6/29 WWC “Summer Madness” ippv results

Jun 30, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

From Ivan Pajic:

6/29/2013 (iPPV)
Caguas, PR (Héctor Solá Bezares Coliseum)

1.WWC Jr. Heavyweight Title – Battle Royal match: AJ Castillo defeated El Diabólico in 12:08 to become new champion. Other participants were Barrabás Jr., Zion RT1, Steve Joel, Rikochet and Jay Vélez.
2. Xix Xavant defeated Fidel Sierra w/Fantasy in 4:06 with a School-boy roll-up.
3. WWC Universal Title match: Chris Angel (c) w/Barrabás defeated Kenny Dykstra in 6:24 with the Spear.
4. WWC Puerto Rican Title match: El Chicano (c) defeated El Bronco #1 in 9:31 with Wheelbarrow roll-up.
5. WWC Tag Team Titles – Triple Threat match: Sons of Samoa defeated Andy Leavine & Samson Walker (c) and Thunder & Lightning in 16:03 when Manu used the Frog splash on Levine and became the new tag team champions.
6. Mask & Orlando Toledo`s hair vs. Retire: El Súper Fénix w/Orlando Toledo defeated Ray González in 17:46 after knocking him using a knux.
7. Savio Vega defeated Carlito Caribbean Cool in 17:39 with a roll-up. After the match Carlito attacked Savio Vega with a chair.
8. Carlos Colón vs. El Invader #1 in 19:55 with the Backstabber. Originally El Invader #1 pinned Carlos Colón but was on an illegal way, so Stacy Colón came in and explained referee Pelayito Vázquez what really happened so he ordered match to restart.

NOTE: Large crowd estimated anywhere between 4,000 and 5,000. Ricky Santana worked show as agent/producer. The intermission yesterday was 50 minutes long!

6/30 San Germán (Arquelio Torres Ramírez Coliseum)

-Carlos Colón & Ray González vs. El Invader #1 & El Súper Fénix
-Thunder & Lightning vs. Sons of Samoa w/Barrabás
-El Chicano vs. Kenny Dykstra
-Sebastián Guerra vs. Andy Leavine
-Xix Xavant vs. Chris Angel
-Fidel Sierra w/Fantasy vs. El Bronco #1
-Zion RT1 vs. Samson Walker

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