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Daily Discussion: Second half of 2013 predictions

daily discussion

Today’s topic: What are you predictions for the second half of 2013?

Yesterday’s discussion – Does Matt Borne (Doink The Clown) belong in the WWE Hall of Fame?

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  1. Bob says:

    1. Raw will go back to 2 hours.
    2. Ryback & Dean Ambrose will both get the World title.
    3. Daniel Bryan will get a short reign as WWE champion
    4. Big Show will turn face and heel one more time
    5. The big storyline will be HHH vs. Vince. Vince will side with the body builders of the company (Cena, Orton, Sheamus, Ryback), HHH will side with the wrestlers (Punk, Bryan, Dolph).
    6. Following wrestlers will turn face: Jack Swagger, Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, and Mark Henry
    7. Following wrestlers will turn heel: The Miz, Sheamus, and Christian
    8. RVD will be gone by the end of the year

  2. Guled says:

    Sabin winning the belt & have a decent run with it.

  3. Simba says:

    That WWE is going to continue sucking for the foreseeable future.

  4. Geoff says:

    Cm Punk vs Lesnar / Daniel Bryan vs Cena at Summerslam to kick it off. Jericho will leave for Fozzy and come back around WM season. Whoever wins SD MITB briefcase will rise to the top. Ziggler will eventually beat Del Rio and cement his image as top-ish babyface. The Shield will continue to dominate, culminating in a match with Brothers of Destruction down the line. Ambrose will shine. Expect a couple of RVD vs Punk/ Bryan matches as well. Hopefully they can push the likes of Cesaro, Rhodes, Sandow and Barrett in time for WrestleMania. Sheamus and Orton to feud likely.

  5. MC Live says:

    Bryan as WWE Champion. HHH will either win power from Vince, or be on his way to doing so. Orton heel turn. Sting signs with WWE. Thor, Superman, Iron Man, and Wolverine will all be ignored at the oscars. Oh and Black Sabbath will win the Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance at the Grammy’s

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