TNA Hardcore Justice 2 Coverage: No Disqualification Match

Jul 5, 2013 - by Michael Riba

No Disqualification Match: Jackie Moore vs. ODB
ODB tosses Jackie down to the mat, and Jackie comes right back and tosses ODB down to the mat. On the outside, ODB tosses Jackie to the floor. ODB rolls Jackie back into the ring, but Jackie goes right back out and beats down ODB. Jackie takes ODB down with a clothesline and tosses her back into the ring. Jackie tosses a broom and some hairspray into the ring. Jackie chokes ODB with her boot and then slams her into the turnbuckle. Jackie stomps ODB down in the corner, but ODB fights back and then sprays shaving cream on her. ODB stomps Jackie down in the corner and then tosses all sorts of weapons into the ring. ODB goes to hit Jackie in the head with a boot, but Jackie takes control of the match. Jackie chokes ODB again and then hits her with the boot. Jackie chokes ODB with a wedding veil and then hits her with the broom. Jackie chokes ODB with the broom, but ODB slings her down to the mat. ODB tosses Jackie into the corner and then splashes her. ODB delivers the Bronco Buster and then chokes Jackie with the broom. Jackie throws some powder into ODB’s face, and drops her with a sideslam and gets a two count. ODB kicks Jackie in the face and spits the contents of her flask into Jackie’s face. ODB picks Jackie up and slams her down and gets the pin fall.
Winner: ODB.

Jeremy Borash runs backstage to interview Bad Influence. Kazarian says he is undefeated in TNA in Ladder Matches. Kazarian says everybody always underestimates them. Kazarian says Generation Me has been labeled as disrespectul and it’s a load of crap. He says Generation Me is one of the best tag teams in the business, but Bad Influence will knock them off the ladders to get what they want. Daniels says they are the hometown team and he will climb the ladder as Generation Me will worship he and Kazarian.

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