6/29 “Rock of Jericho” with Brent Fitz‏ recap

Jul 2, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

From Jeff Sheridan:

1.NOTE FROM JEFF:For those that only wanna read the Brent Fitz segments, they’re #s 13, 15, 17 & 19. Anyhow Jericho starts the show at 5:04 PM by saying welcome to the show, then introduces himself & says Slash’s drummer Brent Fitz:
http://twitter.com/brentfitz will be on. He calls Brent 1 of his oldest friends to where they grew up together in Winnipeg, says they’ll tell some stories & says in 2 weeks,
Queensryche’s Todd La Torre will be on the show. He plugs their new CD
“Queensryche”: http://tinyurl.com/qfby6ar ,
says he’ll kick the show off with the 1-2 punch with “When Dreams Go To Die” on
XM 242 & says the rock starts now, to where he cranks it up.

2.Plays Queensryche’s “Where Dreams Go To Die” & “Spore”.

3.Jericho says “Spore” is also from
“Queensryche” to where that word’s like
nesting that bothers him, says the CD has
La Torre & says to remember that there’s 2
Queensryche bands to where 1 of them’s by
La Torre & the other’s by Geoff Tate. He asks on which 1 would you choose, calls La
Torre’s version the more classic Queensryche & then plugs “Frequency Unknown”: http://tinyurl.com/kesrtax by Geoff’s version to where it should be called
“Tate-Ryche”. He says Geoff’s version has a
vibe to where it’s more of a solo type which
had him do experimental stuff, again asks on which 1 to choose & says it depends on
which era you like better.

Jericho says he likes La Torre’s version better, says that Brent will be on later & says he’ll talk about Vivian Campbell & Def
Leppard. He says to stick around because the show has begun & takes a break.

After the break Jericho says welcome back to the show to where he again introduces himself, says he’s in full swing to where he
talks about Vivian & says many long time
metal fans know that he was Ronnie James
Dio’s original guitarist for his solo band Dio. He called Vivian the Randy Rhodes to Dio’s Ozzy to where he wrote all of the early tunes with Ronnie & the other band
members, says after 3 CDs including
“Sacred Heart”: http://tinyurl.com/prhmvuo
Vivian left Dio or was fired & says it depends on who you ask. He says Vivian then went to Whitesnake & later went to Def Leppard to where he has been with them for 20 or so years.

Jericho says Vivian announced recently that
he’s got blood cancer [Hodgkin’s Lymphoma] that’s not life threatening, says that all cancers are life threatening & says
this 1 has a high success rate to being in
remission to get rid of it. He says Vivian will
play with Def Leppard but has issues to where he’ll need to step down from some
shows, says that Vivian’s got his Last In Line
band that has all former Dio members except for Ronnie who died 3 years ago & says they play music from the 1st 3 CDs. He
calls it interesting because Vivian & Dio had
lots of heat & issues for years due to money
& says that he went on Eddie Trunk’s show a few months ago.

Jericho says that Vivian said it was about Dio claming that after their 1st 3 CDs they’d
re-configured the deal while paying the guys more, says it never occured & says it’s
rock & roll to where it’s called the music
business. He says sometimes the business
gets in the way of music to where things occur, says that now Vivian wants to pay tribute to Ronnie & says both Last in Line & Def Leppard’s touring this summer if Vivian’s able to do so: www.lastinlinerocks.com/shows & http://tinyurl.com/ph7hg5v . He says he’ll play some Vivian/Def Leppard stuff from the underated CD “Slang”: http://tinyurl.com/oewegwc with the song

4.Plays Def Leppard’s “Slang”, Dio’s “We
Rock” & Trixter’s “Heart Of Steel”.

5.Jericho says “Heart Of Steel” is not a song
by Vivian but Trixter’s Steve Brown replaces
Vivian on dates where Vivian can’t play due
to either being sick or has to go to get treatment & says Steve will fill in for him. He calls Steve a tremendous guitarist & a
great singer, says that he’ll play with Def Leppard if he has to & says if you see Last In
Line in your area, you need to see them. He
says he’ll play just for you your requests to
where he plugs
http://twitter.com/rockofjerichoxm , says
http://twitter.com/thepinklady18 wanted to
hear Fozzy’s “Dammed”, says it’s sort of an
unreleased track & says it’s because it’s only
on the vinyl version of “Sin & Bones”:
http://tinyurl.com/blay7tk .

