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Daily Discussion: Dream female match

Today’s topic: We had dreams of a Beth Phoenix vs. Kharma match not that long ago. With that match not in the works, what is your dream female match?

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12 Responses

  1. Guled says:

    Chyna vs Beth Phoenix for sure.

  2. Asterik says:

    Kharma vs Beth Phoenix

  3. MC Live says:

    Trish vs. Natalya. 2 great performers, 2 great Canadians. 1 great dream match

  4. Tommy says:

    It main evented Shimmer a few years ago, but I’d like another match between Ayako Hamada and Cheerleader Melissa.

    If one was a little bit younger or the other a little bit older, I would have love a match between Sarah Stock (aka Sarita in TNA) and Lita.

  5. Kid Vicious says:

    Madusa vs Beth Pheonix

  6. Simba says:

    Beth Phoenix vs Trish Stratus.

  7. Jau says:

    Gail Kim vs. Hamada vs. Tara vs. Roxxi vs. Molly Holly vs. Natalya

  8. Shane says:

    Sara Del Ray vs. Beth Pheonix

  9. Jimmypink says:

    Chyna vs Beth
    Karma vs Monster Ripper

  10. Wrestling's Future says:

    Angelina Love vs Beth Phoenix

  11. Bighurt89 says:

    I wouldn’t mind a triple theat match between: Kharma vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Chyna

  12. David says:

    Trish vs Lita vs Ayako Hamada vs Cheerleader Melissa vs MsChif vs Amazing Kong vs Beth Phoenix vs Lioness Asuka

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