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Jim Ross describes WWE’s new developmental facility

Jim Ross via described WWE’s new Performance Center which officially opens its doors on July 11: “The 26,000 square foot facility will rival any training facility in the NFL or the best of division one athletic programs. There will be 7 rings available along with top of the line production facilities including a room that talent can work on their verbal skills that one can do on their own and then send the promo to a work station for review with their peers and/or coaches. There will be a voice over room that the talents plus the on air announcers can use to practice. The Performance Center facility will be manned by a full time strength and conditioning coach, the most up to date work out equipment available, fulltime athletic trainers, physical therapists and an on call/on site physician.”

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  1. nightmare says:

    Because when you have 7 rings it makes you a better wrestler. Everybody knows that. And why practice your promos at home in front of the mirror when you have a studio? All I’m saying is that WWE is wasting a lot of money solely for the purpose of appearances. Anybody in the business today knows that talent can be cultivated just as well in a dirty old warehouse with no air conditioning, only daylight peeking in through the skylights, and only one ring. Character is what you create in that environment, and that’s something you can’t teach.

  2. nightmare says:

    Or buy, for that matter.

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