Jericho says if you wanna hear “Dammed” you have to buy the vinyl version, asks if you see how it works, says that fans ask on
when “Dammed” will be on iTunes & says he
don’t know. He says you’ll have to ask Century Media for info on that, says there’s
another “Sin & Bones” unreleased track &
says he don’t remember the title now. So until he remembers he’ll play “Dammed” now.

6.Plays Fozzy’s “Dammed” & Clash’s “Train In Vain”

7.Jericho says
http://twitter.com/batty100 wanted to hear
“Train In Vain”, then remembers the unreleased Fozzy song “[These] Gallows” &
says for some reason he thought of “Under
The Dome”, but sees it’s from the Stephen
King miniseries: http://tinyurl.com/oqdd5al . He says it was
clled a “spinny” to where there was a blonde chick that was kinda dumb or bubbly, says she was called a “spinny” & says he knew someone named Linda Donnelly that was called “Spinny”. He says if
she’s listening which he doubts it due to it
being a 1% chance out of 1,000, he apologizes for calling her that name.

Jericho says he’ll play more requests, says if
you make them to where he again plugs his
Twitter you’re not a “spinny” & says he hopes to play “[These] Gallows” 1 day. He says he’ll play some Maiden & 3 Years Hollow to where he takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show on XM 242, says that
http://twitter.com/nicolemcherry wanted to
hear 3 Years Hollow & says he had to see who they are. He thought they were a local
band that don’t have a deal, maybe they’re
in her friends basement & says he found out that they’re from Pennsylvania. He says
their CDs are on iTunes:
http://tinyurl.com/q27erx4 , says the song’s
called “Remember” & says he never heard the song. He hopes it’s not experimental jazz, hopes it’s rocking & then plays the song.

8.Plays 3 Years Hollow’s “Remember” & Iron
Maiden’s “Still Life”.

9.Jericho says
http://twitter.com/nowywolf wanted to hear “Still Life” that’s from “Piece Of Mind”:
http://tinyurl.com/pnzy544 , calls it his favorite & wishes that Maiden would do it
live 1 of these days. He says they killed it by
headlining this years Download to where
they did the “Maiden England” set:
http://tinyurl.com/ooe76y4 , asks on what’s
next for them to where they kind of done a
nostalgia tour & modern tour & says it was done back & forth in the last few years. He says they did their early years tour, says they did the powerslave era & says they’re
doing “Maiden England” which’s from their
“7th Son Of The 7th Son” era.

Jericho says they can’t do a “No Prayer For
Dying” revisted tour, says maybe they’ll do a new CD to where they’ll do some “1/2 new & 1/2 old” stuff & says it won’t be 12 new songs & 5 old songs or just all old songs. He says Steve Harris’ never afraid to
take chances while doing something different, calls “Still Life” classic Maiden & asks on what did you think of 3 Years Hollow. He says “nicolemcherry” requested it to where he hopes she liked it, says if she
didn’t to tweet her your dislikes & says there’s no room for dislikes now. He says it’s due to something that’s sweeping the nation & says it’s keeping fans happy to where birds are chirping & babies are singing.

Jericho then does the “Jericho’s iPod” jingle, says he spoke about Airbourne last
week to where it’s now the 1st on this weeks iPod & says it’s “Live It Up”. He says
the next song’s “Locked In” from Judas Priest’s “Turbo”: http://tinyurl.com/pra5ycx , says when the CD came out he hated it because he thought it was a sell out & says he used to
say “Priest has whimped out man”. He says
he bought the CD a couple of weeks ago so
he’d revisit it to where in lots of ways, it’s
still bad as he remembered it, but there’re
still some good songs to where “Locked In”
is 1 of them & says from Van Halen’s 1st CD [“Van Halen”]: http://tinyurl.com/neh6kjd is
“Little Dreamer”. He says this weeks iPod’s got some “L’s” to it & then plays all 3 songs.

10.Plays Airbourne’s “Live It Up”, Judas Priest’s “Locked In” & Van Halen’s “Little

11.Jericho again says “Little Dreamer” is from VH’s 1st CD to where they played the
song on their 1st VH reunion tour, says that
Eddie’s son Wolfgang who’s the bassist wrote the setlist & says put the awesome obscurity into the set. He again says Brent
will be on later to where he’ll talk about some obscure Slash/Vince Neil/Alice Cooper/Union info, says there has been many bands Brent has been a part of & says
he’ll talk about Volbeat to where he again
takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show on XM 242, says that Volbeat which’s the band that’s sweeping the nation who’re from Denmark & says in
the last 3 years, they’ve become massive. He
says it’s cool hearing about a European band coming over & getting such a buzz,
says they’ll tour on the Monster Energy Drink Rock Madness tour:
http://tinyurl.com/7ojsvfa with All That
Remains & says if you never heard of Volbeat, they’re a fun band. He plugs the
CD to where he thinks it’s called “Outlaw Gentleman & Blonde Women”, says he don’t
know now & says he’ll play “The Hangman’s
Body Count” now.

