7/6 “Rock of Jericho” with Todd La Torre‏ recap

Jul 7, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

from Jeff Sheridan:

1.NOTE FROM JEFF:For those that only wanna read the Todd La Torre segments,
they’re #s 13, 15, 17 & 19. Anyhow Jericho starts the show at 5:03 PM by saying this is
his show, then introduces himself & Queensryche’s Todd La Torre: http://twitter.com/toddlatorre will be on.
He plugs the CD “Queensryche” that’s out now: http://tinyurl.com/qfby6ar , says that
Todd will have lots of stories to tell & says
next week he’ll have 1 of his favorites worldwide, Mike Portnoy. He says there’s lots of new projects to where he’ll play some old school Portnoy from Dream Theater’s [DT] “Awake”: http://tinyurl.com/k6y6a8t , says he’ll do
the 1-2 punch with “6:00” on XM 242, says the rock starts now & says to crank it up.

2.Plays Dream Theater’s “6:00” & “Caught In
A Web”.

3.Jericho says “Caught In A Web” also from
“Awake” which was DT’s 3rd CD from ’94 to where it’s got 2 of the shorter songs in their catalog, says it’s got 2 of his favorites
that’s got great grooves & vibes & says Portnoy’s out of DT in 2010 to where next week, he’ll talk about “The Winery Dogs”:
http://tinyurl.com/k6lpkaa . He says it’s the
new CD that’s killing it with Billy Sheehan &
Richie Kotzen, says what else’s killing is Todd’s CD to where he’ll be on later & says
he’ll talk later about Saxon on the show. He
says the show has begun, tells fans to stick
around & then takes a break.

After the break Jericho says welcome to the
show to where he again introduces himself,
says this Fall in September Fozzy will tour with legendary UK pioneers Saxon & says
they’ve been around for years since ’79 to
where they’ve got many great songs & tunes. He says they’re enjoying a huge
resurgence due to “Sacrifice”: http://tinyurl.com/lbuje5c , says that Andy Sneap was on the show a few weeks ago:
http://tinyurl.com/krx9vn2 to where fans are going nuts for the CD especially in Europe & says they’re returning to the USA.
He says Fozzy starts 9/12 in New York City,
Long Island to where it’ll end 10/10 in

Jericho plugs www.fozzyrock.com for tour
dates [or just go on www.fozzyrock.com/tour.aspx ], calls Saxon
classic to where he remembers in ’84 he asked for 1 CD for Christmas which was
“Crusader”: http://tinyurl.com/letgu2w & says his mom got it for him to where he was
excited. He says it’s got 1 of the greatest
Saxon songs which is his favorite metal songs of all time & says he’ll play 3 songs by

4.Plays Saxon’s “Crusader”, “We Came Here To Rock” & “Stand Up & Fight”.

5.Jericho says “Stand Up & Fight” is from
“Sacrifice” to where you can hear that they
didn’t lose a step, says they’re still killing it to where the riffs are great & says Biff
Byford’s 62 to where he still sounds like he’s 22. He calls Saxon great performers
that’s coming to the USA in September,
then says “We Came Here To Rock” is from
“Battle Cry” & then corrects himself by saying it’s from “Rock The Nations”: http://tinyurl.com/l4xhzum which is what they do daily. He says he himself’s always
there to rock to where he plugs
htty://twitter.com/rockofjerichoxm for requests & says there’s 1 by
http://twitter.com/pauldileo1 .

Jericho asks if that sounds familiar it’s because Paul Di Leo is Fozzy’s bassist to
where 1 year ago, Paul told him about the
Ozzy song “1 Up The B Side” & says it was a
“B” side from “Bark At The Moon”: http://tinyurl.com/l252mq2 . He says he thought Paul was crazy because he
himself knew about Ozzy but saw that Paul
was right to where the song’s an Ozzy classic, then mumbled something that I couldn’t understand well & then asks himself as to what the song meant. He says
that the “B” side is the back side which could mean “1 up the old arschy”, feels that’s what Ozzy meant & says you can see
it’s a throwaway track.

Jericho says any song that Ozzy sings about
anal sex he wants to hear it & then plays the song.

