Female grappler weighs in on ‘hypocrites in pro wrestling’

Jun 25, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Karen Simpson Austin (Fantasia) via Facebook:

You know what gets me….all the hypocrites in pro wrestling. You are scared to voice your opinion in fear of what your buddies might think and fear of losing or not getting booked. If you have fear in standing up for yourself and what you believe in then you are a puppet on a string for others. I hear it every show I go how other wrestlers agree with what I say and that I speak the truth well thank you but YOU need to be doing the same. EVERYONE wants to complain about things but NO ONE wants to do anything about it because you are too busy being a puppet! SMH do your own thing and be confident in what you do. Be humble and grateful. Break the fear cycle and get rid of the egos and drama. Stop putting on crappy matches and train! Stop shit talking others why waste the energy on someone that serves no purpose in your life or career? Be REAL people stop being fake. Show some professionalism and respect for yourself and others. If you are not passionate about pro wrestling and not concerned with training and working hard and putting on great matches then do me and the REAL workers a huge favor…get out of the business. Stop stinking the place up so the rest of us can enjoy it. #KeepingitREAL

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