12.Plays Volbeat’s “The Hangman’s Body
Count” & Ghost’s “Year Zero”.

13.Jericho says “Year Zero” that’s from
Ghost BC, says they’re the same Ghost band
but added “BC” to their name due to another band also called Ghost sued them & calls it ridiculous. He calls Ghost BC another Swedish band that’s taking the world by storm to where they wear makeup & pope outfits while singing about
Satan, says it’s all the things you want in metal & says it ain’t death metal, but it’s like Blue Oyster Cult combined with Greatful Dead. He calls them interesting to
where they’re getting lots of steam, then says the CD’s called “Outlaw Gentleman & Shady Ladies”: http://tinyurl.com/oesvkl6 &
says it’s not “Outlaw Gentleman & Blondes”.

Jericho says that sometimes shady ladies
can also be blondes & sometimes they’re not, says that Brent’s coming up next & then takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show, says on the phone is 1 of
his oldest friends in music & says the reason
he says this due to both growing up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He says the guy is Slash’s drummer/music director to where it’s Brent, asks “Fitzy” on how he’s doing & Brent says hi to his fellow
“Winnipeger”. Jericho says it’s funny because he told the story many times when
Slash: http://tinyurl.com/77t7n3l & Myles Kennedy: http://tinyurl.com/a2sngws were
both on the show, calls it funny on how both he & Brent started in the same city &
section of town in Winnipeg & says they used to see each other to where he vividly
remembers seeing Brent.

Jericho says that Brent’s now Slash’s drummer to where it’s cool knowing that Brent did the same thing he himself did, says that both went separate ways & says
after all these years, both achieved their dreams at the same time from the same place. Brent says he’s glad that both went to the same concerts & wrestling shows, says he remembers both meeting at a drive-in on a weekend & asks Jericho if he
remembers. Jericho says yes because there
was something called “The All Nighter” which was an all night drive-in, says it occured every Victoria Day weekend which’s
Canada’s version of Memorial Day & says you’d hang out all day in line.

Jericho says the lineup of cars would be down the highway, says the gates would open to where you’d go inside & says you’d
suppose to watch the 4 movies that was
advertised there. He says people would really go there to drink all night, Brent says
he don’t remember watching movies there
& says he had a van to where he’s sure he
was underage then too. He says he’d take the van to where he’d sneak beer in the van’s hood, says it was the Miller brand that
was smuggled in the engine & says they’d
park in the back to where others would come & hang at the van. He says he remembers meeting Jericho & says both went to different high schools in the same area.

Brent says everyone then had their own circle of friends to where both had mutual
friends, again says both went to different schools & says both met that day to where
both talked music. He says it was a long time ago, Jericho says there’d be cops or
security guards at the gate due to no alcohol was allowed inside & says the cops
would sit & pour out the booze if it was found. He says you’d have to find a cool place to hide it, says he’d use to hide whatever he got then in the car’s carburetor, asks Brent if he knows what an
air filter is & says he’d put it into the filter &
drive in. He says Fozzy’s drummer was like
“ah Fitz” due to him hating Brent.

Jericho says it was due to Brent being in better locally bands like 7th Heaven, Shake
Naked with Lenita Erickson & other bands,
asks on how did he go from Winnipeg to LA
to where his 1st band was Union with Bruce
Kulick & John Corabi & says even though it
was a big step, but what was the process.
Brent says before going to LA he was sort of whether to go to Vancouver or Toronto,
says as he investigated to where he toured
mostly in the western part of Canada with
bands & says he was in Vancouver a lot. He
says as he went to Toronto he told himself
that he’d go for 2 weeks to hang in Toronto’s music scene & says he was 25 to
where he thought he’ll either meet someone that’ll leave an impression or some dot to connect in the music business.