6.Plays Ozzy Osbourne’s “1 Up The B Side” & Adelitas Way’s “Criticize”.

7.Jericho says
http://twitter.com/y2j_jessica who’s a long
time fan wanted to hear “Criticize”, says that Fozzy toured with Adelitas Way at Uproar last year & says it’s got guys like
bassist Derek Johnson who’s a ROJ alumni:
http://tinyurl.com/lggyvo3 . He says he’s got lots of alumnis to where Todd’s a future
alumni later, says he’ll play more requests
including this years Uproar band Coheed &
Cambria & then takes another break.

After the break Jericho says Uproar 2013’s
got Janes Addiction, Alice In Chains, Coheed
& Cambria [C&C] to where it’ll start 1 month, says that http://twitter.com/onesinginmama wanted to hear C&C, then in a southern voice says
“I’m onesinginmama” & feels she’s married
to “onedancingpapa”. He says he’ll play
“Welcome Home” for “onesinginmama” now.

8.Plays Coheed & Cambria’s “Welcome Home” & Dio’s “Along Came A Spider”.

9.Jericho says
http://twitter.com/brandonholmes3 wanted
to hear some Dio, says he himself wanted to
play some late era Dio with guitarist Doug
Aldrich & says it was from the CD “Killing The Dragon”: http://tinyurl.com/ka4xotp . He calls “Along Came A Spider” a great tune to where he thanks fans for their requests, asks for more due to running low
to where he again plugs his Twitter & says if
you’ve never sent 1 before, now’s your chance. He says to do so because he’ll play it to where he promises on it, says he’ll play
the sensation that’s sweeping the nation &
then does the “Jericho’s iPod” jingle twice to where he says before doing the jingle, he
presses an imaginary button.

Jericho says as if it’s cued up on a track or
something, says there isn’t 1 to where he’s
the track & says on this weeks iPod has to
where it’s a coincidence. He says if you think
this was set up it ain’t to where he mentions Fozzy’s “Enemy” from “All That Remains”: http://tinyurl.com/l6lvzlq , says you’ll hear that this Fall & then mentions
the late great Jane Lane’s “Big Talk” from the 1st Warrant CD [“Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich”]:
http://tinyurl.com/ka7mbax . He says that
Jane’s great but not late, says that he maybe great & late & not punctual but is still alive & mentions Lemmy [Kilmister] &
Motorhead’s “Deaf Forever”. He says that’s what you’ll be when you crank the song up & then plays all 3 songs.

10.Plays Fozzy’s “Enemy”, Warrant’s “Big
Talk” & Motorhead’s “Deaf Forever”.

11.Jericho says nobody can sound like Lemmy to where he’s sure that not too many want to, calls him 1 of those guys like
Ozzy or Willie Nelson that’s got a voice that
only he can pull off & says he can. He says
Motorhead’s touring this summer:
www.imotorhead.com/tour.chm as always to where they’ll be in the USA this Fall, says
they’re everywhere & says Sabbath’s touring now: www.blacksabbath.com/events.html to where he again takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show to where he again introduces himself, says that #1 on the charts is Sabbath’s “13”: http://tinyurl.com/jw473zd to where it’s the

1st time ever in their career & says what a
CD it is. He asked if you heard it, calls it heavy & cool with great melody lines to where Ozzy sounds amazing, says that Geezer Butler kills it & says the only problem’s that some of the songs have ties
to earlier tracks. He says “The End Of The Beginning” reminds him of the song “Black
Sabbath”, says that “God Is Dead?” has a bit
of “Hole In The Sky” & says “Zeitgeist” sounds like “Planet Caravan”.

Jericho says this song “Loner” has a “Dirty
Women” vibe, says if Sabbath rips themselves off they have the right due to them being Sabbath & says “they’re #1” 3
times to where he plays “Loner”.

12.Plays Black Sabbath’s “Loner” & Megadeth’s “Burn!”

