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Matt Morgan leaves TNA

Matt Morgan has been let go by TNA after Morgan requested release last month according to Mike Johnson.

Impact Wrestling via Twitter:

Impact Wrestling has released Matt Morgan. We thank him for all his contributions and wish him the best of success in the future.

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22 Responses

  1. miko m says:

    tna will not have a 2014

  2. Jake Allen says:


  3. Adurka Durk says:

    He’s only got one place to god.

    Can’t remember the last guy who has done so little and be given countless chances.

  4. Gary C Ghost says:

    What U talkin’ bout Durk?

    Matt Morgan done been awesome.

  5. Spanky says:

    WWE just got the Blueprint

  6. jimmypink says:

    I see no future for tna

  7. cold says:

    Morgan Looks the part,

    He’s got a build that screams dominance, but he’s no KANE…KANE is damn near 50 and moves better than some guys half his size…Matt Morgan looks like he’s bout to break and ankle everytime he moves.

    Morgan is still very blah on the mic, (maybe why WWE stuck him with that stuttering gimmick) IF he can channel his INNER KEVIN NASH i can see him somewhat salvaging his career,

    either way i don’t see him as the future of WWE/TNA/ROH, he’s should just show up somewhere and get paid and just deal with it

  8. Adurka Durk says:

    Matt Morgan has never once been involved in anything significant.

    He’s never once had an aiming match. He’s never once cut an incredible promo showcasing his ability to grab an audience.

    Yet he is given pushes, put in stables surrounded by actually talented people, and every company he has gone to he has been given chances others would kill for.

    And yet, he’s still Matt Morgan. A big bland guy that creative will likely never have anything for.

  9. ~J* says:

    he was mad his buddy crimson got the ax brah!

  10. MC Live says:

    I think he had the tools to be World Champ in TNA. They really missed the boat again. Typical TNA

  11. Common Cents says:

    “he’s should just show up somewhere and get paid and just deal with it”, sounds like Kevin Nash to me.

  12. JLM3 says:

    Morgan was never more than a mid carder. no big loss for TNA.

  13. Daniel says:

    Morgan is trash. I hope he ends up in Japan or somewhere that will eat him alive so he can figure that out.

  14. doc says:

    You mention Kane. Kane will, and should, go down as the most underrated big man in the history of the business. I think people forget just how big he is, how long a run he has been on, and how well he has held up while other big men broke down.

  15. Fisha695 says:

    Matt is a son to be father, I have a feeling he requested his release so he can play the part of Stay-at-home dad for awhile. I’ve always heard stories about he was real smart with his money & saved/invested so he was basically set for life just from what he made during his first run in the WWE.

  16. leg lover j says:

    Wow most of you are WWE marks!

  17. T says:

    I wanted Morgan to succeed in TNA but he just never was able to take it to the next level.

  18. jim says:

    Its no big deal.

  19. Hulk Hogan says:

    Hey Matt Morgan brother did you give me back my robe from when I faced Andre The Giant brother?

  20. jeriholic says:

    Morgan will will be missed in TNA, not for what he’s done. But he was always a guy they could plug into the main event, when they needed someone the fans would buy as belonging there.

    I’m hoping he returns sooner then later. And if not I hope WWE signs him, and let’s him be a monster, like he should have been in the first place. Instead of the stuttering buffoon they made him the first time.

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