Former WWE developmental talent continues to take shots at Bill DeMott

Jun 29, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Kevin Matthews, a former WWE developmental talent, continues to take shots at WWE trainer Bill DeMott via social media…

Matthews via Facebook:

R.I.P Big Bad Mama, It Should of been Bill DeMott.

Earlier on Facebook, he wrote:

R.I.P Matt Bourne. It should of been Bill DeMott.

— updated —

Matthews again via Facebook:

Podcast has been recorded.. topics discussed.. DeMott breaking yardsticks over talents backs if they messed up a drill, DeMott consistently pulling out a gun at the training facility, DeMott telling WWE Divas to NOT report sexual harassment to the office by the current personal trainer (that replaced Rob the guy Bill got fired after he blamed 31injures HE caused on), Calling talent “Fags” “Pussies” and telling them to “Kill Themselves” daily (1 talent in FCW is gay and being called a fag daily by Bill). These stories were told by two talents who were THERE for this, not by me who HEARD these stories. Some stories I heard and had them confirm or deny them … all in all its surreal what you’re going to hear on this episode that should be up in 15minutes or so. Hopefully this opens peoples eyes and change comes sooner rather than later. #EndDeMottcracy

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