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Kane hangs out with Vince Vaughn in Texas


Vince Vaughn posed for pictures with a seemingly nice man in a yellow shirt this weekend at a BBQ in Texas — but don’t be fooled … cause that guy is WWE Superstar Kane (UNMASKED!) and he could DESTROY YOU!!

It’s not often you see the 18-year wrestling vet out in public without his mask on these days … but Kane made a rare appearance on Saturday for Ron Paul’s annual BBQ in Lake Jackson, Texas to talk politics with other supporters like V.V.

Turns out Kane — real name Glen Jacobs — is a big fan of the former Presidential hopeful … and Paul has even been pushing for Jacobs to take a crack at running for office.

Politics could be a good fit — considering Kane’s already spent most of his life around professional fakers.

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3 Responses

  1. Daniel says:

    LOL TMZ is retarded. Kane has been maskless for years and they make it seem like he’s never been seen without his mask before and to say he’s making a rare appearance at a political event is ridiculous. He does that all the time.

  2. A bit harsh with the “professional fakers” line.

  3. aag44 says:

    @Daniel: Agreed. Although knowing how condescending TMZ is, I’m sure they’re just assuming that the people who read their site stopped watching wrestling back in 2002 when they found out it was fake…

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