13.Jericho says “Burn!” is from the CD
“Super Collider”: http://tinyurl.com/lmevqhd to where the
song’s got a great riff, says he’s not a fan of
the lyrics “burn as the world turns, action
satisfaction” & says Dave [Mustaine] needs a bit of intensity, help or work on his lyrics.
He says he likes the CD but anytime there’s
a word you think will rhyme with it, it does.
He then gives examples like “OK I need some action, satisfaction”, “I have desire, I’m
on fire” & “as the world turns, I’m gonna burn”. He tells Dave to get a thesaurus &
try new lyrics, says he’s sure that’s what Todd did for lyrics on his new CD to where
it’s smoking & says he’s coming up next to
where he takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show, says on the phone’s the incredible new Queensryche singer & fellow
Floridian which is Todd & asks him on how
he’s doing. Todd says it’s going great to
where he’s in Seattle now doing some band
rehearsals for their upcoming 6/22 in Wyoming [which of course passed], says after that they’ll have a CD release party
that’s also in Seattle 6/22 [again that passed] & says the CD’s out 6/25 [meaning,
it’s out now] to where there’s lots of good
stuff. Jericho calls it amazing on how quick
all of this occurred for Todd as far as joining
the band while touring with them & says
they’ve recorded the CD for it’s release.

Jericho asks Todd to talk about the journey
on how he became their new lead singer,
Todd says to make a long story short he was at California’s NAMM & says he was at a private dinner party for Seymour Duncan.
He says Michael Wilton was there to where
he met him at the dinner, says both bumped into each other to where both talked about things & says Mike had side music he had for some TV stuff he worked on. He says he told Mike then that he was in
Crimson Glory to where they were working on a CD, says that Mike said “well you know
I always have these side things & I work with different musicians if you’re interested”.

Todd continues on Mike suggesting to
exchange info which is what they did, says
that Mike sent him tunes to where he wrote
stuff for Mike & says he liked it. He says at the time Geoff [Tate] was promoting his solo tour, then corrects himself & says it was for his solo CD [“Geoff Tate”]:
http://tinyurl.com/k86prec to where he had
lots of dates booked for it. He says that they
should put together a side project with the
guys in Queensryche with himself singing,
says it’d be a great way to play older stuff
that they weren’t playing while trying to earn extra money & says it’s due to them not touring much as Queensryche. He says
that’s how it all started.

Todd says he was offered to gig for a side
band to where it took off & was received well, says we all know that whatever the events were that kinda unfolded between
guys in their band occurred & says it made for a natural transition then. Jericho says the plan was for Todd to join the band
Rising West, Todd says yes & Jericho says the idea was for him to go with them while
doing old Queensryche songs that haven’t
been played for a while. He asks if that was
the original plan, Todd says yes & says they
only had 2 shows to where it was a “hey lets
try this & see how it feels & see if it goes over well”. He says the original plan was when Geoff was done, from what he was told they were planning on touring with Queensryche.

Todd says it was gonna be a temporary thing to where it was a filler thing, says that’s how it went & says once they did it,
fans were overwhelmed with it to where they embraced it. He says they played old stuff like “Child Of Fire”, “Forest”,
“Warning” & “Roads To Madness”, says that
fans ate it up & says when everything went
sour with those guys in Queensryche, they said “hey, this just makes perfect sense, why
don’t we just keep doing what we’re doing”
& says that’s what occurred. Jericho says it
was when Todd was in the fold then, says after they did the gigs to where it was a side project for him & the band & says when
the storm came between both bands, he asks if he felt caught in the middle.

Jericho asks if he stayed out of it as if it was
“just call me when you’re ready”, asks on how was it for him & Todd calls it a good question to where it’s a bit of both. He says
he had nothing to do with any of the events
that occurred between them, says at the same time he’s the new guy to where it’s unavoidable being involved to some degree & says he got some flack on voicing his opinion on some things. He says it’s easy for
everyone to say “who’s this guy with an opinion, he has nothing to do with the legacy of the band”, says unless you’re in his shoes he feels it’s a ridiculous statement
to say he don’t have an opinion & says all fans have opinions.

