COLUMN: Random Summer Thoughts

Jul 6, 2013 - by staff

Random Summer Thoughts

by Tom G

A lot of randomness going on in my head during these hot summer nights…

• Funny that Sting got mad when no one helped him survive his scuffle with The Aces and Eights and the proclaimed to restart the Main Event Mafia with… a bunch of the guys who didn’t help him? Lordy. Magnus? Shouldn’t a requirement of membership be having been in a main event?

• But, I do sort of think Sting is WWE bound. You just have to think that some part of him wants a Wrestlemania moment. No Bound for Glory is ever going to come close. A final hurrah for Sting in the limelight is the way his legendary career should end. The gas in his tank may be nearing E, but my guess is he has just enough left in him to wow us on the grandest stage of all.

• Now while I seem to knock TNA a lot, I do like a company that can get behind a guy like Austin Aries. Stick with the guy! Time for Chris Sabin to take a run with the gold, too.

• Having watched “Celebrity Wife Swap” I can say what fun it would be for Colt Piper to come in as this decade’s Roddy. He had the look and the size to be a great antagonist when paired with a larger charge. There could be a lot of fun to be had with a Piper or two back in WWE.

• Will the Wyatt Family overshadow The Shield?

• If Dolph Ziggler is making a face turn, as is CM Punk, me thinks WWE needs to invest in a monster heel or two. Or is there a face that could make a turn and accomplish the same thing?

• Can we fast-forward the A.J. Styles storyline already?

• Ring of Honor seems to be in a big state of flux. Like the original ECW though, ROH finds a way to remain relevant and feature hot talent that deliver. While on vacation two years ago in New York I have the privilege of attending Best in the World 2011 and was entertained from start to finish. I’d love to see ROH on more TV screens sooner than later.

• I’m not sure what it is, but I have a feeling WWE is about to take off and ride another wave of popularity. Things feel like they are starting to come together somehow.

• I’d kind of like to see a Divas Money in the Bank ladder match next weekend. But then again I’d also like to see some Divas that interest me. Oh how I miss you, Eve.

• I wish there was a late Saturday afternoon wrestling show on like the old WCW Saturday Night. It could even be a TNA show. I miss squash matches now and then.

• As we approach the one year anniversary of a three-hour Raw I have to admit I am used to it and now programmed to watch all three hours. I like the three hours.

• Having just finished watching the WCW Wargames DVD I am again inclined to want WWE to pay homage to WCW and bring back some of their offerings — maybe as part of Raw. Halloween Havoc was a good time. But dang, have an annual Wargames! There is no good reason to let this concept collect dust. The match could fill an entire hour and I for one would love it! Maybe every other month or so a Raw is more of an old school “Clash of the Champions” and we have Halloween Havoc (with the Las Vegas wheel), Wargames, King of the Ring, Battlebowl, and iron man tournament and one other gimmicky event. WWE would be a fun environment for a Battlebowl event with random tag teams. This always seemed like a logical event to start new feuds and change the courses of others.

• Guesses are already being made as to what matches we will see at Wrestlemania XXX. I’m going to put money on Undertaker vs. Sting and wait to see how everything else develops. I sort of think the Rock will return, too, which I would then bank on a Rock vs. Brock match. But too early to speculate, I think. (Back in the Attitude Era can you imagine the fun WWE would have had with Wrestlemania XXX?)

• That Brooke Hogan has lasted a lot longer than I imagined. Longer than the singing career.

• If I could take one member of the TNA roster and send to WWE it might be Bobby Rude. He has that classic heel feel I like. Might even fit that monster heel role if done properly. On the flipside, I think Santino Marella needs to head to TNA and join the Main Event Mafia. Like it matters…

OK, my head hurts, back to reality…

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