TNA Hardcore Justice 2 Coverage: Tag Team Tables Match

Jul 5, 2013 - by Michael Riba

Tag Team Tables Match: Team 3D (Bully Ray and Devon) vs. Brother Runt and Jeff Hardy.
Devon sends Hardy to the outside as Ray slams Runt into the corner. Ray gouges Runt with his own glasses and delivers a couple headbutts. Ray clubs Runt across the back and Devon goes to work on Runt. Devon delivers a headbutt and goes for a suplex, but Runt fights back. Devon tags in Ray, and they double-team Runt. Ray gets physical with Earl Hebner, and Hebner doesn’t take it. Ray turns his attention back to Runt and keeps control of the match. Runt tries for a sunset flip, but Ray punches him in the head. Ray slams Runt to the mat and tags in Devon. Devon goes for the diving headbutt, but Runt rolls out of the way. Runt tags in Hardy, who drops Devon with an atomic drop and then delivers a dropkick. Ray attacks Hardy from behind and kicks Runt in the head. Ray and Devon go for the What’s Up, but Hardy knocks Devon from the top rope. Hardy slams Devon and Runt goes up top and Hardy and Runt deliver the What’s Up to Devon. Hardy and Runt set up a table in the ring, but Devon and Ray recover and take control of the match. Devon and Ray go to suplex Runt through the table, but Hardy moves the table. Hardy drops both Ray and Devon with a Twist of Fate. Runt places Devon on the table and Hardy goes up top, but Ray interferes. Ray sends Runt to the outside and beats down Hardy in the ring. Devon slams Runt’s head into the steel steps as Hardy and Ray exchange right hands in the ring. Hardy takes control and Runt sends Devon back into the ring. Runt sends Ray to the outside and Runt and Hardy place Devon on the table. Runt holds Devon on the table, and Hardy splashes Devon through the table and Hebner calls for the bell.
Winners: Brother Runt and Jeff Hardy.

We see a video with Joseph Park saying he was out of his element tonight, because he is not hardcore. He says his brother Abyss lived for this stuff, but it is not for him. He says his element is in a courtroom. He knows somehow, someway he got the W tonight.

James Storm talks about how he kicked the hell out of Aces and Eights with the help of Magnus and Bob Holly. LAX talk about their reuniting and their win over the New Church earlier tonight. Shark Boy does the same. So does ODB. And last but not least, Runt and Hardy.

We get the video hype package for TNA One Night Only: TNA 10 Reunion, which will be on Friday, August 2, as Hardcore Justice 2 comes to a close.

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