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Another TNA release


IMPACT Wrestling has released Tara. We thank Tara for all her contributions and wish her the best of success in the future.

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  1. lll says:

    Seriously? WTF

  2. lee says:

    somthing serious goin down with tna

  3. Saxon says:

    WWE bound vs AJ, I would love to see that match!

  4. ~J* says:

    don’t worry brother brooke hogan still has her job BROTHER!!!!!

  5. the kingpin says:

    Wtf is wrong tna. They keep velvet sky and release tara.

  6. miko m says:

    wow thats awful hope she shows up in wwe 1 more time think she is 41 but 1 last run would b nice

  7. Joshua says:

    Another terrible release….an actually talented worker…TNA’s loss will be WWE’s gain..especially if they want to bump up their DIva “wrestling” section

  8. art123guy says:

    I was under the impression she wanted time off. Maybe she just wants out of wrestling for a while. No reason to pay someone to sit at home. And as far as the WWE bound stuff goes, no way do they hire her. After all, she can wrestle and older than a 20 yr. old model, 2 requirements to be a WWE diva.

  9. Fisha695 says:

    She hasn’t really wrestled full-time in a long time and she’s been working on transitioning to a post-wrestling life.

  10. DBRude says:

    As much as I love here, she wasn’t going anywhere/doing anything significant in TNA anyway. I wish the ‘E’ would rehire her, but given how they booked her right before she left… and given how the Diva’s division has been floundering from way back then, until recently, when A.J. won the belt…

  11. T says:

    She has her restaurant and other projects going on. Unlikely she would return to the WWE IMO.

    Disappointing she was let go as she is a class act and a great wrestler.

  12. matt says:

    I guess TNA didn’t like the ROH shirt. Lol Their loss

  13. Tommy B. says:

    Sad to see her go…not only because she was the best in-ring but, that leaves TNA with only 3 or 4 Knockouts with Hendrix being released as well…Just like they did with the X Division, TNA seems to be forgetting about what made them stand out….

    I realize Kim/Terrell have had a couple of good matches lately but, that match up will get old quickly now that they don’t much choice but to do it over and over again.

  14. Meh says:

    Gail Kim
    Lei’D Tapa
    Mickie James
    Miss Tessmacher
    Taryn Terrell
    Velvet Sky

    I count 7 Knockouts exluding Christy Hemme, Brooke Hogan, Karen Jarrett, Dixie Carter and So Cal Val.

    But ODB is a referee so that knocks it down to 6 Knockouts wrestling in TNA.

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