Brent says he gave it 2 weeks or plan B would’ve been to where he had no idea on
how to get to either New York or LA, again
says he went to Toronto & hang at a place
called “Sam The Record Man” & says he had
family in the area to where he crashed on
their sofa. He says the only 1 he ran into during that time was Triumph’s Gil Moore hanging at a bar, says he either said hi or
spoke with him & says Gil gave him the biggest cold shoulder to him. He says he
decided to go to LA to where thought Toronto wasn’t good enough, says he had
friends that went to the music trade show
NAMM in Anaheim & says there were others from Winnipeg that also went there.

Brent says his buddies advised him to come
with them this year to see it, says they told
him there’s lots of musicians there & says it
wasn’t for those guys to where they weren’t
musicians, but were techs such as sound & light guys. He says they told him to go to NAMM, says as he went there he saw all of
his heroes like someone from Kiss, [Rick] Nielsen from Cheap Trick to where the list was endless & says after 5 minutes from entering the show, he thought it was where
he needed to be. He says that’s what got him started by going to LA & seeing his heroes, says he found ways to sleep on sofas & says 7th Heaven’s bassist & 2 other
guys were Californians.

Brent says he don’t know how that all occured but he had 2 Californians in his Winnipeg band in ’88 at 18, says when he was in LA he ran into 1 of them at NAMM to
where he was surprised seeing Brent & says
he invited Brent on his sofa. He says it was
some creepy things that occured to where
he didn’t plan any of it, says it kinda worked
itself out to where he needed someone & says the guy told him “if you wanna hang on my couch, I’ll introduce you to a bunch of people”. He says it’s about dot connecting to where he was lucky that someone was looking out for him, Jericho asks on how did he meet up with the others
& says Bruce must’ve still been with Kiss then.

Brent says it was when Kiss wanted to do
their reunion, says he stayed at his friends
home while on his sofa & says he watched
the Kiss reunion occuring on the American
Music Awards. He says it’s when Kiss walked
out in makeup to where it was a turning point, says he may’ve met Bruce at the time
to where he knew Kiss was reuniting & says
he met Bruce thru Lenita to where he played music with her in Winnipeg. He says
she met a producer to where she worked on material in LA, says both he & her are old Winnipeg friends & says everything returns to Winnipeg to where he again says
he met Bruce thru her. He says a conversation occured with him & Bruce to
where both had a friendship musically
“blah, blah, blah”.

Brent says both he & Bruce started the band to where again says he’s from Winnipeg, says he grew up as a Kiss fan like
Jericho & others did & says he got to work
with someone from 1 of his favorite bands.
He again says all of this returns to Winnipeg, Jericho says it’s funny because
Union had some buzz off the bat with Brent,
John & Bruce & asked on how was it playing
with them. He asks if he learned a lot while
playing with seasoned veteran musicians to
where they’ve been worldwide with some of
the biggest bands that they know & Brent says yes to where he always enjoyed working with others in the business that had more experience other then himself.

Brent says he challengs himself to work with those kind of people, says that part of
the idea was to be in LA while working with
others from bands or from the same circles
that he looked up to & says from someone
that’s from Canada’s music scene, to start over by moving to LA & working with 2 artists from 2 bands that he has seen them
play at the Winnipeg Area. He says he & Jericho would see them back in the day to where it was cool, says he earned his place
with them due to both he & Jericho know
that in Canada there wasn’t dot connectors
or record industry in Winnipeg & says all they did was played music. He says it’s so cold to where you’d be good at what you’re

Brent says he went to LA to where he didn’t
know anyone but knew he could play, says
that others told him that he can play & says
he got to work with them. He says they were surprised because when they worked
together, they saw that it was good for them to work with a Canadian & again says
they were surprised. Jericho says when thinking back to the 1st Union CD [“Union”]:
http://tinyurl.com/p5mb4hs he asks on what songs that sticks out to where he loves hearing today, Brent says it’s the 1st track due to it being the 1st that he started working with them called “Old Man Wise” &
says the song came about due to Bruce & John demoed music with just the 2 of them.

Brent says it was without a band before they decided that they were gonna be a band, says their stories were that Bruce was
seeing that the original Kiss would reunite & at the same time with John, Motley Crue
would reunite with Vince Neil. He says John
& Bruce had the same experiences occuring
to where they were bandless then, says that
both came together from it & says when he
was introduced to both of them musically,
by demoing stuff they did this with a producer. He says they didn’t have a drummer or bassist, says when he came in to where he just started being friends with
them & called himself a “jack of all trades” musician.

