7/13 ROH on Sinclair TV Report

Jul 14, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck


Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino introduce this week’s show from the Du Burns Arena in Baltimore, Maryland. Corino is upset that ROH match-maker Nigel McGuinness has allowed Kevin Steen to be part of Team ROH against SCUM in the upcoming Steel Cage Warfare. Kelly also notes that we will find out in this hour if Jay Briscoe will be able to defend his ROH World Title against Matt Hardy. Kelly previews tonight’s ROH Tag Team Championship Match with champions Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly defending against Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander.

QT Marshall comes to the ring with RD Evans for a grudge match followed by his opponent Tomasso Ciampa. Marshall mockingly offers a handshake and Ciampa gives him two middle fingers. Marshall goes for Ciampa’s knee but Ciampa gives him a knee-strike to the face and goes for a pin attempt. Marshall rolls outside and Ciampa follows, picking up Marshall and driving him into the ringside barrier. Ciampa chops Marshall and rolls him back inside. Ciampa goes inside and punches him but Marshall rolls back outside and grabs Ciampa’s leg and attempts to ram it into the ringpost. Ciampa pulls Marshall into the ringpost and Marshall goes after the knee again but is kicked into the ring barrier. Ciampa starts chomping Marshall and they go back inside where Ciampa hits Marshall with a running knee in the corner. Ciampa goes for it again but Evans grabs his leg and Ciampa pulls Evans into the ring. Ciampa goes to attack Evans but turns around and Marshall hits him with a clothesline. Marshall takes Ciampa to the top rope and attempts to throw him but Ciampa fights him off with elbows. Ciampa is still on the top rope when Marshall hits him with a dropkick. Ciampa gets tied up in the ropes as he hangs outside the ring. Ciampa gets free and Marshall starts punching him as the show goes to commercials. After the break Marshall rolls Ciampa back inside. Ciampa fights back with punches but Marshall takes him to the corner and continues to work over his knee. Marshall hits Ciampa with a running knee-strike. Marshall sets up a chair on the outside and slams Ciampa with his knee hitting the chair. Marshall rolls Ciampa back inside and goes for a pin attempt before applying an Indian deathlock. Marshall and Ciampa start trading punches and Ciampa breaks out of the deathlock. They trade punches on their feet and Ciampa starts to get the better of it but Marshall kicks him in the knee. Ciampa works over Marshall with kicks and elbows and gives him a backdrop but sells the knee. Ciampa hits Marshall with a knee and takes him to the ring apron where they trade strikes. Ciampa goes to the top rope and kicks Marshall to the floor. Ciampa jumps off of one leg and hits a plancha on Marshall on the floor. Prince Nana is shown in the entrance way watching the match. Marshall rolls into the ring before Ciampa who gets in just before a twenty-count. Marshall starts punching Ciampa who fights back and hits him with a Kryptonite Crunch. Ciampa attempts a Project Ciampa but Evans enters the ring and Ciampa gives him Project Ciampa instead. Marshall rushes in for a pin attempt and then applies a stretch muffler. Ciampa counters with a small package and then hits Marshall with a knee-strike followed by a Bionic knee to score the pinfall and win the match.

On Inside Ring Of Honor Kevin Kelly discusses the recent Jay Briscoe vs Mark Briscoe ROH World Title match with stills of the match being shown. Kelly says that Mark Briscoe is out of Steel Cage Warfare in two weeks and asks how Jay Briscoe’s injuries will affect his ROH World Title match next week against Matt Hardy. Steve Corino is interviewed along with SCUM and says he couldn’t have planned it any better and that in a feeble attempt to show who is the bigger moron, not only is Mark Briscoe injured but Jay Briscoe injured his shoulder and back. Corino says that next week destiny will shine on SCUM as Matt Hardy will become the ROH World Champion when he beats Jay Briscoe easily and they aren’t even to blame. Corino says that they made it easier for them and Matt Hardy will become ROH Champion next week and in two weeks they will go into Steel Cage Warfare and ROH.

Kelly previews Steel Cage Warfare in two weeks with ROH vs SCUM and notes that Mark Briscoe is out of the match due to injuries. Nigel is shown talking to Steen last week with Steen asking to be put into the match and Nigel agreeing. An interview is shown with Steen saying that he heard that Nigel is worried about him being in the match because he is Kevin Steen. He says that the one reason he shouldn’t be worried about him being in the match is because he is Kevin Steen.

Kelly notes that one of the biggest dates for ROH this summer is the return to Toronto on Saturday, August 3 debuting in a new venue. Kelly talks about Maple Leaf Gardens being renovated and ROH debuting in the Mattamy Athletic Center. Michael Elgin (from Toronto) is interviewed and says that being from Toronto he knows the heritage of wrestling in that building. Elgin says he sees the only fitting main event is one with himself and that he has proved time and time again that he should have gold around his waist.

