Nancy Benoit’s sister: My sister’s death was a direct result of “roid rage”

Jun 29, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Sandra Toffoloni, the sister of the late Nancy Benoit, did an interview sharing her thoughts on what happened six years resulting in three deaths – Chris Benoit, Nancy Benoit, and her seven year old nephew Daniel. Here are a few excerpts from interview.

* On her relationship with Chris Benoit: We bonded instantly, which wasn’t easy with Christopher. I don’t know if it is the difference of being Canadian… or that almost all he knew in life was wrestling; but when we would talk, as young as I was, it was like student and teacher. Books he should get, bands he would love, movies and TV that were a must watch! It was crazy how much of the same things we liked and enjoyed! We got along instantly like peas and carrots. The fact that he loved my sister SO desperately was the first thing, obviously, that we had in common.

* Regarding her nephew’s health: Daniel did not have Fragile X. I have his medical records. He was NOT sick.

* On Benoit’s religious beliefs: Although my sister and I were raised strictly Catholic, Chris did not subscribe to any one particular religion. He developed an interest in Eastern religion and philosophy while wrestling in Japan.

* Regarding possibilities of Benoit leaving WWE after Eddy Guerrero’s death: After Eddie passed away, Chris and Nancy discussed the possibility of Chris leaving the WWE and starting his own wrestling school. As a matter of fact, it had become more than a possibility. A business plan had been developed and merchandise had been designed. However, the WWE was prepared to give Chris a big push and put him into another championship match so Chris began training harder and pushing his body further

* On “roid rage”: First of all, at that time, the wellness policy program was ineffective. I’d like to think that it’s changed but I’m not sure it has. Everyone joked about it. There was no way Chris could have tested clean unless the sample wasn’t his. It is my understanding that “roid rage” typically does not last an entire weekend. It is my belief although I was not there that he and Nancy got into a terrible argument that escalated to the point of serious violence. In spite of what the public has heard following the autopsy reports, let me tell you that my sister was brutalized. My sister’s death was a direct result of “roid rage.”

* Benoit’s relationship with his father: Mike painted this picture of them being so close to Chris, but they weren’t in the decade I knew him.

* Benoit’s legacy: A lot of people would expect me to be hateful and spiteful to Chris and his legacy but the Chris I want to remember is the brother-in-law I knew up until the year before all this happened. Unfortunately, I don’t have any contact with David and Megan, Chris’ children, but they too have to be considered. It must be a huge burden for them to carry the Benoit last name in Canada. I love them and miss them very much.

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