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RAW Recap: Cena faces Del Rio; Ryback loses to Miz

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We are live tonight In Sioux City Iowa and We have two Main events CM Punk & Curtis Axel Vs Prime Time Players and WWE Champion John Cena Vs World Champion Alberto Del Rio and we start off the night with Vickie Personally Announcing the Champion Vs Champion Match.

We start the evening off with Daniel Bryan and a lot of Yes Chants. He goes to the ring and the MITB Briefcase is in the ring with a Ladder. He says Last Week the burning Question was Finally Answered. Is Daniel Bryan the Weak Link? After making Randy Orton tap out, NO NO NO! Can Daniel Bryan ride this momentum and win the WWE Championship Contract? If only there was a 3 letter word ….YES YES YES! I want to be like some of the greats Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, The Rock…Daniel Bryan. And Why not, two years ago i won the MITB Match and Cashed in to become World Champion and it’s been far to long. Just because this one is filled with a lot of All Stars, I will win and become the new WWE CHAMPION. Here comes Sheamus and would you like to talk about history? I beat you at Wrestlemania in 18 seconds. What I’m trying to say is its been far to long since i had a Championship around my waist. Is there any way if i call 1-800- Fella if you can come out here and brogue kick yourself in the face? Oh you have a since of humor, i always thought trolls are supposed to be grumpy. Here comes Randy Orton and he says are you all arguing about how long its been you each been champion? Its been nearly 2 years since i have been Champion. I’m not hungry…I’m starving! I need the WWE Title so After i Win, I wont hesitate to cash in on the first non expecting champion i see. Daniel says I may not know who is going to win but i do know i made you TAP OUT last week. Fans start chanting “You tapped out” I am going to let that one slide Daniel, Disrespect me one more time and i will drop you where you stand. Now its true, i am desperate. That means in two weeks, NO one is Safe. Here comes Kane and he says I Agree Randy, no one is safe. Especially You! There is no one more ruthless than me and Especially when the WWE Championship is involved. It’s Every man for himself, no Partners, No friends, Only Victims. Kane and Daniel start arguing about who is going to be WWE Champion and here comes Christian. I hate to break up this lovers core and break up your celebrations, There is only one man who has more experience and more ladder matches in the History of the WWE and That’s ME! Now i have been gone for a while, I said i am looking for One More Match and that’s going to be for the WWE Championship. Now it’s like this, I might not be the biggest guy, The strongest or the scariest or the hairiest but you all should believe, i am without a doubt i am the BEST! CM Punk – I made a promise to myself that i wouldn’t do the predictable thing and do what each one of you have and then i heard that magic word…Best! Christian i respect the hell out of you and what you have accomplished in your career…i really do. But not only am i the best in the world, i am the best at the Money in the Bank Match. I am the only man who can say he has won it twice and very soon i can say I’ve won it 3 times. I don’t want any of you gentleman to misunderstand me. The fact is no one can touch me in this ring. Rob Van Dam…..Id like to think your watching this right now, your fearless. You will do anything to grab that Briefcase, and Sheamus one of the toughest guys I’ve been in the ring with…Randy…SHUT UP! Daniel Bryan says if you say another word i will make you tap out like i did Randy Orton last week. Orton goes to RKO Daniel but Kane jumps in. He gets the RKO instead.


We Come back with the Wyatt Family Promo

Here comes the Shield in a 6 man tag match and they will face Christian and the Uso’s which is a rematch from Smackdown. Seth Rollins starts off with one of the Uso brothers. He quickly tags out to Dean Ambrose and Here comes Christian. Christian is working Dean’s Arm and runs towards the ropes but Dean catches him. Christian trips Dean into the ropes and he quickly slides out of the ring. The Uso’s and Christian take out the shield on the outside.