Brent says Bruce though Brent was a piano
player due to him playing piano, says that
either Bruce saw him do this & says he forgot how it was. He says he originally was
gonna play something on piano on some stuff they worked on demos, says he saw
they didn’t have a drum machine but just demoed quick ideas & says he remembers 1
day saying “if you want me to play some drums on these things, I’m cool with that”.
He says their response was “oh, you play drums?” as if they were surprised, says he told them yes & says he played on the demos early on. He says the 1st song he played with them was “Old Man Wise” & says that song’s near & dear to him.

Brent says he liked both 1st & 2nd Union CDs [“Siren’s Song”]:
http://tinyurl.com/o8on3ux , but is partial to the 1st 1 because it was a turning point
for himself due to going to LA while recording with guys he’s got respect for. He
says it was phase 2 of his career to where he again says he moved to LA while working with them & Jericho then plays
“Old Man Wise”.

14.Plays Union’s “Old Man Wise”.

15.Jericho says that must’ve been kinda cool
to when Brent did some recording in Canada, says it was the 1st CD that he saw
him on it, asks if it was the 1st CD that was
released in the USA & Brent says yes. He says didn’t record with Streetheart but it
would’ve been fantastic to where they were
the 1st band that was like Union, says they
were a recording & touring band & calls it
his big jump. He says everything else was cover bands then, asks on what Winnipeg band was recording to when in ’88 he & Jericho out of high school & says he don’t
remember any Winnipeg band like that. He
says Streetheart sort of had records 10 years prior to it.

Brent says Union was coming off from that,
Jericho agrees & says it’s the typical story of
growing up in Winnipeg to when the biggest bands of all time were Guess Who &
Crash Test Dummies. He says there wasn’t
much of a music scene occuring then so you
had to go somewhere else, says when going
to the USA to work with Union & says Brent
gigged with Neil, Alice Cooper, Foreigner,
Theory Of A Deadman & others. He asked on how he ended up being hooked with Slash, Brent says it relates to square 1 & the
early Winnipeg thing to where seeds were
planted & says it returns to Union & other
early bands that he did when 1st coming to

Brent says someone tipped him off that
Slash was looking for a drummer while he
himself was in LA working with Bruce, says
that Bruce did a solo CD [“Audio Dog”]:
http://tinyurl.com/p2a8kpm in 2010 & says
both went to LA to do a showcase show at
the Kat Club. He says he invited Todd Kerns to play in Bruce’s band to where the story
goes that Todd himself in Slash’s band too,
says while working with Bruce & in LA that
Slash’s tour manager who he sort of met a
few times calls him out of the blue & says the reason for meeting was that the guy like Union. He says the guy has been in radio to where people knew his name & says he sort of stayed in touch with him.

Brent says the guy called him 1 day & said
“oh I heard you’re working with Bruce at the Kat Club, very cool”, says that Gene Simmons filmed their gig for his “Family Jewels” show: http://tinyurl.com/mdhkxc &
says the guy called & said “hey you know ah, oh you’re in LA, hey Slash’s looking for a
drummer & I should put you guys in touch.
Slash did finished a new record & I think you’d be great for it”. He called it cool to
where the guy was nice enough to recommend Brent for it via the guy’s intro,
says there wasn’t any formal cattle call audition thing that he heard & says it was a
random to where someone told him due to
ironically being in LA that day.

Brent says it worked itself out to where he & Slash didn’t meet before, says both spoke
on the phone a bit & says they got together
& jammed in LA to where things worked out. He says it’s when they agreed that it was working at least for Slash, says it’s when both jammed & says he introduced Slash to Todd to where he worked with him
with Bruce. Jericho says when Slash began his band was that his only idea was that he
wanted Myles to sing for him, says that Slash didn’t have anyone else in the band &
Brent says in a good way, Slash put the CD
together that had lots of great guess singers. He feels that Slash wasn’t thinking
too far ahead.

Brent says back then Slash thought “well
maybe I’ll go & do some shows, maybe I’ll tour this”, says that Slash’s vacations weren’t put too far ahead & says he was
impressed on what Myles said on the record. He says that Slash figured that anyone to where Myles can cover lots of
Slash’s catalog from GNR & some solo stuff,
says that Myles was the right guy to cover it
all & thinks that Slash asked Myles to where
both put ideas together with other band guys. He says he himself wasn’t in those early conversations, says when Slash put the band together to jam with others it was
perfect timing due to him being in LA & says it was when Slash thought “well you know I’ll look at some drummers & see about putting a band together”.