Todd says he was a huge Queensryche fan to where he don’t feel pressured but there’s a point where you feel like a target,
says no matter how great you are or could
be there’re some that wanna criticize you &
knock you down & says he’s human to where there’s so much you can take before
you voice your opinion. He says he always does it in a fair way by not being disrespectful but pointing out truth on what he feels & Jericho says lots of it’s due
to him being the new singer to where there’s a reason for it. He says there’ll be some that’s angry about it but what Todd has done is by his performance & stage presence.

Jericho says it’s by the way Todd sings the
songs, says he’s sure it’s the same when Sammy Hagar, Bruce Dickinson & others
went thru it & says seeing Todd live on the
tour he saw, Todd took songs to a different
level. He says when fans left the show it was
like “oh my God, this is the guy”, asks if it’s
fun watching the shows that he has done
especially when he 1st started to where he
replaced the legendary & iconic Geoff while
seeing fans look at him & says watching them kind of get blown away by what he was doing. Todd says he does the best he can to where he’s hoping that it’s received
in a way by Jericho & calls Geoff 1 of the great vocalists of all time in that genre.

Todd says Geoff set such a high bar for everyone including Geoff himself, says it’s not easy to where they’re times it’s not hard for Todd & says there’s nights to where it’s a struggle on some things. He says Jericho would know this to where he again says he’s in Seattle, says that both live in Florida, then some connection problems occur to where he asks Jericho if
he can hear him & Jericho says yes. Todd again asks if Jericho hears him, then continues by saying that Geoff set a high standard vocally for himself & others that
tries to achieve to come close on what he did on CDs & again says he tries doing the
best he can.

Todd says he tries presenting material in the best way possible, says that the majority
of fans have seen the show are saying
“wow, you did what seemed the unthinkable” & says to be in the same sentence of vocalists like Geoff, Bruce or
others, by having a remote comparison’s nothing but a compliment. He says with the
new CD it gives him an opportunity to put his stamp on the band by returning to their
roots stylistically with a modern approach,
Jericho agrees & asks him while being a singer to where he learned songs that he does live like “Child Of Fire” & “Roads To
Madness”, he asks if there were other songs
that were hard to learn.

Jericho asks on what’s the hardest song to sing from the catalog of the ones he has done, Todd says the 1 that’s hard to sing is
the 1 he sometimes has issues with & mentions “I Don’t Believe In Love”. He says it’s not in the high registry but it’s more of the upper chest or little throat area, says that sometimes it gets him in trouble & says
there’s high parts to where “Prophecy” is not an easy song to do. He tells an inside trivia thing to where the new stuff they’re doing has his voice, says it’s hard for him now because last year he conditioned his voice with muscle memory & says he kinda
learned a way to navigate thru the current

Todd says it involves what works & what don’t work for him while how to approach it, says with new material that they’re starting to add into the set is when you’re
doing a CD you’re doing it “balls to the wall” & says you’d want the most impact for
that recording. He says if he was to approach all phrases of the new songs live
it’ll probably burn him out, says you’d try giving it more to where in the studio you may add an extra texture or a tone thing that sounds better for it. He says when live
you’d try approaching it different & see what’ll make it easier so you’ll have the longevity & says for now, he’s learning how to sing himself.

Todd says it sounds funny but you need to
remember that he never was an inspiring
singer to where he was never trained, says
he was a drummer since he was 13 & says all of this is new to him. He says he joined
Crimson Glory in 2010 to where it’s now
2013, says it’s where so much occured so fast for him to where he’s his worst critic &
says he’s always trying to improve. He says
it has been an exciting & interesting time for him, Jericho calls “Prophecy” a great song to where it’s cool they play it live & calls it a deep track. He says he’ll play it now
to where it’s from their 1st EP [“Queensryche”]: http://tinyurl.com/kmmfb6g .

14.Plays Queensryche’s “Prophecy”.

15.Jericho says by hearing Todd singing those parts they’re not easy, says to hear
what Todd said about learning how to sing
himself is where he didn’t know he joined
Crimson Glory in 2010 & says in the last 3
years, Todd traveled worldwide with a fairly
successful band internationally. He says Todd’s now in 1 of the biggest metal bands
ever with Queensryche in the last 3 & 1/2 years since coming from being a drummer,
calls it interesting to where as a front man he did a great job with great energy & says
part of being a front man is engaging with
fans while seeing they have a great time. He
asks on how was it for him coming from behind the kit to in front of the kit to the
most important part of the live experience.

