’s the worse thing you’d do as a
drummer, says as a ROJ fan the worse thing
you’d do is not sing along & says he’s now
gonna do his “Jericho’s iPod” segment.

Jericho asks if you’re ready, then counts 3-2-1, then makes a blast off sound & to where he does the jingle. He then says he
forgot the other part of the jingle to where
he does the complete jingle this time, says
you can’t have peanut butter without jam &
mentions Exodus “Force Of Habit” that’s from the CD of the same name: http://tinyurl.com/o6524ng . He calls it a great tune with Gary Holt who is Slayer’s permanent guitarist who replaced Jeff
Hanneman after he died, wishes Gary well to where Slayer did an amazing tribute to Jeff at the Hollywood Palladium a few months ago & says the admission was free for fans to attend.

Jericho says fans came to celebrate Jeff’s life
& times to where he was 1 of the best
thrash metal song/riff writers, says that Gary’s doing a great job of filling the leather pants of Jeff & then plays “Force Of Habit”.

10.Exodus’ “Force Of Habit”, Helloween’s
“You Always Walk Alone” & Anvil’s “Hope In

11.Jericho says “Hope In Hell” is from the CD of the same name:
http://tinyurl.com/onxlqg2 to where they’re
always having CDs that’s like “Pound For Pound”: http://tinyurl.com/pkjgjpk , “Metal On Metal”: http://tinyurl.com/oky97lu ,
“Forged In Fire”: http://tinyurl.com/q3guoyc , “Juggernaut Of
Justice”: http://tinyurl.com/p6zofk4 &
“Something Of Something”. He says with
with Anvil & “Lips” [Steve Kudlow] you’ll know exactly on what you’re gonna get to
where they’ll never change, says it’s why he
loves them & says “You Always Walk Alone”
is from “Keeper Of The 7 Keys Pt.2”:
http://tinyurl.com/oj889tf .

Jericho says it’s got the jedi wiz Michael
Kiske to where Helloween’s now touring:
www.helloween.org/live.html for their CD
“Straight Out Of Hell”:
http://tinyurl.com/oa9m5km with their singer that they’ve had for 20 years Andi Deris, says he needs to get someone from
Helloween on the show & says he’ll do it. He
says Helloween’s touring the US in September to where he hopes to get them
on the show, asks on what do you think of
that & says also touring in September Fozzy
& Saxon: http://tinyurl.com/74s6bhj . He mentions the House Of Blues in LA, Dallas &
Houston, then mentions San Antonio’s Backstage Live.

Jericho says go on www.fozzyrock.com for tour dates[or go on the tour link]:
www.fozzyrock.com/tour.aspx , says that
Skid Row’s also touring: www.skidrow.com/tourdates to where he’ll
play some new music by them later & takes
another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show to where he again introduces himself, says that “courently” to
where he says it sounds Canadian & then [in
a Canadian accent] says “courently on tour,
eh?”. He says Skid Row’s got new singer
Johnny Solinger to where it’s funny because
he has been with them since ’96, says that
Johnny doesn’t have lots of respect because
there’s fans still see Skid Row with Sebastian Bach & says it’s probably not gonna happen. He says you won’t see Bach
return to them to where both are doing their own thing, says that Skid Row’s happy
to be touring again after [Dave] “Snake” Sabo who’s a ROJ alumni:
http://tinyurl.com/q8ncr4c who isn’t in it now.

Jericho says this weeks show’s #91, asks if you can believe it to where he’s almost at
#100 & says he needs someone special for
the 100th episode. He says he knows someone if they’ll do it, says that “Snake” has too many “S’s” such as Skid & Sebastian
& says “Snake” is managing Down & the
McGhee family that has Doc, Tom &
“Shecky”. He says they’re the ones that managed Bon Jovi, Kiss & others, says that
Skid Row’s putting out a series of EPs with
Solinger & says it’s not a full CD, but EPs. He
says “Kings Of Demolition” is from their new EP [“United World Rebellion:Chapter 1”]: http://tinyurl.com/o8fv7n4 with Solinger & then plays the song.

12.Plays Skid Row’s “Kings Of Demolition” &
Sebastian Bach’s “1 Good Reason”.

