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Would Randy Orton consider acting full-time? posted an interview with WWE superstar Randy Orton. Here, he is asked if he’d consider leaving wrestling to act full time:

* I do love performing in that ring. It’s a high you can’t get anywhere else – that buzz when your music hits and those people, whether they’re booing you out of the building or they love you – it’s an adrenaline rush. I believe I’m an adrenaline rush junkie and that’s where I get my fix. To stop wrestling all together – I don’t know that that will happen to me in the immediate future. But to know that movies could maybe be my future one day – not any time soon – but one day, I can accept that. I think that would be very cool.

* stunt double for “12 Rounds?” – Yes, there was. Funny story, actually. Stunt men are great. They’re there to make it a little easier on the actors. I wanted to be a stunt man as a kid, so I did all my stunts. There were two times, however, where my stunt double talked me into letting him do it. I got tossed or kicked down a flight of stairs. But he wore body armor under his EMT outfit that I was wearing, of course. He’s made up to look just like me. But he literally – head to toe – was covered in like this hard plastic and I’m like, ‘Are you serious, bro?’ I would’ve just done it just like this. I’ve got my thermal underwear on underneath my thing. I don’t need my chest plate [pounding chest]! But those guys get paid when they take the bumps like that, so he was great and he was actually Jason in Friday the 13th. I had to give the guy a payday. I couldn’t steal his thunder. He’s gotta have his name in the credits.

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