Jericho asks if that was natural thing or did he had to work on it, Todd says when 1st starting to do it in Crimson he felt exposed
& naked & says when you’re a drummer, he
called it his comfort zone to where you’ve
got drums & cymbals. He says it’s your thing
to where you’re not mobel & walking around, says you don’t have to engage with
fans in that way as a front man & says he
remembers playing a gig in Switzerland’s
C7 venue to where he didn’t find his mic stand. He says he remembers asking Jon [Drenning] “dude, where’s my mic stand,
what you’d did”, says that Jon told him “I didn’t touch it” & says to this day, he still thinks that Jon did something with it.

Todd says the point was that Jon told him
“get rid of it, I don’t want you to use it as a crutch, you need to take the mic & learn your way around, you need to feel comfortable with nothing in front of you”.
He says that was really when he said “OK, here we go”, says he did it to where others
tell him that it comes off as if he did this his
whole life & calls it a wonderful compliment,
but says he’s not that kind of a person in his personal life. He says he’s more isolated
with himself to where he’s got a few that he
hangs with, says he don’t go out socializing
a lot to where it’s 2 different worlds for him
& calls Jericho an entertainer with wrestling
& says when seeing Fozzy, the energy’s on 11 non-stop.

Todd tells Jericho that he’s constantly engaging with fans with intensity, says he
remembers telling 1 of his friends after the
Fozzy show by saying he has to imagine to
where Jericho’s a natural entertainer & says
all those years of hyping up fans in wrestling had to play into a natural way he
engages with fans. He says it comes over
effortless to where it’s inspirational watching, calls Fozzy 1 of the best live bands
he has ever seen & Jericho thanks him to where he appreciates it. He says the key to
being a great front man’s you have to engage with fans & says it’s either in wrestling or a Shakespearean play, you need to make that connection.

Jericho says by talking to Todd in the last 20
minutes & seeing he was a drummer is the
ultmate confort zone, says it’s where you’d
hide behind the kit to where it’s a big security blanket & says the 1 thing he sees from the gig, is that if something went wrong technically or whatever there’s a 5 or 10 minute period. He says it’s where Todd was on his own engaging the fans,
says it was at his hometown in Tampa to
where it was like “I remember seeing this
guy, we used to jam together” & called it natural. He says it’s where he saw that Todd’s got a good relationship with fans to
where he’s 1 of them as all of us are & says
Todd made it clear.

Jericho says he thought that was cool seeing this from Todd to where it’s important, Todd says he don’t have anything scripted on what he says & says
there’re times with some songs to where it
has become a staple that you’ll say something. He says if there’s a break during
a song he’ll say the name of the city they’re
at while making noise, says if there’s technial difficulties it’s like “keep talking” as
you make stuff up on the fly & says he’s himself to where he don’t make any bones
about it. He says he tries being as real as possible & says those “imperfections” have certain sweetness in those moments to where it connects with fans.

Todd says it’s live music to where things
occur, says it’s not perfect, says if you want perfection, hear the CD but if you want see
a live show, then come see them. He says by
being the same guy is even though he’s on
stage, in his heart he’s still the kid from the
other side of the barracade while enjoying
music & being a part of the crowd. He says
lots of fans know this to where they sense it, says it really matters to them to where you can be an amazing singer while being
egotistical by thinking you’re above them &
says at the end of the day, you’ll remember
those qualities. He says Ronnie James Dio’s
1 of the greatest of all time is that 1 of the
things he hears about him, is that he’s a humble guy.

Jericho says Ronnie was grateful & thankful
to fans to where he was a true gentleman,
calls it a true talent & don’t feel it was fake at all & says it was from Ronnie’s heart. He
says he’d like to be remembered 1 day as a
guy that was approachable & likeable to where he cared for fans, Jericho agrees to
where fans knows this & says Todd said
earlier that rock & roll’s rock & roll when doing a live show while also mentioning
earlier that he had to learn how to sing himself by knowing the parts he had to do
live & in studio. He says he’ll talk about the
new CD to where we’ve waited a long time
to hear it & says the old Queensryche style
has a modern edge.