13.Jericho says “1 Good Reason” is from
“Kicking & Screaming”:
http://tinyurl.com/oy5nleo to where Bach’s doing his own thing while Skid Row’s doing
theirs, says congrats to both to where he
hopes they’ll reunite & says not to hold your breath. He says a few months ago he
was emailed & asked to appear on an [upcoming ABC] show called “Sing Your Face Off” [SYFO], says the concept would have celebrities to dress as famous singers while singing their songs & says he may’ve dressed as Bruce Springsteen, Bob Marley or Madonna. He called it 1 of the dumbest & weirdest ideas ever & says a couple of months later it was announced that Bach will be on the show.

Jericho says maybe it’ll be a great show but
felt that on paper it sounded kind weird, says that Bach’s never afraid to take a chance & says he appeared on a country show [“Gone Country”] & a rap show
[“Celebrity Rap Superstar”] a few years ago.
He says we’ll see on how he does on SYFO to where he’ll be amazing on it, says to find the show in your local listings & says Portnoy’s coming up next & takes another

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show, says on the phone’s 1 of
the greatest drummers of all time to where
he’s also 1 of his friends for many years & says it’s Mike to where he asks on what’s going on. Mike says “HEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYY,
what’s up to where he asks on how he’s doing, Jericho says he was laughing to where in this day in age they’re taking advantage of the technology & says it’s all
about emails & texting. He says he barely ever talks to Mike on the phone, Mike says
both text each other daily to where they speak once yearly & Jericho agrees. He tells
Mike it’s good talking to him to where there’s lots of stuff occuring.

Jericho says Mike’s a busy guy to where he’s post Dream Theater [DT], says there’s
lots of great projects occuring & says the new 1 that’s on the moment of being released is “The Winery Dogs” [TWD]:
http://tinyurl.com/k6lpkaa . He asks Mike on how the band got started, Mike calls them an awesome band that he’s excited about & says it’s his true venture of pure rock. He says both have always spoke about
being classic rock fans of The Beatles, Stones, The Who & Zeppelin, says in all of the bands he has been in whether they were progressive or straight up metal & says TWD’s neither 1 to where they’re a straight up rock band.

Mike says it’s his 1st time doing something
like this, says he has done tribute bands with Paul Gilbert such as for Zeppelin & The
Beatles & says this is all original, classic rock
band. He calls them his 1st power trio to where it’s him, Sheehan & Kotzen to where
they’re excited about it, Jericho calls it funny because with all involved in the band
they can go in many directions & says all 3 of them are virtuosos in the highest degree.
He says they can do anything like DT, Rush,
AC/DC or whatever with the virsitility they have, again says they can go in many directions & Mike says when they 1st announced the band, everyone thought with all 3 of them it was gonna be an instrumental shred fest.

Mike says when they hear the CD it’s far from it, calls it very song/band oriented to
where it’s a classic rock type of thing & says
that’s where his head’s at now. He says everything he has done post DT has been about spreading his musical wings & going in other places, says he had these things with Adrenaline Mob [AM] to where they were a hard rock metal thing & calls Transatlantic a prog thing. He calls Flying Colors an alternative, poppy kind of thing, says that 1 of the things he wanted to do was something that was classic rock & says it had to be like a Zeppelin, Cream, Hendrix & other classic rock bands. He says Richie & Billy both have the same background.

Mike says Billy’s favorites are Grand Funk,
Cream & Vanilla Fudge while Richie has a
great, bluesy, soulful, funky & jazzy background of that stuff, says it seemed like
the perfect lineup to tap into that kind of
vibe with & Jericho says he wants to talk on
the genesis of the band being developed. He says there’s a back story to when they
weren’t called TWD then, says the original
plan was to have Mike, Billy & John Sykes of
Whitesnake/Thin Lizzy fame & says that was
2 or 3 years ago. He asks on what was the reason to have Richie in the band & to become on what they’re doing now, Mike says it predates TWD & says it started with
him & Billy working together.

Mike says it started with him & John working on, says as soon as he left DT 1 of
the 1st things that came to his lap was
working with John & says John came to him
about working together on some of his material. He says both demoed on 12 of John’s songs to where they kicked around lots of bassists, says that’s when Billy came
in to where it was a separate project & says
it had nothing to do on what become TWD.
He says he & Billy worked with John for many months to where it never went anywhere, says that John’s got a different
work ethic then he himself & says he’s the
type that wants to do a million things to
where he wants them done now.

