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Daily Discussion: Sid and the GERWECK.NET Hall of Fame

Photo credit: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

Photo credit: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

Today’s topic: At the midway point of the point, Sid Vicious is hoovering around 65% favorable for the GERWECK.NET Hall Fame. If the trend continues, Sid will not be inducted. Make your case for or against Sid making our hall of fame.

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5 Responses

  1. Kid Vicious says:

    It’s just an absolute tragedy if he doesn’t go on. Yes, he could’ve done more with his career, but he still did enough. Any wrestler that gets handed the strap from the Big 2 should be an automatic for any HOF. I’d question what the fans of 2013 remember of him, if anything at all. “Aint he that guy what broke his leg?” and for the younger smarks that perform a google search, “He stabbed Arn Anderson, and attached Brian Pillman with a squeegee! And look at this promo I found on Botchamania; what a joke!”

    But what they don’t know is that Sid was the blueprint for the heel-loving Attitude era. What happened when Sid dumped Hogan out of the 92 Rumble? Was he booed? Only when they dubbed it later. And everyone’s favourite GOAT Shawn Michaels. What happened when Sid turned on him? Was he booed there? Nope, cheered out of the building. Sid was awesome. A big man with athleticism, the prototype of Goldberg, Lesnar and Ryback. And because he’s a man of his own mind outside the ring, he gets derided by those inside it, and that taints his legacy in the eyes of us online smarks.

    This is one of those where Gerweck should throw democracy out of the window, “Y’all wrong, Sid goes in!”

  2. Joan B. in S. C. says:

    I just voted for him to be inducted. I have to go back even further than @Kid Vicious did. I remember Sid as Lord Humongous and reading about him in the Apter mags. Was so excited to see him in WCW as one half of the Skyscrapers. Great young team with a young manager, brought in as monster heels who’s job was just to be big and brutal. Adding wrestling skills was secondary.

    Then onward as a singles wrestler, part of the Horsemen and then into the WWF/E.

    Yes, he was a little strange at times, read anyone’s book to find that out. Yes, he did skip out on some matches to go play softball. All which makes him out to be just like the rest of us: human.

  3. jimmypink says:

    He won the Big Two so he belongs to the hof. Also he was part of the Horsemen and wrestle in the hottest area in the time, including Mid South as Humongous

  4. MC Live says:

    In order to be a Hall of Famer, in my mind, you have to have a great body of work, and a backstage reputation to match. As a person, I think his character is unbecoming. And me personally, I didn’t see the certainly “it” quality. I mean, for all he has done, what has he given to the industry? Are his title reigns brought up a lot? When people go back and list off the greats like Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, or Ric Flair, how often is Sid brought up? Not enough in my opinion to warrant a Hall of Fame induction. If a Hall of Famer should be an 8 out of 10, he may be a 7.9, but I just don’t see it in him. Personally.

  5. Stonz says:

    Personally, I think too many people – maybe younger folks – that never really got to see him wrestle over the years and don’t really know much about what he has done for the business, are voting for him to NOT be inducted. I have been voted “yes” – as he deserves it.

    I can still remember that match though in WCW where he tried that big boot from the turnbuckle and SNAP! That was one of the worst breaks I have ever seen. Poor fella!

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