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Rob Black bringing back XPW

Promoter Rob Black has announced that he would be restarting XPW with a show on 10/31 in Los Angeles, featuring a 12-man tournament for the XPW title.

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  1. Shane says:

    Oh Jesus.

  2. Sinnful says:

    XP DUB
    XP DUB
    XP DUB

    This is amazing news

  3. JLM3 says:

    YAY! The wrestling world missed the stinking pile of garbage that is XPW! SUCH GREAT GROUNDBREAKING NEWS.. THE WANNABE ECW IS BACK!!!!!!!!!

  4. Josh Dionio says:

    Where Zandig and his JEEEEEZUSSSS! promo when you need them?

  5. Clayton says:

    Supreme ? Kid kaos? Messiah?

    Idk where they are now but ill admit this is the weirdest news of the day

  6. At last nights Underground Empire Wrestling (UEW) show Rob Black made an appearance and was a guest commentator at the “Fatal Frontlines” show and said he had a special announcement to make at the end of the show. To not waste anybody’s time and to keep a long story short about a great show Rob Black’s announcement was that XPW was UEW and will be a night of hardcore matches that a true XPW fans fiend for. Saturday, October 18th, 2014, UEW goes HELLBOUND…who will survive the Cage of Death?!?! Check it out if your in Southern California.,

  7. Kid Kaos or Rockstar Kaos has opened a school in Bell Gardens called Santino Brothers Dojo Academy and has shows every other Friday and can be watched on

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