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WWE Star: Redskins Need To Change Their Name‏

from Chuck Carroll:

Passing along an article I wrote on WWE star JBL’s opinion of the Washington Redskins name. He says it’s derogatory, a slur, and no team should be allowed to use it.

I also co-host “4th & Pain” the only pro wrestling and football show with Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker.

That show can be found on on Twitter @4thAndPain and 106.7 The FAN in Washington on Sunday mornings at 8.

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16 Responses

  1. Shane says:

    While I agree 100%, I gotta say I’m shocked that a guy like Layfield agrees with me

  2. raven12516 says:

    The only people should be complaining are the Native Americans themselves.

  3. Shane says:

    Because only the group being oppressed has a right to be offended by blatant racism?

  4. Fisha695 says:

    How come nobody ever bitches about the Cleveland Browns? That’s pretty racist sounding too.

    Of the Chicago BLACK Sox?

    Or the University of Northern Colorado Fighting Whites?

  5. Mr. Black says:

    Chicago black sox?

  6. Adurka Durk says:

    1. You’re crapping all over that AWESOME and FREE GOOD PRESS the Redskins players were giving the WWE all last season, which is pretty hard to come by considering the WWE cripples people or turns them into murderers.

    2. My fathers side of the family has Native American lineage for generations. Not only am I proud of it, I think names like Savages, Redskins, Blackhawks– all of them, are awesome and instill not really fear, but a toughness to a team, especially by comparison to something like The Cardnials.

    Quit whining. They’re cool names, and they keep an otherwise forgotten race of people in popular culture, and in high graces.

  7. Skeeter Valentine says:

    Wow… I don’t know how to say this but, I completely agree with Drew..

  8. Daniel says:

    Agree with Adurka Durk on this one. People need to stop being so damn sensitive.

  9. Daniel says:

    What about the Cleveland Indians? Should we start calling them the Cleveland Native Americans? Come on!

    For the record, I have a lot of Native America heritage in my family as well.

  10. Fisha695 says:

    @Mr Black, it’s a nickname the White Sox earned back in the early 1900s. Look up “Black Sox Scandal” which ironically also involved another racist team name the Cinci Reds.

  11. Scott II says:

    For once, Aderpa Derp is right. Never thought I say that

  12. Shane says:

    Redskin is a racial slur. Sorry. There’s no two ways about it. As far as other team names like the Indians and Braves, those are forms of cultural appropriation. And even if you have Native blood in you, if you don’t IDENTIFY as Native, your opinion on it is kinda irrelevant. Hell, I include mine in that. I’m white and what I think on this issue is not important. The fact is, the VAST majority of Natives are offended by these names. Probably because they’ve been treated horribly and massacred by white people for centuries and find it a little insane that they naming a SPORTS TEAM after them is anything less than belittling.

    Also, the Cleveland Browns comes from a family name, not a racial slur. A Blackhawk is a bird, not a racial slur. And the Black Sox scandal seems to have racial overtones with it but so did everything in 1919.

  13. Shane says:

    Every single team that takes its name from Native culture essentially equates them with “warriors” or “savages” or what have you. If you don’t see what’s racist about that than congratulations, you’re an ignorant racist and there’s no point in even having this conversation.

  14. Adurka Durk says:

    Then don’t have this conversation, Shane.

    The native Americans were/are a proud race who were given those names because of how fierce and badass they were in fighting off invaders.

    If you can’t see that and choose to only look at it like a sad tale– then you’re a pessimistic party pooper and I doubt very many people wanna discuss anything with you at all.

    Go ruin someone else’s party. Savages were awesome, and I’m going to choose to remember them like that.

  15. Shane says:

    Alright, sorry I thought a guy who’s name is “Adurka Durk” wouldn’t be a racist. That’s really my bad. I’ll go ruin some else’s party now

  16. Jau says:

    Adurka Durk a guy who has a racist name talking about racism? that’s hilarious!

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