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New poll: Bad Influence vs. The Shield


Fantasy match:

TNA’s Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian) vs. The Shield (Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns)

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  1. Matt says:

    Rollins and Reigns no question.

    Kazarian is just an average wrestler. His gimmick right now is extremly annoying. Telling 3rd grade playground level jokes when you have never been anything special isn’t being compelling,

    Daniels on the other hand gives a whole let better delivery even when he tells a bad joke. He also can go ten times better in the ring than Kazarian. Kaz does nothing but hold Daniels back.

    Rollins is a good wrestler but mostly lacks a little polish. He has all the tools but could use a little more time in the industry. He seemed a bit off at first in the Shield but he grew to become more into the roll and his skills all around are improving.

    Reigns being the least tenured of all four is quite impressive as is. He too has room to grow but he’s not anything short of good.

    Reigns and Rollins over all are better because both members are solid. Bad Influence has one great member and one pretty borderline average member who sometimes has some flashes of good, but seriously no one can name a time Kaz ever lived up to his hype. He flops, about the only truly amazing thing Kaz can even put on his record is he does a damn good AJ Styles impression.

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