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Wrestlemania 30 main event being discussed

One of the ideas on the table is to build to a main event match at Wrestlemania next year with control of the company on the line.  With this idea, Vince McMahon wouldn’t wrestle, but have a substitute — likely Triple H.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. MC Live says:

    If Triple H is on Vince’s side ten who’s fighting them for power? Makes more sense for Triple H vs. Vince’s guy. Or even Triple H vs. Vince. He’s got one more match in him

  2. Cody's Mustache says:

    @MC Live– I read elsewhere that it’ll be HHH vs a wrestler of Vince’s choosing.

  3. M.J. Wright says:

    Epic fail!!

  4. I agree with MC Live.

  5. MattR says:

    Or Trips, HBK, and Daniel Bryan vs the Shield(Vince’s team).

    If it is one vs one, Trips vs Vince’s guy, then there is too many possibilities. There’s Del Rio, Show, Ryback(sounds likely actually), any member of the Shield, Orton, or anybody they want really. Could make for an interesting story though.

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