Ultimate Warrior to be apart of WWE 2K14 video game

Jul 8, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

WWE 2K14

The Ultimate Warrior is coming back to WWE, although in a digital form
for WWE 2K14, the next installment in the popular video game. An advert
for the game which appears in the latest WWE magazine has a head shot of
the Ultimate Warrior in the corner with the text, “Pre-order and receive
The Ultimate Warrior.” This will be the first time that the Ultimate
Warrior will be in this video game franchise. The last time Warrior was in
a WWE video game was for the WWE All-Stars game, a deal he did separately
with THQ at the time. Meanwhile the WWE games Twitter account has started
promoting Warrior’s inclusion in the video game by posting a small photo
of his biceps with the comment, “First appearance in franchise history.”
They have not revealed his name publicly yet but the advert on the WWE mag
clearly gives it away. WWE 2K14 – the first game published by 2K – will
come out for Xbox and Playstation in late October.

(thanks to Colin Vassallo)

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