TNA Hardcore Justice 2 Coverage: Hardcore Gauntlet Battle Royal

Jul 5, 2013 - by Michael Riba

Hardcore Gauntlet Battle Royal: Devon Storm vs. Little Guido vs. Crimson vs. Sam Shaw vs. Johnny Swinger vs. Funaki vs. Gunner vs. 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Shark Boy
Storm suplexes Guido into the ring. Guido attempts to use a golf club as a weapon, but Storm suplexes him again. Storm grabs the golf club and uses it on Guido. Storm comes back and goes for a powerbomb, but Guido fights out and delivers a dropkick. Guido chokes Storm with the golf club. Crimson enters the match. Crimson smacks Guido in the back with an umbrella. Crimson drops Storm with a boot to the face. Crimson goes to eliminate Guido, but Storm hits him with a dustpan. Guido dropkicks Storm as Crimson is holding him, but Crimson tries to eliminate Guido. Sam Shaw enters the match and hits Crimson with a cane. Crimson drops Shaw with a back-body drop. Crimson hits Shaw with a golf club and Guido hits Storm with the umbrella. Johnny Swinger enters the match. Swingers takes out everyone with a crutch. Swingers gets eliminated. Crimson hooks Storm with the umbrella and Guido hits Crimson with the crutch. Funaki enters the match. Funaki brings part of a guardrail to the ring. Funaki tosses Guido into the guardrail. Funaki kicks Guido to the floor for the elimination. Crimson takes Shaw down with a clotheslines. Gunner enters the match. Devon Storm is eliminated. Gunner lays Shaw out with the golf club. 2 Cold Scorpio enters the match and eliminates Sam Shaw. Shark Boy enters the match. Gunner and Funaki go after each other as Scorpio and Shark Boy go after Gunner. Scorpio connects with a legdrop on Crimson. Funaki goes up top and Scorpio shoves him to the outside. Crimson powerbombs Scorpio and eliminates him. Gunner and Crimson double-chokeslam Shark Boy. Gunner and Crimson argue over who is going to open the bag that Shark Boy brought to the ring. Shark Boy delivers a Chunner to Crimson and Gunner. Shark Boy pulls a huge fish out of the bag and uses it as a weapon on Gunner and Crimson. Shark Boy eliminates Crimson and Gunner.
Winner: Shark Boy.

We see Knux, D.O.C., and Wes Brisco backstage. They talk about their match with James Storm, Magnus, and a mystery partner and say they are going to beat up Storm and Magnus like they always have.

We see a video hype package for the formation and the reign of the Aces and Eights so far in TNA.

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