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Daily Discussion: Money in the Bank Predictions

money in the bank 2013

Today’s topic: WANTED! Your predictions for Sunday’s Money in the Bank PPV.

Yesterday’s discussion – Best tag teams without world titles

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  1. MC Live says:

    The Shield, John Cena, Curtis Axel, and AJ are locks. The rest I’m not completely sure of, but it looks like Ryback is going to win, though I like a Jericho win better. I’m about 90 something percent sure Daniel Bryan is gonna win. I want Ziggler to win, but I have a sneaking suspicion Alberto Del Rio is leaving with the title. Finally, I think Dean Ambrose has a good shot of winning, but I’m also getting a feeling about Wade Barrett winning his ladder match too.

  2. ~J* says:

    cena wins all the briefcases and then cashes them in on himself.

  3. Ryno says:

    The Shield over The Usos
    Ryback over Jericho
    AJ Lee over Kaitlyn
    Wade Barret as Smackdown MITB winner
    Sheamus as Raw MITB winner
    ADR over Dolph Ziggler
    Cena over Mark Henry

    and nothing of value is gain or lost

  4. Simba says:

    The Shield, Curtis Axel, AJ Lee, Ryback, Wade Barrett,/Jack Swagger, Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio, John Cena.

  5. leg lover j says:

    I’m going to win because I’m not ordering it!

  6. Mr. Smith says:

    RVD Whole F’n Show

  7. Shockmaster Suplex says:


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