The Shield has taken control of the Uso’s and Christian. One of the Uso brothers are in the ring with Seth Rollins and he is all over him. He tags back out to Dean once again. Double Team Suplex and a quick cover and a kick out. Dean is stomping him in the chest and putting a rear naked choke on. Dean tags in Reigns. Jay is trying to come back but Roman Reigns wont allow it. Jay hits a huge kick and before Jay can tag out Rollins runs and drop kicks Jimmy. Christian is begging for a tag. He got him, Christian is punching Rollins and a nice forearm. Dean Ambrose is back in and he is all over Christian. Christian hits the killswitch out of no where but before he can get the 3 Reigns breaks up the count. Christian goes for the killswitch again but No, he goes up for a top rope move but Rollins hangs him up and Ambrose rolls up Christian for the 1-2-3! Winners: The Shield

Kane and Daniel Bryan are in the ring and Daniel tells Kane he has something to make up for him taking a RKO. Kane says stop messing my stuff up. Daniel says I just wanted to tell you, You vs Randy tonight. Daniel says he was named Special Ref.

Here comes Dolph Ziggler and he is going to Wrestle and its Up Next


Dolph Ziggler vs Jinder Mahal

It starts off with Mahal having the upper hand and Jinder runs but he gets tripped. Dolph puts him in a side head lock. But Mahal gets back on the offense and hits a HUGE knee to the face. He hits a Double hooked Suplex. 1-2 kick out by Dolph. Ziggler hits a beautiful drop kick and gets a quick cover 1-2 kick out. Dolph gets picked up and hits a back breaker. Mahal goes for the Camel Clutch, Dolph gets out quick and hits the Zig Zag and gets the 1-2-3. Winner: Dolph Ziggler

The ring gets surrounded by 3MB and Dolph gets out quickly.

They show some WWE Championship Videos

Up Next: Mark Henry Career retrospect


We see Vickie and Brad backstage…here comes Triple H. I came to tell you your doing a good job tonight, Your giving the fans what they want. Just so you know, You do what i say.

They show John Cena Vs Mark Henry at the MITB PPV.

Video of Mark Henry is played

Randy Orton Vs Kane with Special Referee Daniel Bryan  is up next


A bunch of punches and kicks to start the match off against each other. Kane hits Orton hard with the right hand. He starts hitting him with a lot of punches and uppercuts. Orton tries to come back and goes for a clothesline but gets a elbow to the head. Kane hits a low dropkick on Orton and gets a cover 1-2 kick out. Orton hits Kane with a headbutt and then a Lou Thesz press on Kane with punches. Orton starts walking around Kane and kicking him all over his body which ends with a knee drop to the face, cover 1 kick out. Kane hits a huge suplex He picks Orton up and gets a Huge uppercut and a arm to the face over and over. Kane kicks Orton out of the ring. Daniel starts a 10 count but Kane goes out to get Orton. They are back in the ring and Orton toe holds Kane into the turnbuckle. He is loading on Kane with punch after punch. Daniel starts pulling Orton off Kane and Orton pushes Daniel. He says ring the bell DQ Kane Wins. Kane says no i don’t want to win like this. Daniel restarts the match. Orton hits a dropkick and Kane goes to the outside.


We are back and Kane has Orton grounded with a neck lock. Orton punches his way out of it and tries to throw Kane in the turnbuckle but no Kane throws him and hits a huge clothesline. Kane goes to the top rope and Orton hits a drop kick in mid air. Orton hits a powerslam on Kane and then hits his famous DDT Threw the Ropes….No Kane reverses. He goes for the chokeslam but Orton kicks out of it and Orton hits his reverse backbreaker. Now he goes for the Rope DDT and hits it this time. Orton sets up for the RKO…..Daniel gets in his way and kane hits a big boot. 1-2-3  Kane Wins by a very quick 3 count. They start arguing about the count. Kane grabs Daniel by the throat and before he does anything he just leaves. Daniel is left in the ring with Orton and RKO!

Backstage we see Paul Heyman, CM Punk and Curtis Axel. Punk is saying he will beat the Prime Time Players by himself, and Curtis needs to sit there on the apron and watch. Paul You i trust, Him i don’t. he says Trust me Curtis Axel is worthy of your trust.

Alberto Del Rio Vs John Cena is promoted and another Video promoting the Championships.


