Cody Rhodes on his wrestling hero, getting psyched for a match, Team Rhodes Scholars

Jul 7, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck posted a Q&A with WWE superstar Cody Rhodes. Here is an excerpt:

Q. What does the future hold for Team Rhodes Scholars?
Cody: The future for Team Rhodes Scholars is no Team Rhodes Scholars. Damien is my best friend and I do enjoy tagging with him, especially the banter that exists on the microphone between the two of us. But, we are not a tag team. We can take the team right out of Rhodes Scholars so that hopefully he can pursue wonderful things in the industry and as can I.

Q. How do you get yourself psyched for a match?
Cody: A lot of coffee. (laughs) The most important thing for me is that I warm up. It is impossible for me to get psyched up unless I am warmed up because nobody wants to get injured. What we do is entertainment, but it is still SPORTS entertainment. So for me that’s my way of getting psyched up – a good 10 to 15 minutes of yoga stretches and not speaking to anybody.

Q. Who is your wrestling hero?
Cody: Shawn Michaels. I kind of grew up past my dad’s generation and I wasn’t really able to see a lot of what he did and a lot of it isn’t even on. So Shawn Michaels was the one that kept my attention as a young man watching. I always wanted to see him fight back, he was always fighting from underneath and it was very dramatic for a young man who is feeling the same way. He was always my hero.

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