Jericho asks on how was the writing process for it & was he involved a lot on it either lyrically or melody wise, asks on how
much did he do on it & Todd calls it a great
question. He says the CD came together naturally to where it wasn’t a struggle, says
the only struggle they had was finding the time of the track because they had shows
last year & says it made it tough to book studio time & other kinds of things. He says
as far as writing it had Scott [Rockenfield]wrote guitar parts on lots of demos to where Michael [Wilton] translated that made him change things his way, says he
added on top of it & says in the initial demos, there were songs Scott wrote guitar

Todd says Scott did all the wonderful orchestrations to where Parker [Lundgren]
wrote lyrics on songs like “Where Dreams
Go To Die”, calls that largely Parker’s creation & says he himself contributed lyrics on 6 of the 9 songs that’s on the CD.
He says Mike was even gracious to use the
outro on the song “Open Road” that was lifted on a small guitar solo that he tracked
at home, says he had an idea for a guitar solo on a song & says Mike did the melody for it for the song’s outro. He says he himself put some drumming ideas onto the
CD to where it was the 5 of them & says every idea they had from Eddie Jackson to
where he wrote melodies & lyrics to some songs.

Todd called it a true group effort to where
nobody was restricted to just their own instrument, says all of them wanted everyone’s best ideas involved & Jericho
asks on what’s his favorites from the CD.
Todd says it’s short, sweet & packs a good
punch on the song “Fall Out”, says it’s got a
great driving force to it & calls the song a
great start to play. Jericho agrees & then plays the song.

16.Plays Queensryche’s “Fall Out”.

17.Jericho says it’s cool hearing them back
doing in his opinion, what they’ve always done best & says whatever the reasons that
was behind it, in the last few years they’ve
gotten away from the classic sound. He says
they’ve brought it back to where it’s great
hearing it, says nobody does that type of music the way Queensryche does, Todd asks
Jericho to repeat the last part again & Jericho does. He says it’s when they did songs from “Warning”: http://tinyurl.com/kjolasm to where they’re
tireless songs, says there’s a certain vibe to
it to where nobody does it like Queensryche
does & says it’s especially when they’re doing this type of vibe.

Todd calls that complimentary to where he’s sure the band would love hearing it,
says there’s many amazing players worldwide to where it’s interesting & says
it’s when watching them to where he’s a part of it, it’s not so much the technicality of
a total shredder. He says it’s about writing
great melodies to where he watches Mike on the chords that he plays, says they have a unique style to where Scott’s drumming
has the placement of the drumrolls & the
accenting on where he puts things & says it makes the drumming real unorthodox in his opinion. He says there’s just a certain something that’s sweet about the writing to
where he & Jericho are both Maiden fans.

Todd says nobody does Maiden like Maiden
to where after returning from all these years, by after a couple or several CDs in his
opinion it didn’t represent on he knew
Queensryche could sound like & says he
appreciates on wanting to be the artist that
you are while trying new things. He says there’s lots to be said about it to when there’s a drastic situation of the sound & style, it’s a big roll of the dice to where they
did it. He says after returning to lots of the
dualing harmony guitar works that the CD
has while having the ability to do songs at a
heavier tune, but to also do something that’s slow & beautiful while having great
string sections in them.

Todd says it’s nice not having to be boxed in to where they’ve always had that thing to
where there was no boundaries, says it was
1 of the things that attracted to their music
& calls the CD a great representation of those elements & a good beginning for the
next chapter of them. He says they’re working on new songs for the next 1, Jericho says he understands on what he means & says with all respect to them, he
hasn’t bought a Queensryche CD in a long time because he knew it wasn’t what he was
into on what he wanted from them. He says
he can’t wait to buy it even though it has been sent to him & has heard it but can’t wait to buy it when it comes out [which’s now].