After a commercial break Nick Merriman comes to the ring followed by his opponent Mike Bennett accompanied by Maria Kanellis and Brutal Bob Evans. Kelly talks about the contract offers received by Bennett. They shake hands but Bennett pulls in Merriman and hits him with an STO followed by a TKO. Bennett pins him and gets the quick win. Bennett grabs the microphone and says “Should I stay or should I go?” and says that seems to be the six-million-dollar question. Bennett asks if he should stay or should he go to Connecticut and collect a paycheck. Bennett has Bob Evans give him what he says is an official Ring Of Honor contract and says ROH has been begging him to stay. Bennett says all the people need him to stay but he does not need to stay. Bennett says the contract is very lucrative and long which means fans will be seeing him for a very long time. Fans start chanting “Yes” and he makes fun of the fans for thinking they’re so smart and says they wouldn’t know a real star if it bit them in the ass. Bennett says the fans boo him but cheer someone like Cheeseburger who is then shown at ringside in a crew t-shirt. Bennett says he has had his differences with Cheeseburger but the fans are so stupid they would rather see Cheeseburger. Bennett asks Cheeseburger to enter the ring and says he can sign the lucrative contract. Bennett says he can sign it and be the next ROH star and tells Maria to get a pen. Bennett superkicks Cheeseburger and starts punching him but Brutal Bob stops him. Bob checks on Cheeseburger and Bennett grabs Bob and gives him an STO. Bennett says that for far too long he has been portrayed as one thing but he is no longer Bob’s prodigy and the prodigy is dead. Bennett and Maria then leave the ring.

After another commercial break Jay Briscoe comes to the ring with the ROH World Title. Jay’s shoulder is taped up. Jay says there has been a lot of speculation after Best In The World and a lot of people wondering about his health. Jay says he did re-injure his shoulder in his match against his brother Mark Briscoe but he is still breathing. Jay tells Matt Hardy that if he thinks he is forfeiting the title he must be crazy and the only way Hardy is taking the title from him is if he pries it out of his cold, dead hands. Jay says that’s all he has to say and tells Matt Hardy he’ll see him next week.

Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander come to the ring followed by ROH World Tag Team Champions Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly. Alexander and O’Reilly start the match and tie up with O’Reilly grabbing a side headlock and rolling into a leg-lock. O’Reilly grabs a wrist lock and whips Alexander into the ropes but Alexander hits a dropkick. O’Reilly then tries to hit a dropkick but Alexander catapults him into the corner and hits him with two inverted atomic drops. Coleman tags in and O’Reilly hits him with a chinbuster and tags in Fish. Coleman hiptosses Fish and then hits him with elbows and body-slams him. Coleman misses an elbow drop but grabs Fish in an O’Connor Roll and hits a leg lariat. Coleman tags in Alexander and gives Fish a snap suplex. Alexander hits a slingshot senton for a pin attempt but Fish grabs the ropes. Alexander hits forearms on Fish and whips him into the ropes where O’Reilly gives him a knee in the back. Fish attempts to suplex Alexander who floats over and suplexes Fish. O’Reilly comes off the top rope and Alexander punches him in the stomach. Fish and O’Reilly attempts a double suplex but Coleman catches Alexander and they both hit a double dropkick. Coleman hits a back elbow on Fish in the corner and follows through with a moonsault on O’Reilly on the floor. Alexander charges Fish in the corner but takes a boot to the face. Alexander backdrops Fish to the floor where Coleman hits a 619-like kick off the ringpost. Alexander then hits a tope suicida on Fish and O’Reilly as the match goes to commercials. After the break, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards are shown watching from the entrance as Alexander tags in Coleman who hits Fish with chops and elbows. Coleman charges Fish who stops him and tags in O’Reilly. Coleman backdrops O’Reilly and gives him a bodyslam and a legdrop. Coleman hits O’Reilly with a leg lariat and goes for a pin attempt. Alexander tags in and after Coleman hits O’Reilly with a back elbow in the corner, Alexander charges him but takes a boot to the face. Coleman charges O’Reilly and gets backdropped to the floor. Alexander tries to kick O’Reilly in the corner but O’Reilly knocks him to the mat. Fish runs Coleman into the ring barrier on the outside and O’Reilly hits a running missile dropkick from the apron. Back inside, Alexander backdrops Fish to the floor and attempts a pescado but Fish gets out of the way. Alexander ducks a clothesline from Fish but gets hit by a clothesline from O’Reilly. Corino is arguing with Richards and Edwards at ringside when Rhett Titus and Cliff Compton of SCUM attack them. ACH and Tadarius Thomas join the brawl. O’Reilly works over Alexander’s arm on the inside and applies a cross armbreaker. Coleman hits O’Reilly with a flying headbutt from the top rope. Fish hits Coleman with a falcon arrow and then trades punches with Alexander. O’Reilly hits Alexander with a kick and a forearm and Fish gives him a backdrop suplex. Alexander kicks out of a pin attempt by O’Reilly. Fish and Coleman tag in and Coleman hits a running forearm on O’Reilly and a boot to the face of Fish. Alexander hits Fish with an enzuiguri and Coleman puts him on his shoulders as Alexander hits a jumping kick to the head from the top rope (Alexander seemed to mostly miss this). Coleman then drops Fish across Alexander’s knees. Fish goes to the outside and Alexander dives on him and everyone brawling on the outside. O’Reilly attempts to suplex Coleman on the inside but Coleman blocks it and places Coleman on the top rope. Coleman tries to hit his no-hands top-rope hurracanrana but Fish holds O’Reilly to block it. O’Reilly hits Coleman with a tornado DDT and then gives him his brainbuster punctuated by Fish kicking Coleman in the head. Fish gets the pinfall as O’Reilly prevents the save from Alexander. Everyone enters the ring and starts brawling as the show goes off the air.

The show was ok this week but not great. Ciampa and Marshall had a good enough match and the Bennett segment was fine. The main event was fun at times but the brawling at ringside was distracting. At the same time it does set up Steel Cage Warfare in two weeks. The show is somewhat distracting as well right now as the vacancy of the ROH World Title has not been acknowledged as the Jay Briscoe vs Matt Hardy had not aired. This does make the whole show feel behind.

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