Independent female wrestler shares her thoughts on “Wife Swap”

Jul 6, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

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To start things off, Piper is now living in the mountains of I believe it was Portland with his wife, daughter, son, and son’s girlfriend. It seemed pretty rustic. His wife does all of the cooking and cleaning and Piper spends a lot of time with his kids, particularly with his son that Piper’s training to be a wrestler. They have a few farm animals which the wife takes care of primarily.

Meanwhile, Flair is living in NC with his girlfriend and her four children. They have people to cook and clean for them and Flair really doesn’t have much to do with the kids. He soils his girlfriend like crazy: jewelry, pedicures, shopping sprees, fine dining, etc. He very much still lives the world champ kind of lifestyle, treating everyone at the bar to drinks, etc. He likes to be the center of attention.

When the wives swap, obviously the ladies are very much out of their elements. Piper’s wife is very down-to-earth and sees that Flair is squandering his money like it will never end. She and Piper were actually at Flair’s first wedding and she’s kept in touch with his first wife, who makes an appearance. Evidently Flair used to be much more involved with his family and wasn’t trying so hard to get attention as he does now. Piper’s wife made Flair go incognito (which included a baseball hat and an awesomely awful fake mustache) to the grocery store, which he was very uncomfortable with, as he’s so used to getting recognized everywhere. After that, she made him stay in to help make dinner with the kids — in the kitchen that no one has used before! At the end of the day, he seemed appreciative of the quality time that he did spend with the kids.

I don’t think Flair’s girlfriend has cleaned a day in her life, as even cleaning the toilet seemed completely foreign to her. And of course she had a difficult time getting up to take care of the animals. When she got to change the rules, she goes out and seemingly tries to spend as much of Piper’s money as she can in the time he has, insisting that he takes her to the best restaurant in town and taking the kids shopping for clothes, with a grand total of about $9k in one shop. My wallet hurt for him.

In the end, Piper learned he needs to try to spoil his wife a little, but they have a very healthy balance and, again, seem extremely down-to-earth. Piper expressed his concern to Flair that he needs to be a little less careless with the way he’s spending his money and he needs to just slow down overall. He told him that people are taking advantage of Flair and he will never really know who his true friends are until he stops trying to buy everyone off. It was really touching and Piper came off as just a wise, genuine father-figure.

When they do the follow up blurb at the end, it sounds like Flair didn’t change very much, but he made some effort to spend more time with his girlfriend’s kids, but it sounds like his spending habits are staying about the same.

This turned out to be a much longer description than I originally thought it would – and that’s my abbreviated version, lol!

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