Jericho says he’s excited about it to where
fans & the band are excited too, says it’s a
new life for the band & Todd agrees. He says without getting into the drama on what occured before but still has to say due
to it making sense, says there was outside
writers to when there was a time when they
were put in place & used & says it’s represented in those CDs because it don’t
sound like Queensryche. He says Geoff’s voice was the band’s voice to when hearing
it, you’d assume it’s them due to his voice &
says musically the style, sound & dynamics was lacking. He says they dropped off the
radar after “Empire”:
http://tinyurl.com/myfve9k .

Todd says he didn’t care to where
“Promised Land”: http://tinyurl.com/mbdon2h is a great CD,
says it wasn’t what he was into to where it
didn’t captivate & got him & says now the
band’s the only writers on the CD. He says
it’s gonna sound like them due to them being 3 of the original band members, says
they were also the songwriters & says vocally he ain’t the original singer, but for fans saying “wow, this record sounds like
Queensryche” is a true testament to them
being a collective group & not 1 person. He
says it’s about a collective group with the
songwriting & sound & says they’re happy & excited.

Toddy says it’s doing great to where it’s a
starting point by introducing him, says the
band’s having an amazing time to where they feel like they’re 20 again & Jericho says
he remembers talking to Mike after the
Queensryche show because it looked like he
was excited. He says that Mike said they felt
like they’ve got a new engine even though it’s the same car, but a new engine which’s
Todd & says it’s good hearing this. Todd calls Jericho an artist to where there’s a point where even on his wrestling days, but
does understand & relate on working with
musicians, another artist, business partner or whatever & after so long, with working someone new with new ideas & a different

Todd says it’s gotta be refreshing whether
it’s good, bad or different, says it’s still refreshing to where Geoff’s got musical interest & says maybe it didn’t fit with the
overall vision of what the others wanted. He
says the fact that he himself’s musically on
the same page with the band he’s always
trying to heavy it up, make it more progressive or other things. He says it works for everyone now to where he’s got
nothing bad to say about Geoff, says he still
feels that Geoff’s voice is amazing to where
it’s rich & says kudos to him for his solo material & for what he’s doing. He says the
band’s moving on as Queensryche to where
they’re hoping that fans like the CD.

Todd says it’s a great CD to where it’s about
good songwriting with great songs on it,
Jericho asks on what song they’re looking
forward to playing live & Todd says he likes
all of the songs on the CD for various reasons. He says if Jericho’s gonna play 1 to
where it’s got great dynamics which’s
“Open Road”, calls it 1 of his favorites & Jericho says it’s the last track on the CD to
where he plays it now.

18.Plays Queensryche’s “Open Road”.

19.Jericho says he was real happy with the
CD & the vibe of it, says he’s excited for them too & asks on what’s coming up with
touring plans. Todd again mentions the 6/22 Wyoming show & CD release party on 6/26 [again, both passed already], says in July they’re doing some rock fests & other
fests that they’re doing. He says in September they’ve got all of the skeletal framework for a tour that month put in place, says in October they’ll be in Europe:
www.queensrycheofficial.com/tour.cfm &
says there’ll be a November trial for the band [Queensryche vs Queensryche]. He says after that everyone enjoys Christmas to where things are slower during that time.

Todd says they’re working on doing a world
tour next year to where they’d love being in
Central, South America & Japan, says they’d
love to be on European summer fests & knows that Fozzy has done that too to where Jericho knows how that goes. He says the calendar’s looking good to where
there’s new things occuring, Jericho says it’s
an exciting time for Queensryche & Todd &
thanks him for being on the show. He says
the CD cooks & kicks ass to where he congradulates Todd for his success, Todd says he appreciates it to where he thanks him back & says he appreciates Jericho’s
interest to where outside of music, he calls
Jericho a great guy.

Todd says it’s his honor & pleasure to do the interview, Jericho again thanks him & tells him to return to rehearsal while saying
hi to the band for him. He says he hopes to
see them again soon, Todd says he will to
where he’ll give him a shout & Jericho again
thanks him to where he again takes another break.

NOTE FROM JEFF:For some reason after the break, Motorhead’s “Deaf Forever” was repeated & the 1st 1/2 of #11 was also repeated, why both was repeated I don’t know. Anyhow after that the show ends at 7:03 PM.

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