Mike says John’s the type that likes to wait to where it got to a point where he & Billy
said “look, we wanna make some music, we
wanna do something & it’s not working out
with John” & says there was too much hesitation & delays. He says he & Billy thought “look, lets stick with this idea & lets
do a power trio thing, but lets find somebody else & move forward”, says it’s
when Eddie Trunk suggested Richie to where it was perfect & says he & Billy were
looking for a guitarist/singer/songwriter/vocalist. He asked on who’d fit that better then Richie,
again says it was a perfect suggestion & says all came together to start from scratch.

Mike says he has to explain by saying it’s not as if John was 1 of the originals in TWD
but they ended up forming it to where it was something different, says it started from scratch & Jericho says there wasn’t any riffs left over, but took it in a different
direction when Richie came in. Mike says yes because the stuff that he & Billy did with
John was with John’s material, says it wasn’t
a collaberation & says when they worked with Richie, it was a collaberation. He says all 3 came together at Richie’s place to where on the 1st day of playing together, they had 3 songs written to where they were collabritive & Jericho says it’s interesting when Mike said Eddie hooked him up with Richie.

Jericho says Eddie always talks about Richie
to where he asks Mike if he feels that Richie’s like the most underated, untapped
& unknown genius in R&R, Mike says yes &
says fans have no idea to where they’ll be
blown away by Richie’s abilities in all 3 departments regarding guitar, singing &
songwriting. He says fans don’t realize this
because fans associate Richie with his time
with Poison or Mr. Big, says in both cases he
was replacing someone or filling in to where he was a lead singer & says he had a
great solo career in the last 20 years since then. He says Richie has been under the radar to where fans don’t see that he’s a complete package.

Mike calls Richie a true artist & the real deal, again says fans will be blown away on
him being a real talent & Jericho again says
it’s funny because he remembers Richie being in Poison 20 years ago on “Native Tongue”: http://tinyurl.com/pu3tp4s . He says it’s where you’ll hear amazing singing
occuring in the background vocals, says there’d be little trills on some verses & thought there’d be no way of Bret Michaels
is singing like that. He says it’s where he discovered it was Richie to where his voice’s
so soulful & power, calls him a huge singer
besides being a guitarist & songwriter & feels it’s the secret weapon on what they have to where Richie’s voice will blow fans

Mike agrees to where Richie’s a cross between Glenn Hughes, Chris Cornell & Prince if you can picture it, calls it amazing & soulful to where it’s the real deal & calls
him a true artist. Jericho agrees to where he asks on what’s their 1st single from the CD, says it’s “Elevate” to when they wrote it
they thought it had to open the CD & says when seeing their names on paper, he feels
it’s the song you’d wanna see in your head
on how it’d sound like. He says it’s got a bit
of everything like shreding & great musicianship, says it’s got great riffs, vocals,
vocal hook & chorus & says it’s got a bit of
everything in the song. He says it’s 1 that they wanna come out of the gates with. He
says it’s for fans to get their 1st impression of them & Jericho plays the song.

14.Plays The Winery Dogs’ “Elevate”.

15.Jericho calls “Elevate” a great tune to where it’s different from what’s occuring nowadays in the scene, feels it’s gonna help
them a lot to where it stands out & Mike says it’s kinda different because it’s rooted
in old school but with new school playing. He says he likes to think they’re 1 of the only bands that’s doing this, says there has
been a resurrgence of this kind of sound &
mentions Black Country Communion & Chickenfoot as examples of them doing this.
He says TWD are in those bands kind of vain to where they’re new guys, then says they’re older guys to where they’re new in
this generation & says they’re paying tribute to the sound of the old generation.

Jericho again says it’s funny because both
of those bands & TWD are the
“supergroup” to where it’s got accomplished musicians that has done lots
of things, says they’re now playing music that they wanna play with no pressure & feels it’s 1 of the reasons on why it’s working to where there’s no pressure. He says it’s just them getting together while
jamming or whatever happens, says they know it’s gonna be good, asks if the CD will
be out 7/16 or 7/23 & Mike says 7/23. Jericho says the CD’s now out in Europe, Japan, etc., asks on what’s the response for it now & Mike says all they know is what they’ve seen online.

