Dolph Ziggler talks about his concussion; traveling with AJ and Big E

Jul 4, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck posted an interview with Dolph Ziggler. Here are a few excerpts:

* Ziggler talks about his concussion: “Yeah, I mean, I think I had one other one in college, but nothing this bad ever, in my life. I had a bad headache for a solid two weeks afterwards. I was diagnosed with retrograde amnesia which meant I ended up losing a day and a half, two days of my memory instantly, even though when the incident happened, there was like five more minutes of match that I went through and actually executed very well.”

* On traveling with AJ Lee and Big E Langston: “Yeah, we do, not even all the time, but some of the time the three of us do travel together, and it’s been kind of cool because AJ’s another one who, as a child, wanted to do this — like when I was five, I wanted to do this and I’m doing it now — I think when she was 8 or 10, she decided she wanted to do it and she’s doing it. So that’s brought us together. The two of us, maybe outside of work, never would’ve bumped into each other or said a word”

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