Brent says it all occured quick to where the
timing was perfect, Jericho asks on how was
it when he hooked with Slash & jammed to
where Slash’s 1 of the greatest guitarist of
their generation & asks if Slash plays different. He asks on how was it jelling with Slash as a drummer, Brent says Slash’s in
tuned with to where the 1 thing he enjoys
playing with him’s that Slash loves playing
guitar & says it’s the thing Slash was put on
Earth to do. He says he knows that Slash enjoys live shows to where he plays with others while getting together, says he remember the 1st time they started working in a rehearsal & says it was his 1st

Brent says he can see that even though they
were auditioning, Slash was having a blast
playing to where he sees that Slash was attentive to what Brent did & says Slash has
big ears to where he’s sensitive to tempos & the feel. He says Slash’s not just worrying
about guitar parts to where he sees the whole playing field, says that Slash has great radar & says he enjoys playing with him to where both are feeding off each other. He says not only are they both touring, playing & recording together for a
couple of years but always tries to sink in with Slash, says he always has 1 eye on him
especially during live shows & says it’s when he’s following him.

Brent feels that Slash follows him too to
where both have a good connect that way,
Jericho says both started touring to when it
came time to do the CD & asks if he wrote
with Slash for “Apocalyptic Love”:
http://tinyurl.com/6rlz5p4 or did he come in
with tunes & say “this is what we’re doing”.
He asks if both went in a room & jam, asks
on how did it come together & Brent says they were in the room & did old school which was before they got too far ahead. He says Slash who’s always guitar playing to where he’s in a hotel & working on ideas,
says both have some sound checks to where
Slash had cool rifs that he worked on & says
both did a sound check while jamming on ideas.

Brent says there were times every day during touring they did sound checks to where most bands don’t do that anymore,
says they show up & do the gig & says they’re a band that loves to do sound checks while working on rifs. He says at times Slash spends time making his own ideas which’s cool to where he comes up with things that he likes, says it’s where Slash introduces it 1st to Myles & says that’s what he sees to where Slash & Myles
has good chemistry with Slash’s rif. He says
Myles sometimes gets good rif ideas too or
some structure on songs & melody ideas, says then the band gets together & says
Slash had lots of ideas that were put together with Myles 1st.

Brent says as a band they jammed out on them, says after touring they’ll go to LA to
where they’ll rehearse while being together
& says they’d bang ideas for hours on end.
He calls it a lost art to where they’d go &
physically play them over & over while removing crappy parts, says it’s when it’ll start feeling like it’s coming together & says
lots of new music’s done by committing it to
be done. He says you don’t get to hear a completed till it’s recorded, says they flushed out some songs long ways before
recording them & calls it a great way of making a CD. Jericho asks on what songs stand out for him from the CD & Brent says
it’s always “Halo”.

Jericho & Brent both call “Halo” a great tune to where Brent says it came fast when
they jammed, says it’s something that as a band they had a great rif coming together
with music & says Myles came quick with the melody. He asks if “overthunk” is a word, Jericho says yes & Brent says he don’t
think that they “overthunked” too much to
where he loves the tune. He says he likes
“You’re A Lie” [YAL] to where it came together near the end of the CD, says that
“Standing In The Sun” [SITS] was 1 of those great ones & says 1 day he saw Myles during rehearsal to when Myles came in, it’d be Slash, then Todd on bass & himself on drums. He says all 3 of them were in the room sometimes a week.

Brent says they’d jam out ideas before Myles came in, says when Myles came in he’d hear some demos that they’d put together with no vocal melodies & says Myles would get a chance to put his melody
idea. He says Myles usually was scatting & didn’t have lyrics yet, says it’s where he’d come up with a cool melody to where he’d
sing whatever & says Myles would sing in his iPhone while thinking of ideas. He called
it a cool way by saying “we’ll figure out the
lyrics later, let’s just get a melody”, says that SITS was 1 song that he remembers to
when Myles had the melody rif in the chorus while putting music together & says
he remembers that 1 sticking out.

Brent says it’s where he thought “OK, I think we have a real, cool verse & chorus in
that song”, says he loves “Halo”, SITS & YAL
& Jericho says he’ll play “Halo” now.

16.Plays Slash, Myles Kennedy & The
Conspirators’ “Halo”.

17.Jericho calls “Halo” a great tune that’s
catchy, says he was laughing to Myles when
he was on the show about the band’s name
& said “Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators” to where you can’t put it
on the back of a tshirt due to it being long.
Brent agrees, says that maybe in another
language the word “Conspirators” can be called something else & Jericho agrees. He
says Brent & Kerns are conspiring to take over the band, Brent agrees & says at least
they’re part of the band instead of an idea
that Slash came up with. He says Slash said
“it’s a band, it’s not just me”, says he understands that & says if they were called
“The Conspirators” without Slash’s name in
it, he’s sure it’d create some confusion.