Mike says it has been across the board positive to where he says in his case it’s a miracle, says it’s due to his fan base being so critical but are now pleased & says everything he did post DT hasn’t pleased everyone. He says for some reason this is striking a chord to where everyone that hears it digs it, says they only know what they see online to where it has been incredible & says they’ve seen results from
Japan to where it’s on top of the charts there. He says their tour will start in Japan
to where shows there are sold out, calls it a
great coming out party to where they’ve gotten positive responses & Jericho before he was Mike’s friend, he was a fan of his.

Jericho says when Mike spoke about his fans being critical it’s because Mike set a high bar with all the stuff he has done, says
it’s when fans have a different feel of what
they want from him & says when he left DT,
the last thing he wanted to do was prog rock. He says Mike wanted to do something
that was gonna clean his mental palet to where he’ll be happy, says it’s what led him
back to TWD & says when thinking about
Mike & Billy, it’s gonna appeal to Mike’s fans. He says it’s a guy that could be in DT if
you needed him to be, says the basis & foundation’s there to where fans are more
into TWD instead of AM because of who’s in
the band & asks if that’s the case.

Mike says yes because TWD are regardless of whatever style they’re playing has 3 guys
that’re players who can play anything, says all 3 have that musical background & says at the end of the day, all 3 can play their asses off. He says at the end of the day that’s what his fan base stems from, says that before TWD he & Billy did another project called PSMS which stands for
Portnoy, Sheenan, [Tony] Macalpine & [Derek] Sherinian & says in that case, both he & Sheenan blew their loads on a total shred fest. He says it’s kinda cool when he &
Billy to where TWD’s a real band which’s be
their focus for a while, it’s cool that he & Billy have 2 things that they work on together.

Mike says it makes both he & Billy wear 2 different hats, Jericho feels it makes a good
case on what Mike’s saying & asks when he
left DT, is that 1 of the reasons why AM appealed to him. He says it’s more “4 on the
florged” groove rock instead of trying to rememeber all of the patterns, asks if he wanted to get away from it for a while & Mike says yes. He says he’ll never completely get away from it because he loves progressive & technical music, calls it a huge part of what he does to where he still loves it & says he exclusively did it with DT for 25 years which’s 2 or 3 times longer then The Beatles’ whole career to where it’s
a long friggin time.

Mike says he needed to get away & have some fresh air, says with AM was that to where they were a bit of reaction to his time with Avenged Sevenfold [AS] & says
after the AS tour he had a great time with
them. He says by getting up there & doing
“4 on the floor” rocking to where he’s not
thinking, says he had fun that he wanted to
have a musical outlet like it & calls AM his
reaction to doing something in that vain.
Jericho agrees to where he again calls it funny because when he was putting the
interview together while talking about the
things Mike did, he almost forgot about AS & asked on how was his time with them & if
he enjoyed stepping into that element.

Jericho says Mike came in helping AS out of
a bind to where it was a tough time when
they lost an important part of their band, says it wasn’t just their drummer but a songwriter & a vocalist & says when Mike came in, he kinda helped them built the bridge so they can continue their career. He
asks when looking back then he asks if it was tough coming in there or was it fun being with them in their time of need, Mike
says it was emotionally tough due to them
coming off from a tragic experience & says
when he did the CD “Nightmare”: http://tinyurl.com/pfnsqxr with them, it was
a few weeks after they buried 1 of their best friends & bandmate.

Mike says their emotions were very strong
to where it started as an emotional thing,
says once they got going on the road it was a blast to where it was 1 of the most fun tours he was a part of & says it was a lighthearted gig to where he wasn’t thinking or making decisions. He says he was just playing drums & helping a band out, says on 1 thing he was helping them out & at the same time it was a fun tour by
doing Uproar with many other great bands & says playing in summertime in America to
where it’s the greatest experience. He calls it a blast with them to where it was 1 of the
most fun experiences he had & says sadly, the experience was tainted by the DT drama
that occured at the same time.

Mike says it kinda put a negative twist or
after taste on that experience, says it was
more depressing then doing anything else & says he unfortunately left DT at the time.
He says the whole thing was intertwined to where it was never meant to be, says 1 thing was that it was different situations &
says AS got turned off by the drama to where the depression made up by the DT thing. He says it left a bad after taste to where at the end of the day, it was something he had to do to get to where he’s at just like it was something the band had to do to get to where they are & says it
played a part in both of their careers. He says for whatever it was worth, it was a great experience.

