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The latest word on the Briscoe Brothers

Both Mark and Jay’s Ring of Honor contracts expire on Sunday. Obviously, they have not signed new deals. According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, at one time in negotiations with Ring of Honor, the duo was close to re-signing with ROH. However, there is now a good chance they will head to WWE, or at least explore their options regarding developmental deals when their contracts officially expire.

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  1. skrat says:

    bring them into fcw for a few month then to main roster let them run rough shot over the “tag” division, just let “dem boyz” be “dem boys” as much as pg-13 will allow, book them similar to the dudleys when they came to WWE, they could and should have great matches with the shield, USO’s , PTP and Rhodes scholars, hell a big feud with rhodes scholars and the bricsoes rights itself… pompous intellectuals vs down and dirty rednecks = easy money the only real question is can the briscoes wrestle a WWE style match, or better yet are they willing too…but I guess thats what some time in FCW is for

  2. king says:

    Sorry to break it to you but there is no FCW. If you mean NXT then yes that is a good idea. I personally think they would fit perfectly in the Colter Militia.

  3. Ian says:

    Too bad WWE doesnt really give a crap about the tag division so unless that changes, which it might now, this would be a bad move.

  4. art123guy says:

    ANY tag team that goes to the WWE is doomed. Sure, they’ll be treated like a big deal for a month or two, but them they’ll be tossed aside like every other tag team that goes to the WWE. Plus they’ll have their gimmick “WWE’d” which will also add to their eventual downfall.

  5. ~J* says:

    they can be toned down and still get over in wwe.

  6. Nick A says:

    Honestly, the Briscoes deserve to work somewhere that they can make the money they deserve for the ability they bring to the ring, whether that be WWE, TNA, NJPW or wherever.

    Ring of Honor’s treatment of them has been atrocious in the last few months, basically acting in a way that an independent promotion has no business acting towards its underpaid talents.

    Even should they be booked wrong in WWE, I strongly suspect Jay and Mark will make a much better living and get much more exposure there than they do even at the top of ROH.

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