We are back and here comes Fandango and he will face Sheamus and Sheamus hits him into the turnbuckle then a huge punch. Clothesline then a huge suplex. Fandango goes for something and Sheamus reverses. He then hits  a shoulder block in the turnbuckle and fandango goes to the outside to get a breather. Sheamus goes and slams him into the Barricade. Sheamus goes to the ring and Fandango goes back out. Sheamus tries to catch him but a huge kick to the head to Sheamus. Sheamus hits Fandango in the gut. Fandanago gets some huge kicks and punches in and puts him in a neck hold. He keeps getting the neck lock every time Sheamus tries to get out. Sheamus finally gets out and is pounding him in the corner with punches and then goes for a clothesline but fandango dunks, but he still hits a forearm to the face. Now he has him set up for his 10 count Forearm to the chest. Fandango Tries to take off running. Sheamus wins by Count out

Up Next: Miz Vs Ryback


We are back and here comes Chris Jericho

Ryback Vs Miz

Ryback starts off with slamming miz’s head to the ground time after time. He is punching and hitting him constantly in his head. Miz starts trying to kick his way back to and Ryback just hits him back to the ground. Ryback really is demolishes Miz. Miz starts to try and make a comeback but Ryback just pushes him away. He is toying with Miz now, shoving his face. Ryback goes for a clothesline but Miz moves. He hits a bunch of punches and then kicks Ryback in the legs. A hip to the face. and then Miz hits his Corner move clothesline. Ryback tries to kick Miz but he catches his leg and hits a huge move. He goes for more Leg damage, twisting it around the ropes. Ryback then waves off his match due to his Knee. Winner: The Miz

Chris Jericho gets mad that he just waved off his own match, he runs to the ring and hits a Codebreaker on Ryback.

Championship Videos


Here comes the World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry. I am known as the Strongest Man in the World, i didn’t get the name from a cracker jacks box, i earned it. When i was in Texas making world Records. I am legitimately maintained that Name 17 years ago when i got in the WWE. I have learned there is a lot of backstabbing backstage and all these years ive earned everything. “They” never gave me a chance to be WWE Champion. All the nights i was away from my family and all the years i pretended to like the boys and doing the right things for the business but that got me no where. I deserve to be the WWE Champion. All the time ive gave to you people, ive earned the right to be WWE Champion. You people hang on every single word i say and you are just a bunch of puppets. At MITB PPV, Now that i finally have my chance, no one is going to keep me down anymore. I will do the right thing for me. After i beat John Cena no one in the world can deny me. You all are going to say That Mark Henry…He Earned that WWE Championship. John Cena At Money in the Bank, I’m going to Beat your ASS.

Backstage: Vince McMahon, Vickie and Brad and he says did you see Daniel Bryan out there earlier? What did i tell you about Daniel Bryan last week. That he was small and has issues and Vince says there for you aren’t listening to me now are you. That main event tonight that’s awesome but you are throwing Money away…It should be on PPV. Just remember this, There is a list a mile long that got fired because they wouldn’t listen or do what i say. Enjoy the rest of your evening.


Here comes CM Punk and Curtis Axel Vs Time Prime Players

Punk is telling Curtis he wants to start it off. Curtis then ends up getting to start and punk is telling him to Tag him right now. Curtis starts off with Darren Young and Curtis is punching him like crazy and he hits a nice Chop. Then a huge clothesline. Curtis instead of tagging punk he gets Titus O’Neil. Titus gets on the offense against Curtis and punk is yelling I will tag you right in your face. Darren young gets tagged back in and gets a quick cover. Titus tags himself in and is kicking Curtis in the corner. Titus goes to run at him but Curtis reverses and kicks him in the face. Curtis is going for a tag and and Tags Punk in. He is all over both of them. Huge spinning neckbreaker on Darren Young. He hits the Knee to the Face and instead of a bulldog he hits a clothesline. He goes to the top and hits the Elbow. He hits the GTS and Sidesteps Titus, Curtis tags himself in and Curtis Pins Darren Young 1-2-3! Winner: CM Punk and Curtis Axel

More WWE/World Championship Videos


Kaitlyn Vs Alicia fox

We are back and its Kaitlyn and Layla to the ring and its Kaitlyn vs Alicia Fox. Alicia Gets Kaitlyn in the corner and slams her into it twice. Elbow to the face and hits a suplex but kick out. Kaitlyn out of nowhere a SPEAR 1-2-3! Kaitlyn Wins

Here comes AJ and Aj says Your just trash I know it and all these people are about to know it. I don’t know if you remember those pictures you took when you was broke and young before the WWE. Well i brought one…They show a really fat Kaitlyn and making fun of her.