Brent says that either had Myles in the 1st round that featured him, says they decided
to put the whole band name together & says it wasn’t thought out too much. He says they thought that “Conspirators” was a
cool thing that Slash came up with, Jericho says the whole concept’s great to where talking about being in a different level & says Brent’s got a respected career. He says
if his career ended before being with Slash to where Brent played with other legends like Bruce, Corabi, Neil, Cooper & others, says when playing & touring with Slash at
festivals is a different world for him & asks
on how is it being on stage while playing
these songs including GNR classics.

Jericho says it’s got the most recognizable
guitarist in our generation, asks on what’s it like as a musician to play for many years
with many bands & Brent says he’s still a fan. He says that don’t get old because he
believes that while he loves doing what he
does is that he keeps everything in check,
says the fact that he plays some of the greatest classic rock songs & says Slash’s
GNR catalog is something he asks on what
can you say about it. He says the songs are
still great to where they play themselves,
says it’s fantastic to get a chance to play
nightly with Slash playing lots of great songs & says the cool thing about Slash’s
that they’re playing his entire catalog.

Brent says in a way they covered lots from
the GNR stuff & Slash’s Snake Pit stuff, says
they played almost every song from
“Apocalyptic Love” other then maybe 1 track & says to play 10 new songs is very
incredible. He says by returning to what was said about working with legends like Slash, says it’s an honor to where Slash’s a
cool, down to Earth guy & says it kinda makes it surreal in a sense to where he again calls Slash a real, down to Earth dude.
He says by keeping it in check’s where once in a while by looking over to where he says
“wow, that’s Slash over there playing
‘Sweet Child Of Mine'” & says it never gets
old to where daily it’s an honor.

Jericho says that’s something off the bat to
when he 1st met Slash, says for someone like him that has accomplished a lot he’s 1 of the nicest guys he has met & asks if that’s
the same when playing with him. He says at
times when playing with others in a band
are different when they’re kinda with guys
that they hired or playing with, asks if Slash’s like this creatively & livewise too &
Brent says yes. He says he himself has played in lots of bands in the last 20 to 25
years to where Slash has done it that long
too, says both have worked with all kinds of
different personalities including Myles & others in the band & calls it interesting because he’s there years later in the business.

Brent says you figure out the kind of people
that you wanna work with, says that years
ago it was more about opportunities to where you’d work with others that kinda work their way up into the business & says he has worked with others that weren’t the
best in personalities or others that he didn’t click musically or personally in bands.
He says you’d know that you’re with the right 1 to where it’s like a marriage, says it’s when you’re with the right 1 that you kinda get along with & says after all these
years to where he’s speaking for Slash & himself, is that they enjoy the band that’s currently working together to where they’re at a stage in their careers.

Brent says they just wanna work with those
that’s easy going to where it’s a low maintenance band, says with Slash it’s about the friggin music to where it’s good
while having a good time & says the other
kaos is on the back burner. Jericho says that’s the stuff you deal with when you’re
young, says if you’re gonna be in bands or in a fight to where they’re throwing each other thru bus windows & says if you’re gonna be touring that long, why do you wanna put up with that. He says there’s no
reason for it especially when you get older,
says you just wanna play music & says the
cool thing about Slash is when he was on the show, he spoke about the Conspirators.

Jericho says that Slash said “this is my favorite band I’ve ever played with as far as
personalities”, says when he asked Slash on
why he said this & says that Slash’s response was that “nobody in the band’s from LA, everybody’s seasoned, there’s from other places & are all just good guys”.
Brent says it’s strange that there’s 2 Canucks & there’s Myles who still don’t live
in LA, says that Myles lives in Spokane & says they’re not Hollywood people. Jericho asks when playing GNR songs if it was fun
doing them, says he’s sure Brent played them for years in cover bands & asks if it’s
cool playing them as Slash’s drummer to where Brent says yes.

Brent says the importance of him playing
them now’s that he don’t have a license to
change while making the songs different,
calls them great classic songs to where he
does the right thing & says if he was to see
Slash sing them, he’d want them to sound
like the way he’s used to hearing them. He
says he tries honoring them to where if Steven Adler was the drummer, how would
Steven play them to where he did a great
job for GNR & Matt Sorum’s stuff on “Use
Your Illusion” [1]: http://tinyurl.com/l99w3kz & [2]:
http://tinyurl.com/mfw7mom . He says he’d
try to do them the way he’d wanna hear them if he saw them live.

