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Daily Discussion: Mid-year grade for WWE

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Today’s topic: At the mid-year point of 2013, what grade would you give WWE’s product thus far?

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12 Responses

  1. MC Live says:

    B or B-. Say what you will, but I think they’ve done a good job so far. Punk, Bryan, and the Shield are all shining examples of their positives, and not to mention, we’ve had THREE Undertaker matches this year!

  2. Matt says:


    WWE’s product is solid at this point. While not perfect, it’s still great and entertaining week in and week out. RAW has had lots of big things, Smackdown! has good matches and there’s plenty of fun with the undercard and developmental employees on the other shows.

    I admit it got a little slow for a period there, but overall the worst a WWE show has been this year is still a low B. I have not regretted watching any WWE show this year.

  3. Guled says:

    C average

  4. Simba says:


  5. Mark Sgayfabian says:


    That Bill Brasky is one hell of a hand.

  6. leg lover j says:

    Z for putting ppl to sleep on Monday night

  7. James says:


    The show is still mind numbing sometimes to watch, even to the point where i’m embarrassed to watch some of the segments. They have some good ups for shows though which keeps me watching, but it always seems to go away after 2 episodes.

    I really wish they would let Heyman and Colter write more episodes.

  8. Geoff says:

    B-. WWE needs something big right now, something that can get the people talking, like the Summer of Punk two years ago and the emergence of the Shield last year. At least the Daniel Bryan push kept me satisfied but they need a big angle right now. Maybe the Wyatt family can be that?

  9. jimmypink says:

    If the WWE turn Cena hell the note will increase to A

  10. Practical cockroach says:

    It’s great. It’s the people here that are watching a good show and saying it sucks or is average that need a trip to the psyciatrist to find out why you are off-putting your own misery and stupidity on to a damn professional wrestling show. That’s a desperate cry for help.

  11. Scott II says:

    I’d give it a B-. They have had their moments, and there have been times they can string together some good shows, but they still have their weaknesses that are glaring. But I think they are finally setting up their future for success, with Bryan and Ziggler seemingly now getting good pushes, Del Rio being heel again (which works better for him), The Shield being booked as they are.

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