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Mark Henry on the good and bad moments in his career

From: Reyan Ali

I’m a writer for Uproxx/With Leather ( who did a pre-MITB interview with Mark Henry yesterday morning.

Here are a few excerpts:

WL: Take me through your biggest highs, your lowest lows. What feud, opponent or match did you have that was best for you?

Mark Henry: I’ve had some good ones. I would have to say me and the Undertaker at WrestleMania 22 was probably as high as it’s gotten. To be a part of the Streak, win, lose or draw—and everybody’s lost—is an important moment in history. I was honored to be in there and take him to the limit of his ability, and put on a performance that people will remember for a long time. You’re judged by the standard of your competition, and it don’t get much better than that.

WL: How about the bad stuff?

Mark Henry: You know what, man? I’ve had some moments where I was unfocused and I doubted whether I wanted to continue to be in the business. That was around ’99. Learning the industry was hard. I went to Canada and what started off as the worst thing ended up as the best thing. I ended up in the Dungeon with the likes of Bret Hart and Stu Hart — God rest him — who was able to say, ‘Hey, you’re trying to do too much. I got the kind of tutelage that I should have got from the first day.’ That’s the thing about this industry: What looks like the darkest thing might be the best thing for you.

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  1. Really? says:

    The good moments: Reading a poem to Chyna on Raw, under his Sexual Chocolate gimmick.

    He had a decent match against the Undertaker at Mania.

    The bad moments: Look, i’m not trying to write an encyclopedia of Mark Henry here.

  2. Legend_Killer says:

    The Mae Young pregnant hand baby lol

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