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Impact: Suicide revealed as Aries; Main Event Mafia gets a new member

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a “Previously on Impact Wrestling” video package that focuses on the building tension between Bully Ray, Brooke Hogan. and Hulk Hogan. It also focuses on Kurt Angle being revealed as a member of the New Main Event Mafia with Sting.

The Main Event Mafia’s music hits and Sting makes his way to the ring. He says he told Bully Ray that the Main Event Mafia would rise and grow. He brings out Kurt Angle. Angle says we are looking at two originals from the Main Event Mafia. Angle says they did what they wanted, when they wanted, and how they wanted, and nobody could stop them. Angle says Aces and Eights have been more violent than anyone in TNA has ever been, and because of them Sting will never wrestle for the TNA World Heavyweight Champion again. Angle says real family sticks together, and this is the new and improved Main Event Mafia. Angle says they will destroy Aces and Eights and make sure Ray loses the World Heavyweight title. Angle says we will meet the newest memebr of the family later tonight.

We see Chris Sabin walking backstage and D.O.C. drags him into a trailer and holds him against the wall with Mr. Anderson. Bully Ray says he wants to wish Sabin luck and to do the right thing and not cash in his X Division belt for a shot at the World title. Ray mocks the X Division and tells Sabin that he doesn’t want to mess with him.

We take a look at one of the Gut Check competitors tonight, Adam O’Rhiner.

Match #1: TNA X Division Championship Three-Way Match – Chris Sabin (c) vs. Kenny King vs. Suicide
King goes after Suicide and then kicks Sabin in the face. King comes out of the corner, but Suicide and Sabin catch him and slam him to the mat. Sabin sends Suicide to the outside, but King delivers a dropkick to Sabin. King kicks Sabin in the back of the head, and Suicide takes King down with a missile dropkick. Suicide sends King into the ropes and then dropkicks him to the floor. Suicide takes King down on the floor, but Sabin kicks Suicide in the face. Sabin takes Suicide and King down with a cross-body. Sabin tosses King back into the ring as we go to a commercial.
We’re back and King is in control of the match. He goes for a cover on Sabin, but Sabin kicks out at two. Sabin comes back and drops King with the Hail Sabin and goes for the cover, but Suicide breaks up the pin at two. Sabin gets sent to the outside and King takes Suicide into the corner and chokes him. Suicide comes back and rolls up King for a two count. King goes for the Royal Flush, but Suicide rolls through and gets the pin with the assistance of the ropes.
Winner and new X Division Champion: Suicide
After the match, Hulk Hogan’s music comes to the stage with T.J. Perkins. Hogan says Perkins has always been Suicide, and the Suicide in the ring is an imposter. Hogan says he wants to know who it is right now and he and Perkins walk to the ring. Suicide takes the X Division title and leaves through the crowd as we head to a commercial.

We take a look at the other Gut Check competitor for tonight, Brian Howe.

Match #2: TNA Gut Check Match – Adam O’Rhiner vs. Brian Howe
Adam controls most of the early portions of the match, and takes Howe down with a few big clotheslines. Howe comes back and takes Big O down with a couple of dropkicks and goes for the cover, but Adam kicks out. Howe comes off the ropes and launches himself at Adam, but Adam catches him and power slams him down to the mat and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Adam O’Rhiner

We see Sting and Kurt Angle walking backstage. Sting says they will be much better off this time. Mickie James will defend the TNA Women’s Knockout Championship against Velvet Sky after the commercial break.

Match #3: TNA Women’s Knockout Championship Match – Mickie James (c) vs. Velvet Sky
Velvet spears Mickie down and slams her head into the mat repeatedly. Velvet slams Mickie into the turnbuckle and then drives her shoulder into her midsection in the corner. Mickie comes back and tosses Velvet into the corner and stomps her down to the mat. Velvet comes back and takes Mickie down with a side-Russian leg sweep and gets a two count. Mickie comes back and attacks Velvet’s knee and goes for the cover, but only gets a two count. Mickie takes Velvet down and applies a submission to work over Velvet’s knee. Velvet rolls through and gets a two count. Mickie takes Velvet to the corner and drives her shoulder into her midsection. Mickie backs away and charges, but Velvet gets a boot into Mickie’s face. Velvet takes Mickie down with a couple of clotheslines and a back elbow. Velvet takes Mickie down with a bulldog and goes for the cover, but Mickie kicks out at two. Velvet sends Mickie to the outside and takes her down with a head-scissors. Velvet takes Mickie down with a Spear and slams her head into the mat on the floor. Velvet tosses Mickie back into the ring, but Mickie kicks Velvet in her bad knee. Mickie drops Velvets with a DDT and goes for the cover, but Velvet kicks out at two. Velvet kicks Mickie in the head and delivers a neck-breaker for a two count. Mickie comes back and kicks Velvet’s injured knee and locks in a Death Lock and Velvet taps out.
Winner and still TNA Women’s Knockout Champion: Mickie James.
After the match, Christy Hemme tries to interview Velvet, but Velvet is crying. Velvet says she thought her knee was okay, and that she fought so hard for the rematch. Velvet says she is heartbroken right now.

