Vince McMahon ‘Doesn’t See Money’ in Current Main Eventer

Jun 29, 2013 - by Michael Riba

In an all-too-confusing story, Vince McMahon reportedly doesn’t see money in a current WWE main eventer. The story started out as Daniel Bryan being the guy referred to, but Shawn Michaels has recently said Bryan IS NOT the guy who Vince was talking about.

Two weeks ago, the Ministry of Slam show did an interview with Shawn Michaels, during which HBK alluded to an unnamed WWE star who Vince McMahon doesn’t “see money” in, and does not believe in his ability to draw.

In an update to that story, is now reporting that the superstar in question is Daniel Bryan, and the following is a transcript of what HBK had to say in the interview:

“I had a conversation a couple of weeks ago with the man in charge and we were talking about a certain individual and he goes, ‘I just don’t see money in him.’ And I said, ‘You said the same thing about me.’ He said, ‘I did not.’ I said, ‘Yes you did!’ (laughs) I said, ‘And it’s okay. It’s just one of those things.'”

“I wasn’t your prototypical—heck, I wasn’t anybody’s prototypical main event guy. And I knew that. So, you just do your absolute best,” said Michaels. “Yes, I was very scared and very worried, which had a lot to do with how bad I handled stuff because I spent a great deal of my career waiting for the other shoe to drop. Because it was a very real view of me and my ability and my talent. I’m a firm believer that talent does rise to the top, but you have to be patient. So, I spent a great deal of time worried, intimidated, and concerned that with each passing storyline, it might be the last one.”

HOWEVER, in an update to the story: Shawn Michaels has said Daniel Bryan IS NOT who the story is referring to. Michaels went on to say “that [Daniel Bryan] isn’t even who we were talking about. He’s [Vince] big on DB. Shame y’all let those folks work you like that… No, the guy is actually 6’3 250, ironically, y’all miss the same point he did. Amusing since everyone’s knocking him.” Michaels also said that he did not ‘measure the guy’s height and weight’ and that he was ‘just guessing at 6’3″ and 250.’

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Credit: Ministry of Slam, PWTorch, F4WOnline, WrestleZone

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