Stephanie, Vickie and Brad are backstage and Vickie says why haven’t you figured this out with Kaitlyn and AJ. Vickie freaks and says between you, ur dad and Triple H.When you are getting confusion then how can you do your job well? Then Vickie starts talking bad about Vince McMahon and Stephanie says are you trying to get fired? When did we become girlfriends? Only Business and i don’t appreciate you making fun of My Dad and Husband. We will have an official job Evaluation next week on Raw. Raw is unpredictable, you just don’t know what will happen next.


Rob Van Dam Promotional Video

Cody Rhodes w/Damien Sandow Vs Antonio Cesaro w/ Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger

They start with a tie up and Cody slaps Cesaro. They start wrestling in the ring and Cesaro Picks him up by his waist and slams him down. Cody puts Cesaro in a headlock and hits a uppercut and a quick roll up but a kick out. Cody gets him back in a headlock. Cesaro reverses and flips him over. Cody goes for a pin but uses the ropes but only gets a 1 count. Cesaro hits a uppercut and Cody leaves the ring. Cody Hangs Cesaro up on the ropes and a backslide but Cesaro rolls threw and hits the neutralizer 1-2-3 Winner: Antonio Cesaro

More WWE/World Title Videos


Bella Twins backstage with two Girls. Then Natalya and The Funk girls walk up. They are all promoting the E Show.

Wyatt Family Promo They are coming Next Week

Here comes World Champion Alberto Del Rio to the ring.

Up Next: Alberto Del Rio Vs John Cena


Out Comes WWE Champion John Cena

starts off with Del Rio taking Cena to the ground with a headlock. Cena gets out and hits a shoulder tackle. Del Rio hits a Hip toss and they are both looking at each other. Cena goes for the AA but Del Rio get out quick and is walking towards the ramp. Del Rio comes back in and a Suplex by Cena. Cena hits a bulldog and Cena runs but shoulder first hits the ring post. Del Rio punches and kicks Cena and the ref backs him up. Del Rio Runs and goes threw the ropes….


We come back to see Del Rio have Cena in a headlock and Cena gets out of it, Del rio quickly goes to the top but as he jumps off Cena hits a drop kick in the air. Cena hits a shoulder block and then the second one he misses. Del rio goes to bring Cena in the ring but Cena stuns him, and here we go with two shoulder blocks this time and goes for the suplex but he reverses and hits the back stabber, 1-2 kick out. Del Rio goes for the Arm Bar but Cena reverses and hits his suplex. You can’t see me and he hits it. He is setting up for the AA and Del rio reverses into a german suplex 1-2 kick out.  Cena hits a belly to belly suplex 1-2 kick out. Cena goes to the top but Del Rio kicks him in the back of the head 1-2- kickout. Del Rio goes for the kick again but misses, Cena goes for the STF but doesn’t get it, Del Rio lands a huge backbreaker 1-2- kick out. Del Rio puts cena on the top rope and hangs him down, He kicks him and backs up…He takes off running and Cena lifts up. Shoulder first does Del Rio and Cena hits a Crossbody 1-2- kick out. Cena goes for the AA bu Del Rio reverses into a Armbar but he rolls threw, STF on Del Rio. Here comes Mark Henry to the ring and Cena let’s go of the hold. Del Rio tries to steal one but Cena kicks out. Here comes Dolph Ziggler and he is on the top rope. Cena by distraction Hits the AA 1-2-3! John Cena Defeats Alberto Del Rio

Mark Henry goes and gets the WWE Championship and gets in the ring with John Cena. Mark throws it to cena and as Cena goes to pick it up Mark tease him with an attack. Mark Leaves and cena poses with the Championship.

Next Week live on Raw the Wyatt Family Debut: They’re Coming

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    I wish. Then I might actually start watching again. As it is, I’m clearly not missing anything with this borefest.

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