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Daily Discussion: Brodus Clay

brodus clay

Today’s topic: If you were in charge of WWE creative, what would you do with Brodus Clay? Keep him in his current role with the company? New gimmick? Release him?

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16 Responses

  1. Bob says:

    Turn him heel by beating up Tensai and the 2 black girls. Repackage him as Tazz.

  2. Cutting Edge says:

    I’m OK with what he is currently. WWE already saw that his character wasn’t taking hold, so they paired him with another BIG guy with a character that wasn’t taking hold in Tensai. I think that was a great move. It adds to the depth of the tag division and WWE hasn’t necessarily buried the duo. Just this past RAW we saw attributes you’d expect from a team of their size. They looked strong enough against The Shield to be considered legitimate enough as a tag team. The hot tag to Tensai actually got the crowd going. I was surprised. Now, if it doesn’t work out, it’s VERY hard to repackage a guy of his size (as well as Tensai). If it came to that point, I would just turn him heel and give him a new gimmick.

  3. MC Live says:

    Give him a serious side. He’s fun as the Funkasauraus, but then he gets mad and flips the switch. Just one little character tweak, and he might be seen as a force to be reckoned with

  4. Shockmaster Suplex says:

    Heel turn, ditches the dinosaur gimmick and then let him run amok on any and all.

  5. mackdeezy says:

    Nope, no heel turn. A heel turn doesn’t always solve anything. In his case, he had more TV time as a com8c act than a monster. And when i say TV time I didnt mean segments, I meant in ring TV time.

  6. Y_set says:

    You have big fat dude former bodyguard of Snoop Dogg and everybody immediately jump to conclusion that he must be a “monster heel”. Seriously, people nowadays very lack of imagination.

    I’ll say keep him in his current role. Let him win tag team title albeit very short reign (1 month or so). If one day Tons of Funk breaking up, let Tensai be the one that do the heel turn.

    For his single run, I would put him in a program with Alberto Del Rio. Let Del Rio remind him that he was the one who bring Clay in the main show. Tease a heel turn, but eventually Clay decided not to align himself with Del Rio and stay face. If that doesn’t bring a big response from the crowd, I don’t know what else will.

  7. ~J* says:

    yaaaaar heel turn cross between heel rikishi and umaga, pair the chicks with the prime time playas they could use some cheerleaders.

  8. Simba says:

    Quite a difficult topic. On one hand, as previously noted, he is fun as the funkasaurus and he makes an entertaining tag team with Sweet T, but on the other hand, comedy characters tend to have a short shelf life before they become stale, so maybe have him turn on Sweet T (possibly after they have lost a tag team title match) and turn him into the serious, focused monster people were expecting when WWE ran his promos.

  9. leg lover j says:

    Keep his dancers and get rid of him!

  10. jimmypink says:

    A heel turn. Not only for Brodus also for Tensay. Make theme a powerfull, scary team like Bruiser Brody & Stan Hansen.

  11. Geoff says:

    As ideal as a heel turn and a monster heel gimmick sound, why not just do a Festus on him and turn him invincible when mad, and all smiles when happy.

  12. Nick A says:

    I say push them. Give them a chance to shine as a really great big man tag team taking on one of the three man units. An extended feud with the Wyatt Family should work well to get both teams over as well.

  13. Asterik says:

    If I was in creative, I’ll make him a face monster. He’ll be a monster gimmick but his role would be saving random superstars that would be attacked by heel superstars. This can go great since the WWE is pushing their Anti-Bullying campaign to their audience and Brodus would be the perfect vehicle to send that message. I would have him feud for the United States Championship that’s how far I can think I would put him in an title push.

  14. MattR says:

    I say keep him in the Funkasaurus gimmick, but tone it down a little. Just do the dancing as an entrance and occasional taunts in ring. However, allow him to show a serious side in the ring and out. Also, I could see it working with Tons of Funk but also working for him in singles action, but that’d likely make Tensai lose his job,unless ofcourse they paired Tensai with Santino and let Clay go singles.

  15. Scott II says:

    Keep him what he is, for now. Not everybody can take a top spot, plus the gimmick is fairly over right now. Maybe some point down the road, once it starts getting old, you go ahead and repackage him as something else, but until then, just leave things as is for Brodus Clay

  16. T says:

    He had potential until Big Show destroyed him on RAW months into his debut.

    Keep him as he is for now. Then a small mid card title run (like they did with Santino) in the future.

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