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Daily Discussion: Mid-year grade for TNA


Today’s topic: At the mid-year point of 2013, what grade would you give TNA’s product thus far?

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11 Responses

  1. Scott II says:

    D. They have had their moments here and there, but time and again, they have shown why they are NOWHERE near close to the WWE in terms of quality, plus they seemed to have revered back some to their “TNA logic”, which is a lack of logic more times than not.

  2. Guled says:

    only because they always centered TNA in Hulk Hogan.

  3. jimmypink says:


  4. Tommy says:

    I would say average.
    Very good or very bas, as TNA do since years.

    If you watch the shows in replay, with some fast forwards and only keep the third of each Impact that interest you, this could be the best show.
    Unfortunately, there is another third you would found awful and another you dont care at all.

    And this work for almost every wrestling fan, each part changing with what they’re interested into.

  5. leg lover j says:

    B Brother!

  6. Mark Sgayfabian says:


    Pay your talent.

  7. Matt says:

    Overall teatering on a low A and a high B

    As of these very recent days there have been some questionable decisions that need to be focused in on, but in general just like WWE, TNA has been putting on excellent shows each week. Not regretted any Impact or Xplosion.

    Thinning of the roster overall while sad to see talented people leave was a must and is a step in the right direction. The roster is too big for what they have to work with. This isn’t WWE with 8 weekly hours of tv plus now in season saturday show and a reality show for divas.

    Overall TNA needs to fix up some things but overall they produce solid entertainment week in and week out.

  8. ~J* says:


    they are trying to get it right but too much aces & 8s, screw’d up the KOs division, Gutcheck is pointless just too much inconsistency and lack of leadership.

  9. cold says:


    So far this year they have done a very good job Bully Ray is the right guy to carry that belt, for the company. I think they will blow this storyline by doing something stupid with the BFG finish, (i.e. Jeff Hardy wins again!)

    TNA needs to realize that they are wasting the tallents of guys like Aries, Roode, Storm, AJ, not to say they need to have the World Title, but they need to atleast be in the conversation.

    The Road Trips for Impact are cool but if the Quality of the show suffers because of it, then the Impact zone is a far better option

  10. MC Live says:

    F. It’s just too bad

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