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Participants officially announced for MITB’s World title match contract

mitb - world title

The Money In The Bank match participants for the World Heavyweight title
were announced during last night¹s Smackdown television show. The seven
Superstars who will battle for the briefcase are Cody Rhodes, Jack
Swagger, Fandango, Wade Barrett, Damien Sandow, Antonio Cesaro, and U.S.
champion Dean Ambrose. Unlike the WWE title MITB match where all seven are
former champions, only one in this match ­ Jack Swagger ­ is a former
World Heavyweight champion and he got the victory by cashing in his own
MITB briefcase several years ago.

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6 Responses

  1. dave says:

    Ambrose or Barrett. Cesaro outside bet.

  2. Anyone realized that they are all heels and a majority of them are jobbers?

  3. skrat says:

    yeah I noticed all heels thing aswell kinda interesting, and swagger and cesaro are both under the tutelage of zeb, I’m picking sandow for the win though…turning on rhodes in the process or vice versa

  4. Y_set says:

    MITB for WWE championship : all faces
    MITB for World Championsip : all heels.

    WTF ?

  5. Bob Syrup says:

    I’m predicting Wade Barrett wins just because he has been a jobber lately. Cesaro/Swagger and Rhodes/Sandow look to be teams, Fandango is too new, and Dean Ambrose is the US champion already.

  6. MattR says:

    Hoping Rhodes or Cesaro wins, think Swagger will though to fued with Ziggler

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