Jericho says Brent got the chance to record
“Rocket Queen” with Slash on the “iTunes Session”: http://tinyurl.com/nsqonc8 to where it must’ve been kinda cool, Brent calls it 1 of his favorites & says he loves it
when the last track on “Appetite For Destruction”: http://tinyurl.com/pvop4s7 to
where it’s 1 of the best songs. Jericho says it’s got a great groove & then plays “Rocket

18.Plays Slash, Myles Kennedy & The
Conspirators’ “Rocket Queen”.

19.Jericho calls it super cool to what Brent has done over the years, says that Brent played with some of his favorites musicians
& says he’s proud of him for the fact that he
got the gig with Slash to where it’s going
good. He says they’ve toured so much to
where they’re on a break now, asks if they’re gonna do another CD & Brent says
yes. He says Slash’s forever creating new rifs to where he’s got ideas to work on, says
they’ve got some upcoming tours this summer: www.slashonline.com/tour & says
after that, they’ll probably repeat on what they did from their last CD [“Apocalyptic Love”] which involved getting together in the rehearsal room.

Brent says it’s where they’ll flesh out ideas, says he can’t speak for the others but feels
there’ll be new music maybe next year &
Jericho says it’s great talking to Brent to
where he thanks him for being on the show.
He says he’s happy for Brent’s success from
being a small town Winnipeger that made it
to worldwide stages after both hanged at
McDonalds & 7-11 to where it was cool. Brent says he has referenced Jericho to where it’s a pleasure saying that both who’re from the same neighborhood bull,
says it was being careful on what they wished for to where it worked out & says it’s what they love doing when they were younger.

Brent says both knew while knowing each other back then on what they wanted to do,
says they’re now doing what they love &
Jericho says both went out & did it. He says
both still love Winnipeg Jets to where he says “go Jets”, Brent says there’s only 1 team which’s all that matters & Jericho again says it’s great talking to him. He tells
him he appreciates it & then takes another

After the break Jericho again thanks Brent
for being on the show to where he calls him
1 of his oldest friends ever, says both hung
out at the McDonalds parking lot to where you’d go inside & buy drinks & hang outside & says you’d have to buy something
if you’re hanging at the parking lot. He says
Brent would be there to where they’d look
at him & say “Fitz’s in 7th Heaven, dammit,
we hate 7th Heaven”. He says Jericho’s band
then was called “Semitar” but Brent’s band
was always better, says he’ll talk about the
best band of all time which’s the Rolling Stones & says he saw them twice 1 month ago. He says they were amazing not just for
a band with 7 year olds but for a band in

Jericho says it was cool seeing guitarist
Mick Taylor come on stage, says that Mick replaced Brian Jones after he died to where
he was with them in their glory/creative/hayday years in his opinion
from ’69 to ’74 & says Mick left due to them
doing too many drugs. He says Mick couldn’t take it to where he’s back with them on tour to play “Midnight Rambler” &
“Satisfaction”, says on other nights he’ll do
either “Sway” or “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking” & says “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking” is the last song for today. He says it’s from “Sticky Fingers”: http://tinyurl.com/oyl24bh & says “last song” 3 times.

Jericho says the song ends this weeks show,
then makes knocking sounds to where he
asks if you hear that, asks if you hear him
knocking & says he can to where he plays the song.

20.Plays Rolling Stones’ “Can’t You Hear Me

21.Jericho says the “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking” jam was done in 1 take, says he
loves the fact that they decided to continue
playing for 3 minutes after the chorus was
done & says he don’t know if they’re doing
any USA tours in October or November but
if they are, go see them. He says if you can
afford a $600 ticket it’s worth every penny,
calls them an amazing band to where they’re the greatest ever if not THE greatest ever & says it’s like his fans that’s
hearing the show. He again thanks Brent to
where he’s an amazing guy that’s lots of fun, again plugs his Twitter for you to send
requests & says Todd La Torre will be on the show next week [NOTE FROM JEFF:
earlier he said Todd would be on 2 weeks from now].

Anyhow Jericho says he himself will be on
next week at the same time, says God bless
& thanks to where you should stay hard, heavy & hungry. He says he’ll see you soon
to where he loves you & the show ends at 7:08 PM.

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