7/13 Anarchy Wrestling results

Jul 15, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

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110+ in attendance

Show opened with Franklin Dove in ring addressing an auto accident injury to Slim J that left him with 13 staples in his head, and unable to wrestle. Jeff G Bailey came out and demanded that Jagged Edge and Se7en be awarded the Tag Team Titles. Dove instead said that in the Jagged Edge vs Azreal match, should Edge win then he and Se7en were Tag Champions, but if Azrael won, he could pick his tag partner for a Title match on 7-27-27.

Kevin Blue def Tommy Penirelli with Charlie Cash….postmatch Blue was attacked by CB Suave. Brandon Parker hit the ring to help his partner, leading to….

CB Suave with Cash & Penirelli def Brandon Parker with Blue.

Adrian Hawkins returned to Anarchy, he said for one last match before he moved from Georgia to Arizona and challenged anyone in the back, leading to…

Cody Hall def Adrian Hawkins

Azrael def Jagged Edge with Jeff G Bailey. Postmatch Shaun Tempers attacked Azrael until Slim J ran out to help. J was cut off and held from behind by Jagged Edge as Tempers pulled a staple gun out of his pocket, and was about to hit Slim J in his already injured head, when Michael Judas appeared to run off the Elite. So it will be Michael Judas teaming with Azrael vs Se7en & Jagged Edge on 7-27 to determine the Anarchy Tag Team Champions.

During the break Scott and Cody Hall signed autographs and took pictures.

The second half opened with what was to be Billy Buck vs Bobby Moore, Career vs TV Title, but Charlie Cash entered the ring along and said that Bobby Moore was not there but that he wanted to talk to Billy Buck. Billy Buck came to the ring and Cash suggested he did not need to put his career in Anarchy on the line and that he should just take Bobby Moore’s conflict as an opportunity to change his mind. Buck answer by delivering a superkick to Cash. So on 7-27 Bobby Moore will face Billy Buck for the TV Title and if Buck loses he leaves Anarchy.

Mike Posey & Corey Hollis (Alabama Attitude) def Joey Rhymer and BJ Hancock pinning Rhymer. Postmatch Hancock turned on Rhymer and attacked him, leaving the ringside area with Posey & Hollis as Franklin Dove looked on in frustration.

Anthony Henry with Miss Rachael def Wade Adams by submission. Miss Rachael then address the final match between Seth Delay & Henry that will occur on 7-27, reminding Delay that he was still not 100% and that Henry was a wrestling technician.

Unforgiveable Blackness (Shadow Jackson & Nemesis) def Michael Judas & Brodie Chase when Geter came to ringside drawing the attention of Judas and the ref, allowing Jackson & Nemesis to double team Chase and for Nemesis to get the pin.

Miss Rachael interrupted the start of the Main Event by coming out to say she had forgotten an important stipulation for the Henry vs Delay match on 7-27. She said Henry want no time limit nor DQ as he wanted to take his time.

In the Main Event Jeremy Vain defended the Anarchy Heavyweight Title against both former champion Shaun Tempers with Jeff G Bailey and “Wrestling’s Most Dangerous Weapon”, Geter. In the End Jeremy Vain was able to pin Tempers to retain his title. It appeared Geter was in a position to win the match when Michael Judas pulled him from the ring and the two fought out of the building eliminating geter from the match and the opportunity.

On 7-27 Geter will face Shaun Tempers again, this time with all wrestlers barred from ringside, to determine the 31 contender for the title still held by Jeremy Vain.

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