We take a look back to earlier tonight where Hulk Hogan revealed that a fake Suicide was in the ring and he is giving him until the end of the night to reveal himself. We also see a replay of Kurt Angle saying a new member of the new Main Event Mafia will be revealed later, which transitions into Bobby Roode, Sting, and Kurt Angle all backstage. Roode will take on Magnus after the break.

Match #4: Bound for Glory Series Match – Bobby Roode vs. Magnus
It’s a stalemate to begin the match and Magnus locks up Roode’s arm in a standing armbar. Roode fights out and wrenches Magnus’ arm. Magnus sends Roode off the ropes, but Roode takes him down with a shoulder block. Magnus comes back and goes for a quick cover, but Roode rolls to the outside. Magnus goes to the outside after Roode and tosses him back into the ring, but Roode stomps him down to the mat. Roode keeps control of the match and drops Magnus with a neck-breaker. Roode goes for the cover, but Magnus kicks out at two. Roode applies a headlock, but Magnus fights out. Magnus and Roode exchange right hands and Magnus drops Roode with a back-drop. Magnus takes Roode down with a clothesline. Roode comes off the ropes for a cross-body, but Magnus catches him and slams him down to the mat. Magnus goes up top, but Roode stops him. Roode climbs up, but Magnus shoves him off. Magnus delivers the elbow drop and goes for the cover, but Roode kicks out at two. Magnus comes out of the corner, but Roode counters with the Double-R spine-buster. Magnus comes back and plants Roode with a sit-out reverse powerbomb and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Magnus.

We are informed that we will here from James Storm and Gunner after the commercial break.

James Storm and Gunner come to the ring, but are interrupted by Robbie E. Robbie wants to know the real reason why Storm picked Gunner to be his tag team partner instead of him. They argue a bit and Storm eventually drops Robbie with a Last Call Superkick to end the segment.

Match #5: Bound for Glory Series Match – Mr. Anderson vs. Samoa Joe
Joe backs Anderson into the corner, but Anderson reverses it and takes Joe into another corner. Joe fights out and pummels Anderson down with a huge series of right hands. Joe smashes Anderson in the corner and kicks him in the head. Joe goes for the cover, but Anderson quickly kicks out. Joe charges at Anderson in the corner, but Anderson trips him and Joe goes face-first into the corner. On the outside, Anderson drives Joe back-first into the ring apron. Anderson tosses Joe back into the ring and goes for the cover, but Joe kicks out at two. Anderson works over Joe’s arm, but Joe fights out and delivers a big boot to Anderson’s face. Joe drops Anderson with a back-splash and Aces and Eights emerge on the ring. Joe gets distracted and Anderson drops Joe with a DDT. Anderson goes for the cover, but Joe kicks out at two. Angle and Sting rush the ring and lay out Aces and Eights. Anderson goes for Mic Check, but Joe reverses and locks in the rear-naked choke and Anderson taps out.
Winner: Samoa Joe.
After the match, Joe hugs Angle and Sting and throws up the Main Event Mafia hand gesture, signaling his membership in the New Main Event Mafia.

We see Hulk Hogan walking backstage. He wants to know who Suicide is, and we will see if we find out after the commercial break.

We see Sting, Angle, and Joe backstage and Sting hands Joe a suit, officially welcoming him to the New Main Event Mafia. Joe says he is glad to help them in the battle. Sting says Joe will like the way he looks; he guarantees it.

Hulk Hogan’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Hogan calls Suicide to the ring right now, or he will be stripped of the X Division Championship. Suicide’s music hits, and he makes his way to the ring. Hogan says he knows what the man under the mask did when he made his own opportunity tonight, but he wants to know who is under the mask, and he wants to know right now. Suicide shakes his head yes. Aces and Eights’ music hits and Bully Ray comes to the ring. Ray says he and Hogan are on the same page. Ray tells Suicide to take the mask off. Ray says the only reason Suicide won the belt tonight is because Ray put the feat of himself in Chris Sabin. Ray tells him to walk away because he doesn’t want a piece of him. Hogan tells Suicide to take the mask off right now. Suicide says in life, we are given choices. Suicide asks Ray if he knows who he is. Suicide says he has beaten Ray once before and if the man who started option C and who cashed in the X Division Championship before and won the World title. Suicide is revealed to be Austin Aries as Impact comes to a close.

Quick Results:
1. Suicide def. Kenny King and Chris Sabin to win the X Division Championship
2. Adam O’Rhiner def. Brian Howe in a TNA Gut Check Match
3. Mickie James def. Velvet Sky to retain the TNA Women’s Knockout Championship
4. Magnus def. Bobby Roode in a Bound for Glory Series Match
5. Samoa Joe def. Mr. Anderson in a Bound for Glory Series Match

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