Jericho says he was talking about the work
that Mike did because he calls “Nightmare”
a great CD, says as a big AS fan it could be
their best CD & asks when he came in, was
most of those parts done or did he play on
what The Rev did demo wise. He asks if he added his own stuff on the songs that was
written when he came in, asked on how far
along was it in the process & Mike says everything was done & ready to go in demo
form. He says they were weeks away from beginning the CD when Rev died, says that everything was ready to where those guys gave him the demos with Rev playing drums
& was also singing on demos & says he’s got demos of “Buried Alive” with Rev doing
mock melodies on that to right to.

Mike says the demos not only had Rev’s drumming but his vocal melodies too, says
his own purpose on the CD was to finish the
job that Rev never got to finish & says his
job wasn’t going in there as himself, but to go in & do what Rev intended to do. He says
he was faithful on this while honoring it, says he went in to do Rev’s drum parts as close to the T as possible for what he did on
demos & says whenever those guys loosened up the leash, then he himself sprinkled his own thing. He says when hearing the song “Nightmare” that some of
the stuff on there’s his style, things & fills that was sprinkled on top & says the patterns & drumming are what Rev had.

Jericho again says it’s funny because he knew that Rev was a fan of Mike’s drumming which’s what led to Mike, asked if it was funny playing some of the parts that Rev laid down earlier to where he said
“wait a second, that’s totally something I would’ve done anyways” & Mike says yes. He says it felt natural for himself because he hears his own drumming in Jimmy’s [Rev’s] style, says it was natural for himself
to play Rev’s drum parts because it sounded
like his & says this with respect. He calls it natural to where he heard something come
full circle, says it’s why everything made sense & Jericho asks on what’s his favorite song from the CD either live or in the studio.

Mike says live they played the same 5 or 6
songs to where “God Hates Us” is awesome,
says he loves that 1 to where it was a heavy
track & mentions “Walking With The Family”, “Buried Alive” & “Nightmare”. He
says those are the ones they played live to
where “God Hates Us” is 1 favorite he has to play, says there’re others from the CD that he didn’t play like “Save Us” or “Save Me” & says he can’t remember the title to
where Jericho tells him it’s “Save Us”. Mike
says it was the most DT-esk of all the songs
on the CD to where it was long & progressive, wishes that he got to play that 1 live & says he loved them all to where it
was a great experience. He says he’ll never regret it because he’ll always look back with
great memories from it & Jericho then plays
the song.

16.Plays Avenged Sevenfold’s “God Hates

17.Jericho again says it’s funny because you’ll hear the Portnoy things such as the ride symbol thing to where he makes sounds from it, calls it classic Portnoy things
& says he got a gold record from it to where Mike agrees. He calls it a nice souvenir from the experience to where it’ll
be forever tattooed on his arm, says he &
someone that I couldn’t hear the name both got matching tattoos when they did the CD & says that’s a few things that’ll never be erased to where they were a couple of them. Jericho says Mike has done
many projects over the years with AS & DT,
says he’s got TWD & AM & asks on what other things he has done.

Jericho says he knows that Mike has done
work with Neal Morse to where Neal’s an
“anamoly” to him as a metal, says he knows
his name & knows who he is to where he has played with Mike many times on Yellow
Matter Custard & calls Neal a great musician to where he’s got an amazing voice & is an amazing guitarist. He calls Neal prolific as far as solo CDs to where Mike toured & played with him for years, asks Mike to talk about it & Mike says it’s
funny when after “God Hates Us” is played they talk about Neal. He calls Neal a christian to where most of his solo music’s
christian, says it’s ironic & says Neal’s not only 1 of his friends but is his favorite artist
of all time.

Mike says if he didn’t work with Neal he’d still say it, says that Neal’s up there with John Lennon & Roger Waters in his “desert
island artist” & says Neal started with Spock’s Beard in the 90s which was when he
1st heard of him. He says he soon became a big fan to where he took Spock’s Beard with DT on tour, says from then he & Neal
started working together to where they formed Transatlantic in the late 90s & says that was the 1st thing they did together. He
says they completed their 4th CD that’ll be
out next year, says that Transatlantic’s 1 thing both do & says he has done 8 or 9 of
Neal’s solo CDs to where Neal does solo CDs yearly.

