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Video: Family blames WWE, others for mom’s fatal asthma attack

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  1. Ryno says:

    hhahahahahaha hahaha ha hahahaha hahahaha ahahahahahahahhahaha ha ha ha ha ha ha hahahahahaha hahahahaha ahahahahahaha no

  2. Anybody says:

    Well, if my mom died and I could try to sue somebody and make money on it… …I wouldn’t. It won’t bring her back, guys. Just look at the numbers of how many people have gone to and lived through these events. I’m sure that one out of 4 Billion people dying due to the pyrotechnics is a pretty safe bet. Safer than walking down the street on a sunny day. Case Dismissed.

  3. OCO300 says:

    1.) This happened over 5 years ago

    2.) How is it that no one else had troubled breathing (during the ending segment of Summerslam) at Summerslam 08?

    3.) Where was Susan and her sons sitting?

    4.) Do they have any hard evidence proving WWE was responsible?

    5.) Amazing how this happened at the end of the match or at the end of the show.

    6.) Did the family contact WWE, the Capital Improvement Board, the city of Indianapolis, Pacers Basketball, LLC, Conseco Fieldhouse five years ago or during 2009, 2010, 2011 or 2012 cause of this incident?

    7.) Were there any news reporters outside, that had info on what happened?

    8.) Did Susan had an inhaler with her?

    9) Are the only witnesses are her family cause if it is……wouldn’t that draw some suspicion by not only the jury but the judge?

    10) Also were there any warnings on the t&c’s to inform you about the load noise and pyros?

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