Recap of “Wife Swap” featuring Flair & Piper

Jul 1, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

wife swap

ABC yesterday aired the season two finale of Celebrity Wife Swap
involving Ric Flair and Rowdy Roddy Piper swapping their respective
partners all for the good of reality television for a week. The episode
was taped a few months ago and features one on one interviews with both
Superstars, footage from their best WWE moments, and their partners. Flair
swapped his partner Wendy, who fans might better know as Fifi the Maid
from WCW. She has four kids and shares custody with her ex-husband. She
says that living with Ric is like “an adventure every day” and he lives
like a 21 year old, spending a lot of money and buying a lot of gifts. In
complete contrast, Piper lives with his family in Portland and his wife
Kitty said that they don’t like to go out and like to save money instead.
“My wife is with Ric Flair, which is a huge problem,” exclaims Piper

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