Mike says he has played on all of them to where he also toured with him as a solo whenever he can, says they also have the other band Flying Colors with Casey McPherson, Steve Morse & Dave LaRue & calls that more of a pop, alternative thing to where it’s like U2 or something like that.
He says he & Neal’s got a deep history to
where they have The Beatles tribute band
[Yellow Matter Custard], says they’re in 4
bands together to where they’ve done 15 or 16 CDs & says that’s more then what he
did with DT. He calls it weird due to his
musical history with them’s deeper then what he did with DT in 25 years & calls them
very prolific.

Mike says Neal & him will do several CDs to
where they’ll tour together yearly, calls Neal 1 of his closest musical partners that he has had in his life & Jericho calls it amazing because he forgot about Neal being in Flying Colors. He calls it cool that
Mike’s got that musical partner, says that
Mike’s a huge Beatles fan & since they haven’t talked on the phone since the amazing day Mike met Paul McCartney. He
asks him to tell the story, Mike says he’s still
buzzing off from it to where this occured a
couple of weeks ago & says Jericho was the
1st he texted after standing next to Paul. He
says Jericho knows the story but he’ll talk
about it on the show.

Mike calls it 1 of those moments he waited for 46 years to have, says that he & Jericho
talk Beatles all the time to where Jericho’s 1
of the biggest Beatles fans ever & says he knows what it meant to Mike. He calls it amazing to where he was fortunate to be
invited to 1 of Paul’s private parties after his New York show, says that Paul’s drummer Abe [Abe Laboriel, Jr.] who he’s
friends with invited Mike & says after the show, he was in Paul’s room that had Paul
Simon, Cameron Diaz & the “who’s who” in
Manhattan. He says when Paul walked in he
saw that Paul’s approachable, calls it a crazy
thing because he would’ve been happy walking up to him, shake his hand & say “I
love you, thank you for everything, goodbye”.

Mike says it ended up turning into a 5 minute conversation to where 20 minutes later, they bumped back into each other for
another 5 minute conversation & again says
he was approachable & engaging. He says
that’s what made it more surreal to where if he just shook hands & said “thank you” &
that would’ve been that, it would’ve been
like “wow, I met Paul McCartney”. He says it
went deeper then that to where it was like
“no, I just hung out with Paul McCartney”,
again calls it surreal & Jericho again says it’s funny because Mike’s humble about it. He says Mike’s reputation has him being 1
of the greatest drummer in this generation
& it’s cool that Abe’s a fan of Mikes.

Jericho says in the result of Mikes hard work all these years he met someone that
inspired him to be in a band, says it’s cool
when getting the full circle moment of all the hard work made Abe a fan & says it’s why Abe took him to the private party to meet Paul. He says he loves stories like that,
Mike says it’s 1 of the things of what they do to where you’d meet your heroes & says
they’re few that put him in “fan boy” mode to where Paul’s 1 of them. He says he’s had
other experiences like that when meeting
Ringo [Starr], Roger Waters & Jimmy Page,
says people like them who’re those that he
listened to when he was 3 are those that melt him into a fan boy.

Mike calls it 1 of the great perks in the business, Jericho agrees & says he knows that Billy’s a Beatles fan to where he’s talking about TWD. He asks if it was interesting or cool for Mike being back in a room with 3 guys, says he spoke about AM & DT to where he came into them & says he’s playing Neal’s stuff. He says with TWD
he’s starting from scratch with 3 guys in a room jamming & writing, asks if it was a cool process for him returning to that &
says he knows he did that with DT. Mike says he wants it known that he formed DT,
Jericho apologizes for the error & Mike says
he knows that Jericho knows it. He calls it
awesome to start from scratch.

Mike says that’s what makes it so satisfying
to see it grow, says it’s 1 of the things he’s
enjoying because he’s able to do all these
things while seeing them grow & says working with Billy & Richie in the beginning
stage, is when it started with 3 of them in
Richie’s room. He says within the 1st rehearsal they wrote 3 songs, says the next
day they wrote 3 more & says seeing something like that blossom to where there’s chemistry fall into place that fits like
a glove. He calls it exciting when seeing something that fits & works to where it’s
magical, says the chemistry’s there & calls it
amazing with them to where he’s excited because he never has been in a power trio.

