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Latest speculations on The Briscoe Brothers

Apparently The Briscoes asked for time off awhile back from Ring of Honor, as Jay’s wife is pregnant. With Jay Briscoe not dropping the ROH heavyweight title, there is speculation that they will eventually re-sign with the company. There is a feeling that WWE has developmental talent that rivals talent such as The Briscoe Brothers, so there is no guarantee WWE will extend the duo developmental contract offers.

Source: Dave Meltzer

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  1. Tooty Unicorn says:

    Unless you are a blind smark, you will know by now most wrestlers are interchangable. The majority of wrestlers today in the all the major to mid companies are good at their job. No one really stands out as being somehow more/less capable than the others.

    With the pushing and booked just about any of them could be WWE champion.

  2. ~J* says:

    stay the big fish in the small pond in roh boys.

  3. Adurka Durk says:

    The Briscoes have real character, though.

    Not saying they have GOOD character, but they have more personality than a cookie cutter like Ziggler or Miz will ever have.

    That’s what makes a difference in pro wrasslin.

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