Mike says all the bands & projects that he has done for years they never have been a power trio, says that some of his favorites
whether it’s Rush or Police were power trios & calls it exciting for him by being in a
3 person chemistry. Jericho says when Mike
did the Rush tribute band [Cygnus & The Sea Monsters] it was a 4 piece, Mike says yes & Jericho plugs TWD’s CD to where he again says it’ll be out 7/23. He calls it a great CD, asks on what song can he play from it & Mike says “Desire” which’s track 2
to where Jericho plays the song.

18.Plays The Winery Dogs’ “Desire”.

19.Jericho says lots of fans are looking forward to this CD, says that Mike sent him the CD to where he heard it & calls it amazing. He says he wanted to leave it alone for a while so he’ll buy it when it comes out, says he’s 1 of the last people that still likes buying CDs when they come out & asks Mike if the band’s got US touring plans soon. Mike says yes to where
it’s getting booked now, says by the time
this episode airs & when the CD’s out they’ll
have some dates & says they’ll be in Japan. He says they’ll be in South America in July till early August & says they’ll be in the US in August beginning in NYC 8/3:
www.thewinerydogs.com .

Mike continues by saying they’ll be doing
more August dates to where it’ll be the intro leg of their US tour, says they’ve got a
limited time in August before being in Europe in September & says they’ve got a full leg in September to where they’ll return to do more US dates in October. He
says their US dates will be from August to
October, Jericho tells Mike it’s great talking
to him to where he’s got lots occuring & says he’s excited for the CD & the band. He
feels it’s the 1 that’ll take him worldwide to
where it’s a pleasure, says congrats on everything he has done & hopes to see them live soon. Mike says he hopes so too &
tells him that he misses him.

Jericho says he misses him too to where he
again says it’s funny because whenever he’s
in Mike’s area, Mike’s touring & whenever
Mike’s in Jericho’s area, he’s touring. He says 1 of these days they’ll both end up in
Lithuania or Luxemburg or somewhere, Mike says he looks forward to it & Jericho
thanks him to where he appreciates it. Mike
says anytime & Jericho takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show to where he again thanks
Mike for being on the show, says he’s always fun talking to & calls him 1 of his best friends in the R&R business or any other. He asks if TWD ever smoke to where
of all of Mike’s post DT projects, that TWD’s
a ringer & [in a Canadian accent] says “it’s a
ringer, eh?”. He calls Metallica a ringer to where he plugs their movie “Through The Never”: http://tinyurl.com/n5oafb8 , calls it
amazing to where it’s 3D by IMAX & says it’s
not just them live, but it’s like “The Song Remains The Same”: http://tinyurl.com/mnbv3br & “The Wall”: http://tinyurl.com/mzqkqqm .

Jericho it’s a show & movie combo to where
he again says it’s amazing, asks if you’ve seen the “Through The Never” trailer on Youtube: http://tinyurl.com/n86you4 & tells
fans to look for it now because he’ll wait for
you. During this he’s whistling to where he
says he’s still waiting, calls it great stuff to
where Metallica’s threatening to do a new CD & says James [Hetfield] has riff upon riff.
He says if it sounds anything like “Beyond Magentic”: http://tinyurl.com/nro44yt he’s all for it, says it was an EP that had 4 songs
leftover from “Death Magnetic”:
http://tinyurl.com/7f6eary that wasn’t used
& says it was good as anything from the CD
to where he’ll end this weeks show. He says
“last song” 3 times with “Just A Bullet Away” & then plays the song.

20.Plays Metallica’s “Just A Bullet Away”.

21.Jericho says he loves “Just A Bullet Away”
to where it’s a great tune, asks on what do you think & says we all love Metallica just like he loves all of you. He thanks fans for hearing the show, again thanks Mike for
being on the show & again plugs his Twitter
for requests. He says he’ll see you next week for show #92, says he’s on the home
stretch to #100 & says to stay cool, hard & hungry. He says he’ll see you soon to where
he says God bless, says good night & says he loves you to where the show ends at 7:11 PM.

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